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What Was Ur Wedding Theme

What would be the theme of your wedding in the future?

Of all the wedding themes I’ve encountered, one I liked most was the Rustic Wood Country theme.I find it very cozy because of the earth colors of wood and greeneries. The fairy lights and candles make it so dreamy, homey, relaxing, stress-free ambiance.  It is most definitely the theme on my own wedding in the future.  God permits.

Fun Wedding theme ideas?

So my family keeps asking what the theme of the wedding will be. I have colors and a type if venue picked out but didn't know there was supposed to be a theme. I guess you don't really have to have one but I think it might be fun if I could figure one out. We aren't really into the ganster, Victorian, or jungle thing (as my family suggested). Any fun ideas? What was your theme?

What are the best theme wedding ideas?

GreeneryWe’ll see more lush wedding decorations in 2016 and those big events are returning to the beautiful nature, like greenery table runners and wedding arches.Brian Tropiano via Green Wedding Shoes/Confetti Day Dreams/Acres of Hope Photography via Mod Wedding/Loft Photographie LLC via SMP/VintageVintage is one of the most popular wedding tehmes every year. For 2016, sequins, lace and pearl will rock your big day. Try using some metallic/sequins colors for your decoration and bridesmaid dresses.Seating Chart-Anna Pumer Photography via Mon Cheri Bridals/Bride, Groom & Table Settings-Sarah McEvoy and Jenn Hadley via Chic Vintage Brides/Cake-Courtney Bowlden Photography viaBurnett’s Board/BohemianIf you’d like to have a more casual event, boho themed wedding will be a great and in choice. Flowers and tassels can effortlessly express your personal style.Flower Cube-Tulle & Chantilly/Hang Decorations-Brenner Liana via Hello May/Bride-Lucinda May Photographyvia SMP/Bridesmaid-Mariel Hannah Photography via Wedding Sparrow/Table Settings- Stacy Paul viaRock N RollTwilight ForestWhen we say returning to nature, we’ll also see these stunning wedding venues with ceremony at twilight.From top to bottom-Mod Wedding/Pouted/The Knot/Calluna EventsFairytaleThese’re what dreams are made of, just like a fairy tale.From top to bottom-Studio ATG/Weddbook/Colin Cowie WeddingsPastel ColorsRose Quartz and Serenity combination has been released as the color of the year 2016 by Pantone, and we’ll see more pastel colors used in wedding events as well.Bouquet & Bridesmaids-Jessica Crews Photography via SMP/Cake-The Merry Bride/Garden WeddingThe natural elegance of a garden wedding paired with a modern, glamorous style make for a wedding that is absolutely breathtaking!Hanging Lanterns-magnolia rouge/Bride & Groom-Green Wedding Shoes/Rustic Sign-Wedding Party/Wedding Aisle-Wedding WireSource: 10 Trending Wedding Theme Ideas for 2016You can find other wedding themes in other wedding blogs or catering services in Quezon City blogs.

The Notebook wedding theme?

There are so many things that you can do for this.. Let me just list my oodles of examples.. lol

- Rent a black and white photo booth
-Do beachy themed centerpieces.. (fruit is HUGE right now for centerpieces.. esp lemons.)
- Do little homade "notebook" wedding favors detailing your story
- The obvious fashion trends from that era
- Find out what the song was that they danced to in the middle of the street and make that your first dance song.
- Have carnival themed things like cotton candy or an ice cream cone dessert option
- You can get this stuff called "wedding graffitti".. Look at it online.. You can put quotes from the movie on the wall or windows of your wedding venu
- If you have a brunch wedding you can serve breakfast foods like in the movie "you can eat breakfast any time of day"

How did you narrow down/figure out your wedding theme?

I honestly didn't read all of that. I skimmed mostly.

We had a Halloween wedding because that's what we both wanted to do. Like you though, I had trouble putting it all together because I couldn't decide what look I liked more. I liked modern. I liked shabby chic. I liked uber vintage like Victorian type dresses/decor. What I did was went to try on dresses. I know a lot of wedding professional type people say not to do it that way. They say to pick a theme, colors, venue yadda yadda then pick a dress. BUT finding THE dress really helped me put it all together. I didn't like the lace covered shabby chic style dresses I thought I wanted.

From what I read alone about your plans. The loft, short dress, pizza..I don't think Victorian would work with all that so you scratch that off. I think you two sound more like your "low key" ideas. Indie, DIY, modern hipster/rocker...Those can all still be sleek and elegant. Have you checked out Offbeat Bride? I highly recommend it.

Should the bridal shower and wedding be same color/theme?

Is it typical for the bridal shower to follow the same colors/theme as the wedding?

I am MOH and I was originally planning on throwing a black/pink/white shower. The bride's wedding colors are red/black/white. Never having been too many showers or weddings, I started thinking that maybe the two should follow the same color scheme. I have no problem changing to the black/red/white theme.


What is your wedding going to be like?

Close your eyes and dream. Think about how you want to look and feel on your wedding day. Then take a piece of paper and write down what you like. Weddings range from gothic to near royalty and it all depends on you. Do you like a lot of glamor or do you and your hubby to be have a signature style? You need to take a lot into account (not to scare you), but the best way to do it is to develop a theme. Cakes, flowers, music, decor, food and traditions all come into play. Here is an example. In Tyler Perry's movie "Madea's Family Reunion" the wedding theme was Paris in Spring time. There was an Ifel Tower cake, the blue and white parisian decor, white and blue flowers, a live band, cheribs hanging from the ceilings and male angels with trumpets to announce the bride. I've seen a winter wonderland themed wedding with an ice sculpture, blue and silver themed lighting and flowers and christmas style music. Once you get a theme, everything will fall in place. I suggest looking at how you met, what you love to do together or the romantic way he proposed to get ideas.