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What To Make Of This Situation

How would you make the best of a bad situation?

This recently happened to me and the story is so unbelievable that I will provide a link to a full article as well as pictures in the answer.A little background:I work full time in dietary at a health & wellness facility.I am the founder of Guide Your HealthMy father passed away on January 25thI needed a vacation. So my family planned a vacation to Cocoa Beach. It had to be a bad sign when I was packing the night before I noticed I lost my ID. I found an expired ID and brought additional paper work to prove my identity to TSA.I suffered from pancreatitis 7 years ago from heavy drinking. I stopped drinking heavy and now I drink occasionally and have had no issues. I drank a beer at the airport .I started to feel sick on the flight but some Kratom Powder gave me enough relief to enjoy the flight.The first night there I tried to walk on the beach with my mom but I felt extremely fatigued.That night I started throwing up violently and was in extreme pain. I tried to fight through it but it was way too much for me to handle. I couldn’t even walk. I went to the hospital.I ended up having a pancreatic attack and had a bad case of pancreatitis. If you never had pancreatitis, it is THE WORST pain in the world. The doctor said I had to stay anywhere from 6–10 days. I told him that wasn’t possible because my flight left in 7 days.MAKING THE BEST OUT OF ITI looked out the window and it was a magnificent view. (For a hospital room of course.)At first I felt like I wasted a vacation, but the truth was I was still on vacation. I left my phone off, lounged around, watched TV and most importantly I had time to self reflect.It wasn’t the magic of the sand and the ocean that made the vacation, it was getting away from the tedious tasks of everyday life. I decided I would look at myself and self reflect. I decided I want to be more positive, start intermittent fasting, and take more time to spend with my family.It sucked being in the hospital and missing out, but it changed me for the better as a person. I got out on the 6th day and was able to have fun for one night.

What am I supposed to do in this situation?

So you know when you make one of those turns where you have to turn onto traffic and it’s based on your best judgement for when its the right time to make the turn because there is oncoming traffic.
What if there is a car opposite from you that is waiting to turn into traffic and that car is blocking your view of the car and you are blocking theirs?
I don’t know any better way to explain this so I drew an image and attached it to this question to better explain this.
This happened to me just now and I decided to just hit my accelerator and go. There was a car hidden right behind the opposing vehicle and we were so close to colliding. Thankfully I sped away quick enough because a collision like that could have killed me.

What is the best choice to make in this situation?

When the love is real, it lasts. She is probably frightened that the love isn’t strong enough and that the relationship will end.She may be right.I fell in love with my wife when she was studying in my country, then she left.We stayed in touch, and eventually got married. Never dated, just wrote and called often. We were meant for each other. Married 22 years and still happy.I would have crossed the world for her, and her for me. Maybe it isn’t that strong for other couples, but in our case it was.So although I don’t know all your circumstances, and although it’s not possible to know what the future might bring, at 21 it’s probably a mistake to let the Canada opportunity drift by because she is against the idea. Again, if it’s strong, it will last. And if she’s conscious of that, then she’s doubting the strength if she’s saying “Choose between Canada and me”

What should I do? To Make this a better situation, Or should I just leave it alone and try to forget it?

I may have messed up some of my question. boss told me to take pop to car. Pop was not part of the order. So I was trying to find out from the staff that was at the ovens if the order had already gone, As my orders were messed up on my peg. Boss had other Driver looking through them and things were missing. English is not his first tonge. He does seem to change his mind from Day to Day about what he says to Do. Such as leave pizza with a Customer when something is wrong. Than change his mind this Day. He does not keep Drivers that long. His Drivers swear all the time. About the customers. I do not, Not my nature. or prof. or business like. I handle the customers the way I would want to be handled as a customer, I care about them and the store. I do wish I had just sucked it up now. But if I was so slow, and not good. He keep having me come it when I did not want to. My Sister was on Life support and I told him this, I wanted to be off with her. They said they needed me.

How do we make the right decision in any situation?

Start with truth, work from there. Seek good, reject evil both in yourself and in others. Bad decisions come from evil motivations.

What situation can make you feel happy and at the same time sad as well?

Okay, to be honest I try to remain happy or positive as much as I can even if there are situations where I rarely have a reason to be happy I remain calm and count my blessings.But what makes me sad, is that when my Mum's students do really good in her subject, score good marks and make her proud . I mean I'm happy that “Wow! My mum is so brilliant a Maths teacher” and Im happy for that students too perhaps mostly all of them are my friends. So, yeah Im happy for them ,but at the same time a part of me always dies when this kind of situation arises. I know this doesn't mean I'm a failure but thoose times… I really get a feeling of becoming a failure all of a sudden because I've never been that good in her subject.I literally vanish from those scenes ,I cry my lungs out until I become at least a bit sane and get hold of the situation. I get depressed for a day or two. Though She feels that I don't feel bad at all and she's the only one who is “expecting way too much”.She doesn't say so directly to me ever but I know , through her indirect conversations that she feels really bad of me being really good in every subject's except that of hers .This kind of situation is what makes me sad as well as happy at the same time.I'm sorry Amma, I hope that one day I would really do good in your subject! (So, good that you are satisfied , happy and proud)P.S. But she is my lifeline and i cannot imagine my life without her. I love her a lot.

What does 'what sense can you make of the situation?' mean?

It means sort of when a situation is confusing, it's asking "What do you make of the situation?".

In a car accident, it depends on what the scenario is. But, I guess you could say stuff like WHY the car accident happened, what could've prevented it, etc...