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What Will Your Reaction When Some One Call You From Your Nickname

What does it mean when a guy calls you by a nickname? ?

Hey there.
I have been through the same thing at work. But in my opinion and my experience, he could like you because calling you by a nick name especially by a man is a way to mean that he is close to you because people only ever call each other nick names if they are close or just really good friends....or more. Also, he glances at you every now and again which is a clear sign that he is thinking about you and tries to seek many opportunities to talk to you when ever you are both not busy. I think that he is interested in you but you should give it some more time to wait and see other things that he does that implies that he could like you. But my hopes are high that he does.
Good Luck!!!

What was your reaction when someone called you a racial slur?

Since it’s easy to pick on white people, I’m going to do it and just say for the sake of this story (because I have been called a racial slur and I won’t say what it is) I’m a run-of-the-mill white dude that got called a “Skinhead Cracker” by someone else.My reaction was simply to walk up to the person and ask what it was that I was called. When they repeated themselves I responded with (again, for the sake of the story, all you know is that I’m male and heterosexual and that’s as far as any of you are getting) “Yes I am. I’m bald, you got that right and I’m also the following: Cracker, Roundeye, Honkey, Snowflake (actually a racial slur for a white person and USED ON NATIONAL TV DURING THE FIRST SEASON OF PRISON BREAK!!!) Nazi, Hitler, Devil and The Man. Now if you’ll excuse me, perhaps you’ll think of one I ain’t heard.” and continued walking.To me, that person will always be known as Fuckhead.

What was your reaction when someone called you a jerk?

Unfortunately, people say things out of spite daily. It doesn’t mean that they are true, but the person doing the name calling is obviously insecure with himself.Now the question I have, is did you do something to be called a jerk? Honestly? If so, then you may need to change up how you interact with others. On the flip side, if you did nothing and the other person is jealous or insecure, then you must realize that there is nothing you can do because they will never understand your level of thinking. If you walk away and say nothing, they will find it hard to deal with this approach because they don’t have the internal nature to handle their own feelings. These types of people can be toxic to any type of relationship.If you are inclined, you can try and talk with this individual and ask them why they are so upset and if you’ve done something wrong (even if you haven’t). Sometimes this will break the ice and you will come to a mutual understanding and move forward in a positive manner.

What does it mean when a guy always calls you by a nickname?

Well this question's a bit tricky and we can't have a sure answer for it…!!We can consider cases likeBullyingFew people call someone by giving them offending nicknames which are meant to insult them in public. How ever bullying some one is not right and is considered crime because it affects the person being bullied mentally.Best-FriendsBest friends usually call each other with different nicknames, these nicknames re meant for better communication between them and it strengthens the bond between the people (Opposite is the case if they get offended). I personally accept nicknames from friends as they just Indicate our flexibility and have a good relationship with them unless they don't meant to insult or disrespect me.FamilyNicknames in families are common and people usually have nicknames at their homes by which they are addressed at their homes.What ever may be the case, I Personally think that nicknames are a good means of getting close to each other.Bbye… see you again☺️☺️

If A Guy Calls You By A Nickname?

It may just be that he wants to be your friend and join with all your other friends by calling you the nickname. I would just go by instinct. If you like this guy, ask yourself, "What would you do if you weren't afraid?" Would you call him by a nickname or would you ask him out? If you like him then I say go for it! Whats the worst that can happen! He'll say no? So what! You will never know if you dont ask to find out!


How do you tell someone to stop calling you a nickname you dont like?

Some years back, I had a male friend who was 9 years older than I was. He was approaching 40, remembered the Vietnam War, protested the war, had a draft card, got a deferral because he was in grad school. I was still 20-something, too young to understand Woodstock or Kent State, and the war was something I saw on the news that was over by the time I finished junior high. So that 9 year difference was actually pretty significant. To tease me, any time we were on the phone, he would end our conversations by saying, "I luv ya, kid."

I HATED that. I asked him nicely to please stop calling me kid. I got mad. I threatened. And he persisted. Finally I realized that I knew his weak spot - he was sensitive about his age. So the next time we were on the phone and he said, "I luv ya, kid," I responded with, "I love you too, Old Man."

After that, it turned into a joke and then it really did become an endearment. He passed away about 5 years, only mid-50s and much too young, and I sure do miss hearing him call me "kid" now.

As for other nicknames that my brothers and their friends came up with through the years, I just ignored them. Didn't respond at all, acted like I wasn't even listening. They got bored with it pretty quick.

What does it mean when a girl calls you a nickname?

Okay, so my name's Rosie. This girl might be telling your friend that she doesn't like you because she cherishes the friendship that you two have, and doesn't want to lose that friendship if you two would ever become more than just friends. If she's made a nickname for you, that might be a signal that she's just comfortable, or that she's discretely trying to flirt without making things too obvious (not that it isn't already) Being confused is completely normal, and she might be confused too. I suggest that you should probably talk about this with her, because that will show her that you actually care. Make sure that you two are alone when you have this conversation, and try to ask about her feelings before you get into yours.
Best of Luck Ethan

How to get people to call you by your nickname?

How do you get people to call you by your nickname? My real name is Delia but everyone has called me Maggie since 5th grade (because I would constantly sing the song Maggie Mae by Rod Stewart). I am going away to college in the fall where no one knows my name. How can I get the teachers at college to call me by my nickname (it is a very small school).

What are some nicknames to call your best friend?

Ahn this is a nice question I would love to answer. Actually I wont answer the question but would rather tell you what I call my best friend and what she calls me.See, we are eventually grown up but these names may make you think the other way.Let us break the suspense…..She calls me “TEDDY” and I call her….. “Rose”.Ain’t they cute???They are, atleast for me.:) :)Read about the story of my lovely bestfriend here at Sahil Kumar's answer to Who is your best friend? Why?