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What Tools Would You Recommend Me To Use So That My Wish Could Be Done

I want to learn male strip dance, could you recommend me some videos or dvd lessons?

I recommed you to use Leawo Free DVD Creator It is easy to use, and it can convert videos to dvd in several steps.You can find Leawo Free DVD Creator here:
Wish it can help, good luck!

Would you recommend ClickFunnels or BuilderAll to build my sales funnels?

When it comes to landing pages and funnels, one has lot of options to choose from. One of the most talked about – both positive and negative – funnel tool is Clickfunnels. In this blog post I’ll review Clickfunnels Alternative, Convertri, and talk about similarities and differences of these platforms.Convertri is UK based start-up Andy Fletcher that provides landing pages and sales funnels with a slogan “Faster Funnels, Higher Conversions”. Where Clickfunnels has tens of thousands of users, Convertri has over 2,500 users (Aug 2017). Convertri is the new kid on the block and one that certainly deserves a closer look. Their slogan promises faster funnels and after testing I can say that they win on download speed hands down comparing to Clickfunnels. More on this later though.What Makes Convertri Better than ClickfunnelsThis is not to say Clickfunnels is bad but there are few things that Convertri just does better. When using Clickfunnels you pretty soon find out the limits it has on page builder, and on few other things as well. Their marketing message is to “abandon your website now” and just use Clickfunnels of course can be done, but it is not recommended as you will run into problems and issues with their page builder and lack of intuitive interface.Read full post here - > Clickfunnels Alternative Convertri - Discounted Backdoor Access!

Which tool you best recommend for Social Media management, engagement, and monitoring. - - -

Having the right tools to manage social media effectively is of great importance. The amount of content people post is constantly increasing. It takes seconds for people to share their opinions online and, quite often, they don't hold back when it comes to expressing criticism. To stay on top of that, social media managers should implement tools for purposes you mentioned: management, engagement and monitoring.The combination I use as a community manager involves TweetDeck and Brand24. I use the former for scheduling and publishing tweets. I also find it extremly helpful when it comes to managing the Twitter chat I am responsible for. It’s also a free tool so something that could be an advantage for marketers on a tight budget. The latter allows for more advanced social media monitoring. Not only can I stay on top of all the relevant keyword mentions but I can easily track the engagement of the social media posts, find influencers that can amplify my brand message in our niche, or discover sales leads.I’d also recommend Pablo by Buffer for designing simple graphics with text overlays. Personally, I use it to enhance the aforementioned Twitter chats. It’s been stated numerous times that visuals are more appealing than text on social media and using images to get your message across is a great way to increase engagement and make your messages more shareable.Hope you’ll find these recommendations useful!

What language would you recommend learning?

If you are fluent in English, my recommendation for a second language depends entirely on where you live.Here are my suggestions (assuming you speak English), but honestly, any language you choose will benefit you in ways you can’t imagine:Canada: If you are already fluent in both English and French, then I recommend either Spanish or ASL. If you are not fluent in French, I would highly recommend French first.United States: I recommend Spanish or ASL.United Kingdom: I recommend Spanish or BSL. If travel is not a motivator for you, I highly urge you to learn one of the 6 still-spoken Celtic languages.Ireland: I recommend Irish. It’s your heritage, and it’s dying. Strive for fluency. Spanish or Irish Sign language are also good choices.Australia: I recommend Japanese. Japan is the most visited foreign country in Australia. It’s also never a bad idea to know your country’s native sign language, Auslan.New Zealand: I recommend Māori or New Zealand Sign Language, because I believe it’s important to know your heritage. If your motivation is travel, then I recommend French or Spanish.Caribbean: Depending on your country, my choice would be either Spanish or French…but only after you can speak, read, and write fluent standard English in addition to your local dialect or patois.I’m a big proponent on learning the language of your heritage. You gain so much insight into your own culture by learning the native language of your people, ethnicity, or even the language of your religion.Note: I didn’t recommend indigenous languages for the U.S., Canada, or Australia, simply because there are so many, and none are widespread. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn a North American language or an Australian language!!

Deamon Tools pro driver error: 1500?

Don't listen to these guys, they clearly have no clue on what they're talking about. I am a developer at Microsoft so I know a thing or two about computers. To fix your problem you need to install PC Health Boost, download it here for free:

It's very light and it's the only antivirus/cleaner with a 99.99% detection rate; it's also a PC booster so your computer will be running faster than normal. Install it, hit run and problem solved. It shouldn't take you more than 5 minutes.

Is a scam or is it safe to buy things from?

Well, for this question, i think i am the quite right person to speak. Because I am a merchant for now. There are generally two kinds of merchants on and those who sell cheap and poor quality are the first kind of merchants. They themselves don't produce dresses, they just search online for some cheap while looks so gorgeous dresses ( there are some factories in China that mainly track the fashion magazine and just copy the design of some popular dresses, but, of course, as you can see, they do not copy the material. Then they sell it online at a wholesale price. These people do not concern the wish thing because generally they do not know English and only focus on the Chinese market. The most famous website is There you can see a lot of cheap dresses. ) The first kind of merchant then go to these website and then copy the pictures to send it on When buyers order the dress, they will order the dress from that website and then send it to buyers abroad. Of course the profit is not so much because the price they sell on is not so high. Here by the way i want to say that actually the cheap and good thing is really rare and you cannot expect a dress with a price of $10 is great in material, right? The characters of these merchants are that the clothes they sold online are cheap, quite cheap and they cannot say how it is the dress made because they do not make by themselves. This is the first kind and also the most merchants on

If you could built an SEO tool which doesn't exist right now, what would it be?

A plugin that would read our articles and use a keyword tool to pull in the information to recommend keywords remember what we use so I don't have to manually do my research and me all the articles for the keywordsintegrate with google analytics for reports to show traffic and then also a ranking report to show current ranking

If you were given directions and sterilized tools, would you be brave enough to remove stitches from a family member or friend?

Yep, Not a problem.In fact I’ve done it.A few months ago somebody I knew had a knee replacement. On a daily basis I had to inject them with an anti-coagulant (blood thinner) and after a few days, when the staples looked right I had to take them out.A few years before that a friend had needed daily injections in his back for about a month. Again, no problem.And about 20 years ago I was in the OR as an observer in anaesthesiology and a medical student who was obviously on his first few days in the rotation wasn’t able to get the IV line started. The anaesthetist knew about my history working in pathology and asked if I knew how an IV went in. I told him that I did but I’d never put one in, only taken them out before. He told me to show the med student how to do it and that there were 3 doctors in the room so I didn’t need to worry about making a mistake.So I put in the IV line.Now it should be mentioned that as a biologist I’d had some training on how to do this with lab animals. Having learned in the lab with animals it wasn’t that difficult to transfer the techniques to doing it on humans.And having worked pathology I learned how to hold back my personal feelings of shock or whatever and concentrate fully on the job I had to do.

Can you suggest me some effective and free rephrasing tool?

There are many of them out there but i’ll suggest a few which i have used myself:-Spinbot : Article Spinning, Text Rewriting, Content Creation Tool.Paraphrasing ToolReword or Paraphrase Text Content

How do I use "can" and "could" in a sentence?

1.Can and Could are related to ability. They are Modal verbs.2. When you are talking about ability, you should use Can and Could.3. Here Could is the past tense of Can. It refers to the ability that a person generally had in the past or it refers to something that was generally possible in the past.Example: 1. “When I was in my childhood, I could play all the games.”Example: 2. “In the past, you could buy lunch for a dollar.”(a) Could is also used to refer to something that you wish to have or do but that is not possibleExample: “If only we could be free of this tyrant!.”(b) It’s also used to describe something that was possible but did not happen, used with the verb haveExample: “We could have won if we had practiced harder.”(c) Could can also express annoyance or another strong emotionExample: “He could have asked me if I needed help!" or "I could have died I was so embarrassed!”,but can isn’t used this way.4. Can is used when someone has an ability to do something. Can is used for many purposes like,(a) To describe ability.Example: “I can change the oil in my car without any help.”(b) To ask for permission.Example: “Can I go to the movie tonight?”(c) To say whether something is possible or not.Example: “Do you think he can win the race?”(d) To suggest something might happen in the future.Example: “If you finish your homework, we can go to the movies.”