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What Was W Doing To His Little Condi In Camp Davide When He Was President Why Did He Take Her There

What are my chances of getting into the Naval Academy with an LOA?

I've always wanted to attend the United States Naval Academy and recently received my Letter of Assurance contingent only upon my nomination. I'm ranked 24 out of 400 in my class with multiple captain spots, extracurricular activities, and a 4.0 unweighted GPA (4.7 weighted). My congressman recently informed me there are no available nominations for the Naval Academy this go around which means I have to compete for Senator and VP nominations. I'm extremely worried based off of football and basketball recruits who have committed to Navy from NC. I personally even know one of the kids that just committed for basketball. What are my chances looking like, as of now, at getting a nomination and being accepted. Based off my LOA, does the nomination have to be a primary nomination or can it be alternate as well? Will my LOA get me into NAPS?

Thanks a bunch for the help. I was the first in my county to get my Blue Gold interview in and I've been really stressed out since then. I'm just too excited and want it so bad! It's always been my dream and lifelong goal to become a Marine Corps Infantry Officer.Thanks for the help again.

How did Trump, with all his advantages and good schooling, turn out so badly?

Trump is a narcissist. No amount of schooling can fix a personality disorder like that. It’s been a part of him since he was born (or at least since shortly after). He has always, his entire life, cared only about himself and his own power and his own reputation (narcissists need approval from others), and he was able to use his father’s initial wealth and his personal force and ambition (which he honed as a narcissist) to build his business empire.Today, a narcissistic child may be made to go to therapy, but I’m not a psychologist so I don’t know how much this helps, or whether it even helps at all. When Trump was a youngster, that wasn’t an option. Do you know why Trump had all those advantages? Because he deserved them, of course! That’s how a narcissist thinks. Warren Buffett sees the advantages he has and says “I don’t deserve this; I need to pay higher taxes”. Bill Gates sees the advantages he has and says “I don’t deserve this; I need to cure malaria.” Donald Trump sees the advantages he has and says “I deserve this; in fact, I deserve to be king”.Such was his desire to be king that he was able to push the right buttons (mostly stroking xenophobia and nationalism) to get elected president of the US. Which, of course, he certainly doesn’t deserve, especially on merit. But he was able to manipulate enough people into thinking that he would be a good thing for the country somehow. That takes skill. So I don’t think he turned out so badly after all. I think we’re the ones who are turning out badly from his presidency.

What is Malad Idaho like?

Please tell me EVERYTHING and ANYTHING you know about Malad Idaho and the surrounding areas. How far ways from Salt lake is it? anything that you can tell me would be great!! thanks so much!

Was Nixon good for America?

Calling Nixon evil has got to be one of the stupider things I've heard in a while. I'm tempted to say that Nixon is one of my favorite U.S. Presidents. In the least, I hold a lot of respect for the man, despite his errors and flaws. Nixon's achievements include (in no particular order):desegregation of schools (when Nixon assumed office, ~70% of black kids in the South went to all-black schools. With his tax incentives, it reduced to ~18%)revenue-sharing (redirecting federal revenues to state and local governments for the purpose of providing local aid to American communities)Title X (for the first time - federal funding for family planning and women's health, drastically lowered rates of unintended pregnancies and abortions and lowered Medicaid costs as a result of preventive services)National Cancer Act of 1971 (began the "War on Cancer" investing in research to find the cure)championed universal health care (a plan based on employer-mandate. even though it lost, Hawaii successfully adopted it and Ted Kennedy later said one of his great regrets was not getting on board with Nixon's health care model)established EPA, signed the Clean Air Actended the draftParis Peace Accords, ended US involvement in VietnamUS-China relationsUS-Soviet relations - SALT IEgyptian-Israeli Disengagement TreatiesAnd insofar as Watergate, well you can put a different spin on just about anything. Nixon entered office on a promise to unite the nation, and perhaps he did so - his scandal taught the American public a lasting lesson about government, transparency, the hypocrisy of many political leaders, and the failings of the criminal justice system. Americans realized the importance of checks and balances (Congress began asserting more power to restrain the inflated executive branch). The ensuing distrust of the government has kept Americans more cognizant of their constitutional rights, especially the importance of free press. In the end, Nixon did unite the American public, even if it was to demand his impeachment.