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What Kind Of Things Can You Do To Prevent Feeling Lonely

How to stop feeling lonely and depressed?

i have been feeling very lonely lately
i feel ignored by my parents

and none of my close friends have texted me back
i even wrote a facebook status asking for advice and no one commented

i just started school and i had been gone for a year and when i came back no one is talking to me

i am overly stressed and becoming do i stop feeling this and who do i talk to? i feel like crying this minute

i have a therapist but it never helps
i just want a boyfriend or a friend but nobody seems to see that im here..i feel invisible..

i used to like this one guy but now he has a gf... i was over him because i thought i could meet a nice guy at my school, but they all ignore me and act as if im not there

i get picked last for everything at school
who knows what rumors were going around while i was gone...

im sorry to waste your time but i need someone..anyone...

2 great songs that describe how i feel are "i'm with you" by avril lavigne and 'Invisible" by Skylar grey

thanks 4 ur help


My girlfriend thinks she feels lonely...?

Ive been with my girlfriend now for 12 mothns , since the first day she said: I will never get tired of you, your the only thing i need," and i tought that too.
But now she told me, she feels lonely, and feels she needs more friends, she told me she wanted to meet more people, girls, guys as well too. Im confused and i dont know what to do...

How do I avoid feeling lonely when no one seems to care?

Actually, nobody ever ‘really’ cares. We as human beings are naturally social and expect companionship, acceptance, etc. But I personally feel the only way to be really happy and peaceful in life is to learn and master the difficult art of being happy with one’s own company (I am in the process of learning this too).You can start off by doing something you really like doing to get your mind off of things. You can sit in silence and think about the good things in your life (do NOT think about anything negative here). You can probably list out things you should feel grateful for (you will surely have something!) You can start your own blog, write in your journal, cook something delicious or go out and have great food in some place you love, or do something totally random and crazy - like dancing to loud music, or even better, dancing without any music and enjoying it :DBeing sad and depressed, or clearly showing it on your face that you feel low will not attract anybody near you. Instead be cheerful and positive no matter what you feel inside. It will attract positive things and positive people towards you and you will eventually feel better :) And remember, its always good to learn to be alone without feeling lonely. Sometimes taking a firm decision to learn this itself is enough to prevent the feeling of loneliness from arising in your mind.

Do you ever feel really lonely at times?

I'm quite mature for my age, and I'm interested in things that most other kids would find boring or not worth doing. Despite having an amazing and caring family, I find that I really keep to myself. My friends are more into other things, and I don't know if they have much interest hearing what I have to say about things I'm passionate about.

Sometimes, I feel like I want to just recoil in my room and cry about it. The only person I feel like I can rely on always is myself...and sometimes, that can be maddeningly and frustratingly lonely.

I'm feeling pretty blue today ... any advice about this? Have you felt this way?

Thanks for sharing. : )