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What Should I Choose As A Career I Like To Study Geography Foreign Languages Psychology History

What stream should I choose in class 11?My main interest has always been social sciences, and I always got the highest grades in it along with English. What stream would be the best for me: Science or Commerce?

If you like social sciences go for Humanities. Without interest in Science DO NOT opt science. Ours is a grades oriented system and 12th standard marks matter wherever you go, so choose a subject you would be able to score high in and which you have a natural interest for. Physics and Chemistry are demanding subjects. If you think you can score good marks in those then you can choose Science and later go for English major if you want to leave the field of Science. Choosing Science will keep your doors open for any field.I believe pursuing an MBA in Finance after graduation in Engineering (which is the trend) or any other subject can get you the same job as any commerce graduate gets after MBA. Unless you are interested in core Business fields like CA/CS you can avoid commerce stream. I say this since u said you have an interest in social science. Otherwise Commerce field and hard work will definitely land you good jobs.Majoring in ENGLISH is a very good option.You can become a Content Writer.Language instructor at institutes like British Council are highly paid jobs. At other language training institutes you might be paid by the hour. This leaves ample time for you to pursue other activities.If you like learning foreign languages you can learn one on the side and seek Translator jobs in MNC's. Also you can look for job in UN by knowing one of their official languages.SOCIAL SCIENCESLookup TISS mumbai , they have some very interesting courses which you can choose to decide a career path.If you have an interest in policy framing, you can lookup courses in Public Policy for graduation and choose a stream accordingly.Law you can aim to become a lawyer and prepare for CLAT. Knowledge of the law of the land gives one great power and confidence to survive in this world.Social Service is a field you can choose to go into to work in NGO's.If your ultimate aim is civil service then you can choose one of your main subjects for graduation and make it your optional subject for civil services.There are bank exams and government recruitment exams like IBPS PO, SBI PO, SSC CGL. For these you need only graduation from any field.Identify your strengths and interests. Then go down that path. It will do you much good in terms of job satisfaction and hopefully avoid a mid life crisis due to unintereting job profile you end up in.

Should i choose History or Geography for GCSE?

I know that i am going to take Art and Economics

And i'm not sure on whether im taking Geo or His. Im really good at english so i think i should take History. But im still not sure.

For career choice im thinking journilism - not sure which field yet.

So what do you guys think?
Whats more reputable, geo or his?
What do Uni's look for?
Which is more enjoyable?

Why Geography is important?

Anything you read about or see on TV or in a movie needs to have a place in space/time. Time is done as either past (how far?), present, or future (how far?). But space, for most of our time, is the surface of this planet. So if you want to understand what's going on in a story, fact or fiction, you need to understand maps and the relationship of one space to another.

I recently bought a beautiful new Atlas by National Geographic. Oh, Lord, do those people do a great job! They put many different maps in for a given location, because there is so very much information that is mappable. And being able to see where one piece of information is, physically, in relation to another, can be a great deal of wisdom added to your perception.

Everything else you learn is intimately related to its geographical position.

Not sure whether to do a sociology degree or not?

I'm in my second year at college now and it's getting to the point where I need to decide which degree to do and where to do it. My grades at as level are:
Sociology: A
History: B
English Language: B
Psychology: B

The thing is, I've heard countless number of times people telling me that a sociology is a 'useless' degree. For instance, when a friend told another friend they were doing a sociology degree, the group of friends actually laughed. I've thought about doing a law degree, or even an English degree, just because I know they're probably seen as better. I don't know much about a career in law or whether I would enjoy learning about it but it's really starting to seem more desirable than sociology is. Sociology is my best subject. I'm naturally talented at it and I enjoy it a lot but I don't want a rubbish career. Truth be told I'm drawn to the salary you get with a law degree than anything else. I want to earn 50K+. Could someone please help me, all the career helpers I've visited so far have been useless!

What major can compliment my bachelors in Anthropology?

Anything dude, there's no knowledge that can take away from what you already know.

What is a bachelors degree?

It's a good question and great you're thinking about your career already.
A Bachelor of Arts (B.A) is usually a 3 year course at university/college where you choos certain subjects, then eventually major in one (Or do a double major).

At the first year level you chose a few subjects that interest you. (And there are lots to choose from). Then in the 2nd year you begin to do more of the subject you want to major in and the other subjects that might compliment it.

In most universities people tend to change their original major as they discover new things that interest them more. (Or if you fail what you thought was going to be your major in your first year you choose something else. But some go in there straight away knowing exactly what their major subject will be. Generally the first year is considered fun and you try to chose broadly so you have options to change your mind in2nd and 3rd year.

Some people do a B.A in English (that means English is the major among other subjects)
in Social Work, or teaching/education/nursing/journalism
or many other subjects like history, languages, anthropology, psychology etc
Some peple do a B.Mus (A music degree). Although you can also just do a B.A in Music
Others do a BSC (A Bachelor of Science) Like Chemistry, physics, maths
Then theres LLB (Law Degree)
Or a BCA (Bachelor of Commerce) Business degree.

There are loads of options. And by the never ever have to do maths and stuff in a B.A if you don't want to. A cousin of mine didn't want to go to university cos he thought he'd have to do maths again. Not true. (Unless your doing a sciecen degree) The choice of subjects is up to you & depends on what the university offers. SO it's important to choose a good university.

I don't know where you are in the world but the London School of Journalism has a good reputation for doing post graduate dilplomas. So you could either go to a tech college and do a nine month diploma course in journalism. Or go to a B.A in something followed by the post grad diploma there.

It's great to see someone looking to thses things so young. I reckon if you don't choose what you want to do with life. Life ends up choosing what it wants to do with you. Good on you & Good luck

What are some basic classes a freshmen in college take?

Ask a counselor for first-year students for a sheet that meets the minimum general requirements. Take communications (English Comp, Speech, Philosophy), science, math, history/behavioral studies, art (music, art), psychology, ethics (criminal justice) or geography. Some subjects to pick from.