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What Would Be A Cool Name For A Shop That Makes Little Beaded Animals

What are some creative etsy shop names?

I will be selling bracelets (of various types: pop tabs, strings, beads)
Clay figures (mostly animals and dragons)
Knitted items (hats, blankets, scarves)
and a couple of other items
i love animals (Ravens/crows and bears mostly) tea!!! mystical creatures, and reading

I really want a cute name that sounds professional but is kinda simple like the purple teacup. I dont want it to be something like 'dragon minis' because i will (hopefully!) add more items to my shop.

Any ideas welcome and if you have a shop then id love to check it out thanks!

What should I wear for jungle day at school?

They probs want you to dress up as a jungle animal or something,
But just incase thats not the deal,
I suggest going less 'ANIMALish' and more 'PEOPLEish'
You could wear like that african safari look with the ivory hat & binoculars & stuff,
You could be like, a tribal kid,
Now you never said if you were a boy or girl,
But if your a girl wear a grass skirt looking thingo and a ripped kinda shirt and mess your hair up a bit, If if you wanted to you could have a look in a bead shop or something and have a look for some little beads that look like bones or teeth and make little necklaces,bracelets,ankles etc.
If your a guy, Just do the same kinda thing but with shorts rather than a skirt (:
You could try getting face paint and putting those war marks things arcoss your cheeks and stuff,


Is it okay to give my new puppy stuffed animals?

I can't see any problem, other than to make sure she doesn't bite off the eyes, or any other part that, if eaten, could cause her a problem. Dog toys are better really, if for this reason alone - and they are probably going to last longer. Buy Kongs, not only the ones you fill with food - we have one called a Wubba which our Whippet baby loves. It squeaks which you might not like, but these are very tough, and long lasting. They may cost a bit more, but they do last, and are safe (I think!!?)

At the end of the day, buying cheaper human stuffed toys could be a false economy if your dog ends up having to have surgery because they've swallowed something. But I guess it all depends on how destructive your dog is!!

Can I give my puppy a stuffed animal?

Try toys that are specifically made for dogs. Check out Fidget, a cute stuffed animal with special material for chewers and other toys:

You can google shop or go to for them if your Petsmart doesn't carry them anymore. She will LOVE it!

Is it bad that I don't buy little gifts for the two kids I babysit?

Since you’re working for them, you’re not expected to give them gifts. The mom’s gifts to you are probably extra thank-yous for being so nice to her kids.At the same time, it’s perfectly fine - and nice - of you to give them inexpensive gifts if you would like to. You could make them something cute out of origami/kirigami (free other than the paper!). You could sew them little stuffed animals/dolls or pillows (just a little fabric isn’t expensive, and you might be able to reuse an item you already own to make them, making them almost free). If you ever bake at home, you could bring a small amount for them as a special treat. If you have flowers in your yard, you could bring them mini-bouquets. Use gimp (plastic lacing) and beads make them bead-animal or other keychains that they can put on their backpacks. Use embroidery floss and make them friendship bracelets - and if they’re old enough, show them how to make those. If you have plants at home that sprout off “babies” a lot, like aloe, you could root some bits in cups and show the kids how to take care of them. If you want to buy them something and have a tiny budget, get bubbles or fun pencils - things from the dollar store or even less expensive than that.For those who say it’s wrong to give them things because you’re being paid: I completely disagree. Our kid’s voice/piano teacher gives her small treats at the holidays; we give the teacher small treats for teacher appreciation day and some holidays. This has been the case with other teachers too. There is nothing wrong with being friendly with the people you work with/for. It’s when you’re giving gifts that are really big/expensive/things you can’t afford/that might not be legal or appropriate that it’s a bad idea.

Volunteering at a kids camp, with an Australian theme, anyone have any costumer/ decoration ideas that arent $

The first thing that came to mind was the Crocodile Hunter - Steve Irwin/Animal Planet. You could do a Scavenger/Treasure Hunt - call it a "Walk About" - that wouldn't cost much or anything at all. Depending on the age of the children at the camp you could make a map and they would have to follow it to find what was needed. You could hide stuff animals around the campsite area for them to find. In the end everyone could put the "animals" into their own habitat that you set up in a central location (Dining hall). Once the "zoo" is filled then everyone gets to enjoy a treat or get a small something like tattoos or stickers in an animal theme.

Crafts: Make rainsticks from TP or papertowel tubes that can be decorated - the ends covered with paper and filled with small beans or rice - makes a cool sound.

Another TP roll craft would be to make binoculars. Cheap and easy.

Costume Ideas: Check out the local flea markets or thrift stores to find safari like/outback clothing - hats would be great.

That's it for now - check of course online at the various kids websites that have a ton of suggestions, printables, and how-to's.

What's a good, catchy business name for a hair bow business?

I am opening up a hair bow boutique, but I need a cute, catchy name that's also original. I LOVE the name Little Bow Peep, but the name's already been taken. I would love to find a name along the lines of the animal-genre. I like "Wild Child Hair Bow Boutique", because my signature bows are zebra print and hot pink. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!! :)