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What Size Cupcake Cases Are The Best To Fit Average Cupcake Box

What would it take to open a cupcake/bakery shop?

My sister and I would LOVE to open a cupcake/bakery shop! but we know that the chances of succeeding are low and it would be hard to support both of us based on that income. Do you have to go to school? how much would it cost to open a shop and everything? How much do average bakery owners make? We love the food network shows like cupcake wars, ace of cakes, and cake boss! we wish we could do something like that! I'm in college and shes still in high school and were thinking of opening a shop after college or something IF we acquired all the money needed...are there classes in college I could take? would it be just baking class or business? or both?

thank you!

How fast can you gain weight if you eat cake every day, and why?

From my understanding the fastest rate of gaining weight is 400 lbs per year, which is approximately 3,7 lbs (1,7kg) per week. In order to gain weight that fast, the person was consuming 20000 calories per day every day. I’d say roughly 10 times more than a healthy intake would be. In order to get 20000 calories one will need to eat 4 kilos of triple chocolate cake every day. Maybe even more - depending on recipe.There is a limit because there is physical limit of how much food - literally volume - a person can stuff in his stomach and digestive system. Nutrients have limit too - 9 kcal per 1 g of pure fat.

How much oranges are in a 10 lb box?

How much? 10 pounds. How many? 25 - 30 big ones, more if the oranges are small. Call your supplier and ask about how many oranges come in a 10-pound box.

I need to make a very, VERY large birthday cake and don't know where to start!?

i volunteered (trust me, i learned my lesson already) to bake a cake for a friends birthday party. She just recently told me she needs cake for approximately 100 to 150 people. I know how to bake a cake, but i don't know what size cake, how many cakes or what to do. I want to keep it simple, but am not sure the simplest way to do it. Can anyone help?

Can I bake with a microwave oven?

It is essentially impossible to bake a light grain cakes, such as a layer cake, in a microwave oven. there is simply too much power so the cake will expand rapidly and not be able to set its structure. Since lower power in almost all domestic microwave ovens means pulsing the high power on and off, you don't have that as an option either because, in that case, the cake will expand and collapse, expand and collapse, etc. This is a problem I’ve worked on for over 50 years. It can be done in ovens in which you are able to control continuous power at low power levels, approximately100 to 200 W for example. One way of illustrating the problem is to think of trying to blow up a balloon made of liquid latex: as you blow it up the latex has to solidify but not too rigidly; if you blowed it up too quickly it doesn't have time to solidify and so just blows apart; on the other hand if you blow it up too some slowly the walls form to rigidly and it can't be blown up well. In other words, baking is an extremely delicate timed process for which the microwave oven is simply too fast. What you can do very well in a microwave oven is make dense cakes such as brownies.

How many glasses of wine cause you to get drunk?

A2A.After one glass of wine I’m starting to think about things like “who put the alphabet in alphabetical order”?After two glasses of wine, I start to look at the waitress’s legs before I realise she’s actually a he.After three glasses of wine, I’m browsing online to order a horse because I always enjoyed riding and I need to live life to the fullest.After four glasses of wine, I’m starting to have doubts about me being real and I start to believe that I’m just a character in someone’s video game and I’m being controlled by a remote.Me being drunk 7 years ago!

What is the number of ways to distribute 8 identical balls in 3 different boxes, none being empty?

There are lot of ways to solve such questions. Curt Clemens's answer is excellent. Here is another approach, that I used to use in my school days.Represent the question as an equation. Let there are x balls in box 1, y in box 2 and z in box 3. We have:[math]x + y + z = 8[/math]and  [math]x > 0, y > 0, z>0[/math]We need to find the number of solutions to this equation. Such equation is called the number of compositions of N into K parts. The solution to this is: [math]C^{N-1}_{k-1}[/math]For our case, N = 8 and k = 3Thus the solution is [math]C[7,2] = 42/2 = 21[/math]