What To Get An 11-year-old Girl Who Likes To Cook For Her Birthday

What should an 11 year old girl get for her birthday?

It's hard to suggest anything without knowing your interests, but I'll try.
-If there is a book that's in hardcover I usually ask for that since I don't want to pay the outrageous price. If you like to read you could try to think of a book series you are interested in starting. I don't have many examples, but I think 11 is old enough for The Princess Diaries books and you might find those entertaining
-A season of your favorite television show on DVD
-Gift certificate to a movie theater for when there is something you really want to see
-Redecorate your room (the present could be the supplies, like posters, a new bedspread, lamp, etc. and also the help of a parent to paint, if you want)
-Video or computer games. The Sims 2 for pc is great, but it takes up a lot of memory on the computer so you have to have a system that can handle it. Basically, in the game you create people and play their lives. You decide how they look, their personality, lifestyle, etc. It is very involved and there are so many things you can do with it that I can't describe them all here. But it is game that you can keep playing and doing new things with because there is no end to it.
-An iPod is a really expensive gift, but your parents might be willing to buy it. However, don't ask for that unless you really like music.
-CDs; a new CD player; if you already have an iPod you could get a gift card for iTunes.
-Digital camera
-Cell phone
-If you like clothes, maybe you could get someone to take you on a shopping spree the day of your birthday

What to get an 11 year old girl for her birthday?

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What to get a 14 year old girl for her birthday?

Go to the mall with 3 friends and get mani/pedis then go get a professional photo shoot and eat out somewhere nice... get hair makeup done, maybe consider a limo...dont do all of this as it would cost a bunch, but its just a few ideas, you can choose a few of them... For someting more affordable possibly go to the mall, then they sleepover and the next day do hair/makeup/nails at home and go to a photo shoot in a limo...

Ask her!!!Wow, 12 year olds are definitely well into their individuality! Even my 9 yr old daughter is going to be very different to shop for this year on her 10th. Sure you can never go wrong with a few soaps, hair things and what not for any casual female acquaintance, but this shouldn't be more than 10% of the gifts you get your own daughter.Here's what you do, close your eyes and try to pull up your memories of every conversation inthe last few months. 12 year old girls talk about themselves almost as much as teenagers or 20-30 yr olds do. Always going on about which stars they like things they like what they don't, their interests etc.Don't stop thinkingwhe. You remember one thing, remember as many as you can. Ask her about them -casually- don't say hey you want Bieber tix? Say 'hey so what's that rocker u like? bleeber? They'll correct you and go on for 15 minutes about things they like. Ask a few more questions about other interests if you haven't raised any suspicions yet. Which won't take long I'm guessing. If you've known her 12 years and don't know her well enough that you gotta ask strangers fior gift ideas she's going to think you're dying if you suddenly show so much "nice" interest (ie interest without ulterior motives or criticisms)And while you're listening. DONT EE TAKE ADVICE ABOUT ONE PERSON FROM ABOTHER!!!! TALK TO THEM!!! Girls aren't all the sames! Lots of them don't even like flowers and girls are ridiculously competive. You ask one for help with another, she'll either help but be wrong,or try to be wrong cuz she's jealous or envyous.

Good Birthday Presents For An 11 Year Old Girl?

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What do i get an 11 year old for her birthday?

If she has a nintendo DS, you could get her a game. If she doesn't have a music player, you could get her a cheap MP3. If she has a certain interest you could get her something that has a link with that. For example, if she likes writing, get her a stationary set. If she likes dogs, you could get her a stuffed dog.

If she's a girly girl, you could buy a big basket and some cool spa things like body wash, a body sponge thing, a manicure set, face mask cream ect... or maybe the new Hannah Montana CD.

If she's a sporty tomboy, you could get her a new soccer ball (or other kind) and some other things that are themed with her favorite sport (blanket, piggy bank, etc..)

If she's a punk rocker, get her a cool new CD (Billy Talent 3, stuff like that) and an awesome boom box!

You could also give her money and gift cards. DO NOT get her clothes. Girls like shopping for themselves. Your welcome :)

What to get an eleven year old girl for her birthday.?

A good eleven year old birthday party really mostly depends on how rich you are. If you are a normal typical family then probaly a sleepover and maybe the movies will work out for you. But if you are richer then you should rent out a hotel have a slumber party, eat in a restaurant dance and do most of the things that suits to your liking. Your friends mmay not have the same taste as you do but it is your party so have fun and make sure everyone does too.

A great present would be any of the following, depending on her interests:a guitara microscopea telescopea subscription to Scientific AmericanYour time once a week for two hours for a year, sitting beside her in front of a computer at her house, to mentor and teach her how to programTickets to a Taylor Swift concertWith parental approval well in advance, a puppyAn easel with brushes, paint and paper (added as suggested by Marti LaChance per her comment, below.)

What is a good gift for a 10 year old girl who likes to cook and wants to be a chef when she grows up?

No Easy Bake oven for a child that's ready to cook. My granddaughter is the same way. She watches every cooking show on TV every chance she can.
Rachael Ray is a favorite and J got a subscription to her food magazine for Christmas last year and loves it. Pay for a couple of cooking classes for her. I went when I was that age, in fact from like 10 to 13 I think. Also the best gift is cooking with her. You spend time together and she learns all the cooking secrets of your family.
Have a great Christmas.

It’s really going to depend on the 13-year-old girl. For my 13th birthday, I got a copy of the AD&D Dungeon Master’s Guide, which had just come out. I was ecstatic. My parents also got me a new bicycle, because I’d outgrown my old one. I didn’t grow much more after the age of 13, and because I took care of the bike, it lasted until I was 30, and I rode it pretty hard. I’d have to say it was one of the best gifts I ever got.Now, those were officially birthday gifts. I also got Bat Mitzvah gifts that year, which ranged from fountain pens to an Atari 2600. I got at least a dozen books, and most people knew me pretty well, because I got books like things by Stephen Jay Gould, or novels like Tess of the D’Urbervilles.The only gifts that disappointed me were girly things, which I never liked. I hate the color pink. I hate fake flowers, and ruffles. I don’t like stuffed animals.There’s no standard “13-year-old girl.” They are individuals, and want different things. You need to be asking her (or her mother and father), and not a message board. No one here knows her.