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What Things Images Etc. Symbolize/represent College

Things to symbolize the beach?

I am getting a new tattoo. I am going to have it on my back. I am going to have things like seahorses, seashells, suns, anchors, palm tress etc. as the border going around my back. I am going to have a mermaid and a quote on the inside. What are other things that symbolize the beach? I will choose best answer.

BQ:::What do you think would be a good quote to go with this/

Thanks in advance- JoJo

Taken from Hubble Peers into the Mouth of Leo A (NASA)Curiosity is, as defined by me, the yearning for knowledge about anything. For each one of these billions of galaxies, there is another billion things to learn about in them.To look deeper, the subjects you can be curios about number greater than the stars in the universe.Finally, curiosity is never ending, just like the universe.Unless you’re one of those people. Then the universe is limited blah blah blah we will explore it all blah blah blah etc etc etc.Otherwise, this picture represents curiosity. Never ending.

The heat, joblessness, workout, shorts, tank tops, swimming, surfing, floral patterns, sneakers, goggles, hats, BEACHES, long drives, LOTS OF SUNSCREEN, Vacay, No College, overtime work, quiet dorms, binge watch Netflix, Patio bars, hiking, waterfalls, outdoor sports, Ice-Creams, Amusement parks and MORE! There’s always more to summer!

What are some things or symbols that represent love?? Not a heart.?

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It depends on what culture, for many, there are logograms, or symbols that mean words, concepts or actions. One example would be the Chinese, Japanese and Korean symbol, 愛. It is important to note that many cultures differentiate between different types of love. In Indian literature, for example, there is sexual love, compassionate love, and "elevated" love. In American culture, many things can represent love, including roses, harps, doves, swans, and even apples.

What are some things that symbolize, knowledge, learning, growth, and independence?

an owl... I've seen some really cool Tribals in the shape of an owl, unless you want to go "cutsie" you can get a more cartoonish owl.

An anch (sp?) A cross but with a loop at the top, is a symbol of "life", The eye of horace could be cool as well. Most tat artists know what both of these are.

The sun also is a symbol of "growing" and learning... so, perhaps an owl inside the sun... or the eye inside the sun, or give the owl the eye of horace..

Possibilities are endless.

This image shows that light and dark sources are interrelated, complimentary and interdependent.The dark fish portrays the cold dark, passive and negative portions of the world. The white dot on the forehead shows that in dark there is light and in light there is dark.The circle symbolizes that even though light and dark are opposites, they both feed of one another. The two fish show how the light and the dark give rise to each other, creating a balance in the world.This image shows my outlook on the world. I believe that for there to be good there must be bad.For example, if I am having a terrible day I know that I am on the dark side of the spectrum. According to the ideology of Yin and Yang, for there to be good there must be bad. This helps me understand that no matter how bad my day is there will eventually be good again.It helps me get through the worst of days.

Yellow roses are beautifully scented and cheerful flowers, famous for symbolising friendship, joy, congratulations and get well wishes. Unlike pink, red and white roses that originate from Britain, the yellow versions derive from the Middle East and were only first noted in the 18th century. Since that time the flowers have cross bred and formed hybrids, creating stronger shades of yellow over time. Another side effect of this cross-fertilisation has been the beautiful scent that yellow roses are now synonymous with.Yellow as a colour has, throughout history, been related to the sunlight and warmth. It has also become associated with cheerfulness and rejuvenation as these colours of flowers are seen to 'brighten the room. Roses as a species of flower are also symbolically linked to love,kindness and emotion. Thus, yellow roses represent a mixed combination of the two, as they are usually linked to ideas of cheerfulness, warmth and caring.Visit Charlottesville Florist - The Flower Shop

What does water symbolize, in general?

Here's an article I found on the web that can be accessed via the link under should be pretty helpful:

Water Water Everywhere

There can be no doubt that water is the most important factor for life. You can exist for up to 30-40 days without food - but only 3-4 without water. Apart from the fact that water is the universal solvent and therefore the most import cleaning agent, water also keeps us cool - and the whole earth cool too. Without it we would all be dead - quickly.

It is no wonder then that the Bible uses water symbolically in many ways to represent spiritual life and sustenance. There are hundreds of verses that use water literally and metaphorically to teach the most valuable lessons about mortal and eternal life.

For example the earth was formed out of water (Genesis 1:1). Adam and Eve were placed in a beautiful garden paradise called Eden. Eden was watered by a great river that flowed out of the garden and then broke into four 'headstreams', They were named the Tigris, Euphrates, Gihon and Pishon.

In the last book of the Bible, when paradise is restored, there is another river that flows from the very throne of God. It is called "The River of Life". It flows down the main street of "The City" providing life-giving water to trees that line the street. The leaves of the trees are used to "heal the nations". (Revelation 22:1). The earth began in paradise with a well-watered garden and it will be transformed back into a well-watered paradise.

Bible poets and prophets alike rely heavily on the symbology of water, both as a blessing and a symbol of oppression. The Psalmist writes, "Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the sea, through its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging." Raging water can represent depression, despair and despondency. But the writer concludes by saying, "There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God." (Psalms 46:1-4) So, in the end, water is life and hope.

What does the moon symbolize?

The moon means different things to different cultures.

I am not sure of all the meanings, only those of Wiccan belief. To us the moon symbolizes the goddess. The goddess to some is known as the Triple Goddess, and the moon phases represent her aspects of Maiden (waxing), Mother (full), and Crone (waning) and sometimes Dark (new). Though sometimes the Dark aspect is mixed with the Crone who then includes the new moon.

It is, as a symbol of the goddess, a symbol of fertility, the cycle of life, death and rebirth, womanhood, the mystery and unknown, beauty and tranquility.

In wiccan workings if you are doing a spell/ritual to draw positive things to you, then you want to do such rituals during the waxing moon (when it goes from new to full). This is a good time for spells for prosperity, fulfillment, new beginnings, etc. When you wish to push negative energy away you want to work during the waning moon (from full to new). Workings such as removing negativity from your life, pushing away illness or sickness*, and removing bad elements from your life.

The full moon is a good time for spells on fertility, abundance, and higher knowledge. And the new moon is good for workings on unraveling mysteries and looking into the unknown.

I think in most cultures the moon symbolizes femininity, fertility, and life cycles, as the moon coincides with a woman's monthly cycle.

*Spells cannot cure illness. I believe they can help, but I also believe people need to go to the doctors if they are sick.