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What Should I Do Should I Go Back

Should I go back to school?

The real question is "what is best for you in the long term?" - So if you feel you can advance in your career without a degree it may not be worth it to go back. But if several years down the road, people with the degree are being promoted to much higher levels in the company and those without are left behind, then that of course can drive your decision.

Many companies will also help pay for college (they get really good tax breaks). So perhaps your company has a similar program.

The thing is, you probably don't want to be making the same salary (+3% a year or whatever), so you have to look at what is needed to take the path you want. You could simply be on a path to owning your own business or the current industry you are in doesn't always mandate a degree to keep getting promoted.

It is never a bad thing to be more educated. But as you say, taking on the extra debt is a bad thing if it is not going to lead to something more. I assume you have very few responsibilities (no wife, family, etc) and if that is the case, you have a lot of free time to take courses at night at a local CC or perhaps online. This way, you won't have to go into a lot of debt as most of those are going to be reasonable and you make a good salary at the moment.

My guess is that you will make the right decision. You seem to have a good sense of judgement.

Should I go back to my old school?

Ok I've made a real mess of things, and I changed schools (own choice, I wasn't forced to leave or anything). The school where I go now is way easier, and I thought it would be a blast. But thing is: going there is making me realize how much I miss my old school! I'm becoming more and more unhappy with the day. I used to feel so much better at my old school (well you might ask: then why did you leave? it's just a long story, things got complicated, and I left.)
And now, every day I have to control myself, so I won't go running back, begging them to take me back.
What sould I do? I've only been in my new school for a month, but the way I feel.. it shouldn't be this difficult. I really want to go over to my old one to ask them if it's still possible to come back, but I'm afraid they'll laugh at me or something.
Or should I just deal with it, and stay where I am? What would you do?

Should I go back to school if I'm 35? Why or why not?

I think you should go back to school, and to purchase your dream.This is my first answer on the Quora, because I have being meeting the same question.I am 35 too, this is second reason why I want to answer this.I had a job which in the govenment I need do some low tech stuff every day, I don't like it. Going back to school give me a chance to restart my career. I want to be a good programmer, I know I should to be write more code and take some online course. (I enrolled one year codeschool course.)Recently, I get a chance to apply a doctor entrance test which mean I maybe can go back school to study some new tech stuff about data science. I know doctor maybe not suitable for me at Moreover, I had some problems. The school I applied is far away from my home, and I had a gorgious daughter who was only 5 years old. If I take the doctor courses, I did not have much time to stay with my daughter. Fortunately, she has a good mother. However, I thought that is not enough.There is a entrance test at April, 2015. Maybe I will update this anwser after test.

I'm nervous to go back to school. What should I do?

I definitely remember that feeling! Whether it was as a kid, teen, or young adult, there were always moments of nervousness when I got ready to get back in the swing of things-both academically and with friends I hadn’t seen in a while.So, I think it’s perfectly normal, and to some extent you just have to ride it out until you’re over that first day back. And I think usually you find that most of your worries weren’t warranted.With that said, if you have some serious concerns about returning to school, it doesn’t hurt to talk to someone about them. For instance, if you’re younger, you might tell your parents, a trusted teacher, or a school counselor. It’s possible they could help you make your return go a little more smoothly.Lastly, hopefully you have some friends at your school? If so, talk to them and let them know your fears. You might be surprised to learn they’re feeling the exact same way!

Should i go back to meps and tell the truth?

i lied at meps about a drug paraphernalia charge that was dismissed when i was 16. my recruiter told me too sense the fbi scan came back clean and i was under 18 and they wouldn't see it. he even went back a second time to meps on his own to help ease my thoughts and it came back clean again, but when i had my secret clearance interview with some guy for my ranger contract he ask if i was ever arrested and i said no. he then brought up the charge and i played it off saying o well i wasn't arrested i just got a letter to show up in court and it was dismissed its like it never happened, plus the judge said i didn't have to mention anything. im afraid now he will turn in his paperwork and see i lied on my original meps paperwork. i thought if that were to happen it would've by now and i would've been discharged but i heard it takes like a year to do the clearance process and then i could get kicked out. my recruiter assures me im fine but im wondering if there is anything i could do. should i go back and say i miss understood the question and thought i didn't have to list it cus i didn't think i was charged( which is true i originally thought charged was being found guilty). will they DQ me if i go back and tell the truth? i told the truth to the interviewer when he asked all about the charge, i dont know if that make it ok? what should i do? information from people in the military or others who have gone through this would be appreciated.o and dont say some **** like the truth will set me free, pls give me a reason for either going back or just doing nothing.

Should I go back to gymnastics? I miss it a lot.?

you have more important things to do for the time being. work on your education for now.