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What Might Be His Problem I Didn

IF he DOESN'T like ME then WTF is his PROBLEM?

So this guy i used too talk.. i liked him but i only like him trying to get over this one guy i really like. but he told me he didn't like me because he like this chick wit a bf so i was alright we could still be friends.... but i was plotin to be more then that but i realize that it wasn't going to work. soooo he know who i REALLY like and he has classes with me and the guy i like NOW. and he keeps getting in the way of me trying to talk to him Like this one time he sat his chair between us when i was about to talk to him. He calls me a whore and hits me every single day. and when he ask him what his problem he said it you i hate you. and today he was like why were you stalkin me and the spainsh teacher said that i should follow him and make sure that he goes get the steaplar from the computer lab so i did and he was like maybe i should rape you right here right now. and i was like you won't do that. and he was like maybe i will. i don't get him ... he said that he only likes me as friend but things he dose like yesterday he WINKED at me! i don't get him he said he just like me as a friend but then whyy he's actin like this?

and when i asked him he said it YOU. You make me act like this and im like WTF

Sublet problem. I didn't sign any documents with my sublettee, though we did email?

He (speaks): I might move out in october

He writes in email: So I would pay $700 for August and September, and $720 october and there after. Right ?

i (speak) : Yes, thank you. We need only give each other 14 day notice, not 30 days.

he (speaks): yes

I am severely bipolar + fibro + disabled from the 2 + employed. somehow i thought i would be all better by end of august.. after 3 years of disability. end of august comes and i am still in this state.

I need and know people willing to pay a lot more ($200 more) for his spot. Can I ask him to 30 days notice leave bc I need the money? I do have doctors' papers but the email above..

What other problems can a baby boy have that makes his testes retain fluid besides a hydrocele or a hernia?

He is 6 months old and on his first visits to the Dr. he thought it may have been a hydrocele but, today when we went for 6 month visit, he said he thinks it may be something else. He didn't say hernia and said it could be vascular. My sons dad and I heard 2 different thing I think. I know women can get a cystocele from the bladder but can boys? Maybe some other word that Dr. said. It was shot day and I was paying more attention to other parts of the visit. He wants him to see a Urologist and I wanted to be prepared for what might have to be done...if anything. Looked on internet but didn't find what I was looking for exactly. Has anyone else had this problem before or know what else it could be? if not I will wait until we see the urologist.

How did the constipated mathematician solve his problem?

He worked it out with a pencil.

How many hands did she shake? A problem solving question.?

Stacy and Sam Smith are having a party. Five couples are present, including the Smith's. The attendees were cordial, and some even shook hands. We have no idea who shook hands with whom, we do know that no one shook hands with themselves and no one shook hands with his or her spouse.

Given these facts, a guest may shake as many as 8 other hands. At midnight Sam gathered the crowd and asked the nine people how many hands each had shaken. Each person gave a different answer. That is, someone didn't shake any hands, someone else shook one hand, and so on down to the last person who shook eight hands. Given this outcome determine the exact number of hands Stacy Smith shook.

I am looking for an answer and for an explanation of how this works exactly.

Can my roommate get away with not paying rent he mailed?

I am the landlords' kid, and my roommate absolutely insisted from month one living here that he gives me his rent money orders (he refused to use direct deposit or checks) to me to mail to my father, because he was too scared to mess up the address. The rent for November never showed (I seriously doubt that I messed up the address I lived at for 16 years, and the other rent orders showed up fine), and my Dad has been insistent that my roommate talk to Western Union to get a refund, or else he has to pay that back rent out of pocket. He's been very understanding in my opinion, seeing as its now almost March. My roommate is arguing that since he gave me, not the landlord, the rent, its not his fault that it never showed, he did his renterly duty and that he is not responsible and will not pay it back because he can't afford it, and my Dad makes more money than he does, so he can just eat the rent for November. Because of how money orders work, my roommate did lose that rent money, and he doesnt have the receipts because he doesnt keep them. He's already talked to Western Union, and because he doesnt have the receipts, he can't get a refund. Roommate is also a longstanding friend of 4 years, and I don't know what the heck to do about this.