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What The Heck Happened To My Yahoo Home Page

I HATE the new yahoo homepage 2015. I see it in chrome how do i get rid of it?

The layout looks copied right from Absolutely crap. Come on Yahoo at least give us the link to click back the old page like you have always done in the past?

Yahoo Homepage is MESSED UP!!?

yahoo needs new employees who are know what the heck they are doing! this curernt bunch of fools needs to be fired!

What the heck happened to photobucket??

when i type in the url it sends me to which i guess is a hosting website. the details on the page change everytime i try to log onto my photobucket account, and all the pictures on my myspace are down. anybody else experiencing this problem?

What the hell happened to the hulu homepage?

It's doing it for me too.

For anyone who doesn't like it, there's scrolling text in the middle you can click that says "Take me back to the future".

Why is Yahoo so inept at blocking spam from my Yahoo email account? I get the same “Lonely Married Women” email every day. I understand that the spam email address changes every day, but why can’t Yahoo spam check the subject?

Actually, Yahoo! blocks a ton of spam. We have a team working very hard on this challenge that we all face. Check out this realtime view here: Visualizing Yahoo! Mail (make sure you click on the "reveal blocked spam" button) to see how much spam is being blocked at any moment. We block 4 messages for every 1 message we deliver.Still, you are seeing spam in your inbox which means that some comes though despite our attempts. But you can do things about this too.Remember to set the spam filter on your email client. If you are using the Yahoo! web client go to the Options tab and check to see that you have spam set to be filtered out and deleted.When spam comes though, please mark it as spam. We pick up that signal and it helps improve our algorithms. This way we can block more spam in the future for you and others.General tip -- make sure not to post your email address in full on a web site. I saw a report once that showed how spambots harvest email addresses from blogs and site by searching for "" pattern but they don't search for "yourname 'at'"  So you can reduce your risk of inviting spam by making this small change.If you get a spam mail, don't click on the links. This sends the signal that you are a real person who clicks on spam. Just delete these emails. I'm sure you don't need the pills anyways.Did you know that Yahoo! also give you disposable email addresses that you could use, say if you are doing online shopping?  This is another way to make sure that your email address is only used by your real friends, and that websites only see addresses you don't care as much about.Maybe these tips will help your emailing experiences. You've been with Yahoo! for 10 years, we hope you enjoy our services for at least 10 more too!

Is there any chat room like Yahoo messenger now?

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What will happen if Google, Yahoo, Hotmail and all other mail service company start charging for sending a single mail?

It is better if you using own email id with own domain name. Then you no need think about google/yahoo etc free mail service provider charges.We are providing cheap business email hosting services in India with your own domain name. You can visit our website Web hosting India - Advikaweb for more details.

What happened to Yahoo Answers Mobile site?

It's gone. Is there a link I could type in to bring up the mobile site? Or did Yahoo just get rid of it altogether? I can get Yahoo's mobile version when I type in But when I click on the answers link the mobile version of answers doesn't come up like it used to. There is no link anywhere on the page that says 'mobile site.' I've looked.

How can I sign up for Yahoo without a phone number?

You can. If you don't have a mobile phone number, you can complete the registration.It's extremely important to register with your correct up to date mobile number so that if you're ever locked out, you can easily recover access to your account. It's one of the best ways that we protect your account security. If you don't provide a supported mobile number, you'll be able to complete registration from here.from Yahoo account registration requirementsYes, this means that a set of people will not be able to get a new Yahoo account. But this also means that those who do will have a heck of a better experience, helping users and the company squash account takeovers, spam, criminal misuse of your account, and the end of those stupid passwords.Note: I love the irony on the part of the OP who does not have a mobile phone and yet, shows the account login screen as displayed on a mobile phone. Nice.