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What Percentage Of The World Is Four Percent Of 41 Million

What percentage of 1 billion is 1 million?

One billion is 1,000,000,000; one million is 1,000,000; that is, a Billion is 1000 times a Million — in fact, that is the definition of a Billion.Now, 1/100 = 1% ie one percent.then dividing both sides by 10, we get 1/100 divided by 10 = 1/1000, and 1% divided by 10 = 0.1%. ie: 1/1000 = 0.1%Hence, 1 milllion / 1 billion = 1,000,000/1,000,000,000 = 1/1,000 = 0.1%In a single sentence, one million is 0.1% of a billion.BTW, why does Quora allow the posting of such trivial questions. A child in Grade 7 in Australia would have no trouble answering that question.

If 144,000 people were saved, out of 7 billion, what the's percentage of those saved and the ones that aren't?

Thanks a lot Josh, you smart assss - lol
I'm 31, and I didn't return to school after 9th grade.
So go figure.
My math is rusty. And to think that it use to be my best subject.
(I always got A's in math - but if you don't use it - you lose it)

What percentage of Americans exercise?

The most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control, Health Behaviors of Adults: United States, 2008-2010, indicated that 46.1% of US adults met guidelines for leisure-time physical activity (herein, "exercised"). 41 million Americans have gym memberships, although only 16 million go to the gym on 100 days or more.By gender, 50.1% of males and 42.1% of females are getting sufficient exercise. By race, Non-Hispanic Whites were more likely to have met exercising criteria (50.1%) than Asians (43.1%), Native Americans (38.9%), Blacks (37.0%), and Hispanics (35.9%).Not surprisingly, the percentage of adults sufficiently exercising drops with age:18–24 years: 55.4%25–44 years: 50.9%45–64 years: 43.9%65–74 years: 37.1%75 years and over: 24.3%Perhaps the most interesting data to come from the report was the apparent association between physical activity and education:Among younger Americans, it seems as though only one-in-four (in the age-limited data set) are getting sufficient, regular exercise.

Which currently existing country has lost the greatest percentage of its population due to war?

ParaguayFrom 1864 to 1870, Paraguay fought a little-known war against Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay.The ensuing conflict saw the death of 90 percent of Paraguayan men and the loss of 60 percent of Paraguay’s total pre-war population. This dwarfs the population losses that Poland experienced during WW2.The Paraguayan War Killed Most Paraguayans - KnowledgeNuts

Which nation has higher percentage of blonde hair and blue eyes Britain or Austria.?

Austria, I am guessing though they probably are roughly similar in percent, as both countries have mixtures of Germanic and celtic peoples.However, Britain has more obvious celtic areas which tend to darker hair such as Wales.
Here is one set of stats and yes, it's Austria. It is only slightly blonder than England but Britain as a whole is much less blond. Austria are also said to be 53% light eyed, Britain is 51%

Southwestern Europe

Italy-7%(blonde),more/less1%(red),92%(b... to black)
Portugal-5%(blonde),1%(red),94%(brown to black)
Spain-6%(blonde),1%(red),93%(brown to black)

Northern Europe


Central Europe

Czech Republic-34%(blonde),66%(brown)

What percentage of the population is estimated to be obese?

It’s really an irrelevant question because the CDC changed its guidelines for this in 1998 and overnight millions of Americans went from being “normal” to “overweight.” Since the board that made that determination included people from the diet industries, or people who profit from consulting with them, it’s not hard to see why they’d vote to do this.BMI charts were never intended to be used to measure health, nor are they a reliable measure of health. BMI is a mathematical equation and nothing more.

What is the percentage of left handed red heads?

Its a stats thing, I think. 2% of the population has red hair ( remember that because I have ginger hair and I was shocked to hear it was so low). Now no one seems to really what percentage of the populate is naturally left handed, in part because of left handed opression, but most feel it is a little over 10% in the USA. So the percentage of reheads 2% times the percentage of left handers, 10%, is going to give you the overall percentage if I am remembering things correctly from stats. If I multiply those together I get a whopping .2%. Interestingly, the rarest eye color is green (the second rarest is grey) so the rarest phenotype is red hair with green eyes. I have grey eyes, so I'm still pretty rare. I found that fascinating!