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What Was The Last Thing That Went Though Treyvons Head

Why is this Trayvon Martin thing such a big deal, I don't get it?

People die everyday. This shouldn't have escalated this far. The only factors that fed this whole mess is because of three things:
1. Victim was a minor.
Children die. Whether it happens in murder or by cancer, or any other reason for that matter; it happens. Accept it, bad things like this happen.

2. Race.
People say if the races were reversed, Zimmerman would have gone to jail.
This is an inference made upon fallacious standings. The verdict was based upon a jury. The prosecution made a better case, they won. Nothing to do with race. If anything, black(or if you're really racy and rather spend an extra 1.5 seconds to say African-American, there you go) supporters for Trayvon were the ones who brought up the whole race issue in the first place.

3. Media.
They over-exaggerate everything and give you false information everyday. This itself, is rather self-explanatory.

All in all, people fail to accept the world as it is. So one boy doesn't get to live his life. There's billions of people. Third world countries have starving children on the brink of death, power-abusive dictators, militia-based brutality governments who terrorize thousands. There are much worse things. People just turned this into a giant snowball that eventually caused these outrageous reactions. Shows you how gullible people can be without realizing the bigger picture.

Trayvon Martin got what was coming to him. Right or Wrong?

This is not about Trayvon Martin anymore who did what, Now its about his parents using Trayvon Martin death to change the gun laws Only to get attention and exposure on television.If Zimmerman was Black no one outside of Florida would have heard about this,

Trayvon martin case?????

so apparently trayvon had zimmerman bleeding on the ground smashing his head? dont blame him i would have done it if he followed me too. but this whole rally and like viral story is a little shady. they are presenting him as a goody two shoes child who is just a kid. so apparently trayvon had an altercation where he swung at a bus driver. and also a seperate suspension from school for marijauana possesion. hes also 6'3. they always depuct him as this little teen in his pics. when a 6'3 kid is on top of you vioently hitting you what would you do.

k lets get this straight im not siding with anyone considering i dont know the whole truth.
terrible story nonetheless and my prayers are with him..
just want your oppinions, dont want no race stur on yahoo answers so calm down!

ut hey listen if there is any doubt whatsoever they can not convict the man. he should be tried tho, but as we all know in the oj case there was a "reasonable doubt" and he was set free so this doesnt apply?

Will the radical leftists stop defending Trayvon Martin after photos of Zimmerman's bloody head have released?

Why do you believe that a murder victim needs to be "defended?"

Will the radical right stop defending a defendant in a murder case after it is explained - yet again - that a scratch on the head =/= dead?

How could George Zimmerman have been defending himself if Trayvon Martin was walking away?

@ Joe in Texas, you will see more Trayvon Martins now. We are walking through your neighborhoods. To get even? No. To let Joe in Texases know that ALL black people look suspicious to you. That's when if you do start shooting black people in your neighborhood. You'll know it's not's you and your mindset about black people looking suspicious. You, Joe in Texases have to change your mindset about what is suspicious to you.

Black Americans, if you were alone and being stalked, like Trayvon Martin, would you be afraid to call 911 for help?

This is a provocative question because it ignores the factual basis of the George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin case.  The reason the question fails is:  Trayvon Martin was a criminal -- having the jewelry and a burglar tool from a recent home robbery when apprehended by school police. A criminal is less likely to call 911 than non-criminals.Trayvon was a thug -- a gansta wannabe who spoke openly on his Facebook pages about beat downs and other thuggery. Posing with a weapon of unknown origin. Trayvon Martin was not being stalked -- he was being watched by a member of neighborhood watch engaging in suspicious activity: walking between homes at night in a community that had recently experienced a number of home robberies.Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman and was beating his head against a cement sidewalk when Zimmerman pulled his weapon.There should be no reason for any citizen to think twice about calling 911 for assistance. That the race-baiters are attacking the police to pursue their own self-interests is despicable.

Did Trayvon Martin really attack George Zimmerman?

So you are saying Martin is a mutant...a psychic? Somehow he had the power to read Zimmerman's mind and know that Zimmerman had a gun and that he suspected him.

Let's reframe the scenario to the context of what he could actually know at the time.

Martin knew he was in a strange neighborhood.
Martin knew that he was doing suspicious things (wandering through yards, looking in windows)
Martin see's an adult drive by, in a gated community, and start watching him suspiciously.

At that point what did Martin know?
All he knows is that he was just caught doing something wrong.
Based on testimony from Martin's GF he also was angry and expressed strong racist sentiment about Zimmerman.

Now what could he have done if he were afraid?
He could have gone home.
He could have called the police
He could have called his Dad.
He could have done any number of things.

But he didn't do any of those things. Why?
Because he wasn't afraid he was angry.
And he did what an angry person does he attacked.

This is supported by all the evidence.
We know that he has bruising on his knuckles consistent with repeatedly punching something.
We see the damage to Zimmerman's face and head.
We have witness testimony stating that Martin was on top punching Zimmerman "MMA style".
Other than the GSW and offensive injuries Martin has no injuries.