What Would You Do If Your Never Happy In Life No Matter What You Try

What would you do if your never happy in life no matter what you try?

i would realize that at a sertan number of things not liked and be for i slip in to duldrumatic reality, preseption off minds magnificatil arangmennt welll just start looking for the things you like ....and if there is nothing you like pretend you like everything and love love some stuff repeat like a mantra out loud or unde4r your brethe there is and spicific need you you to want too notbe unhappy in full meaning of the word over look like everything love some stuff as a phraze rethis more than any other thing spoken when you discover the love you wish wasnt escape of your world looking not finding love for the lonely ness es for hold your breath that escapes you is the love that you will never know love only by realizingthe only love that you will know is the love you give is the only love you will ever know everything somestuff ....dont hold back ......p.s.i would recomend the happy isnt good for you strive to give and be not unhappy manic episode

The nature has everything to fulfill everyone's need but not everyone’s greed. Have you ever heard Mahatma Gandhi’s this statement?Our expectation is limitless. There is no boundary of our thoughts. We work hard to achieve our goals but that doesn’t stop us to dream beyond. We set goals and goals and non achievement of the same leads to frustration. If we set three goals in a year, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we can achieve all the three goals. Suppose, we achieve two goals and can’t achieve the third one, then the sorriness of non achievement of the third goal would overshadow the joyousness of first two goals. We forget the success of two and dwell in the imaginary world of “ what would have been the scenario if the third goal would have been achieve”. That is human tendency. We are greedy. We want more and more. Yeh Dil Mange More.This is the true colour of human nature. We always complain of something that is not even meant for us. Destiny has always its role to play. We are destined of certain things and we can’t get anything beyond that. There is a saturation point of everything and there is nothing left thereafter. But, we hesitate to accept the truth or rather I say, we are not strong enough to accept the truth. We are inbuilt with such state of mind and this is not our faults. We are humans and such feelings are inevitable.Yes, I pass through same situation. I feel happy but that happiness doesn’t last long.

What do you do to keep your life happy?

i pray and talk to God...who loves way more than i deserve. its crazy. seriously, when you're just chillin sometime, just start talking to God like you'd talk to a friend. vent to him, tell him about your day. it is insane how much better you'll feel. sounds weird, i know, but trust me, chica. your happiness level skyrockets.
jesus is my hero :]

My husband's never happy!!!?

Me and My husband has been together for seven years and I feel he will never be happy. Our life is not that bad, our cars are paid off, His parents helped us buy our house, He always complained that that he was the only one working, but I just went back to work after five years and he's not happy about that either. We have three happy, healthy kids. I think were pretty darn lucky!! I don't know what to do anymore to try and make him lighten up. I have tried being there for him, helping, I have even used sex, (that only makes him happy for about an hour) I love him and want to make this work, but I just don't know what to do anymore. He hates work, people,not having any free time, but when he is home I don't even want to be around him. Any Advice?

Why are some people never happy?

There are some people who will never be happy. There are so "miserable" in their own "personal" life that they will never be happy no matter what, who, why, when or what is given to them. Nothing will ever please them because they have no life, and are displeased with life in general. When someone is totally unhappy with life altogether there is no way that anything will ever make them happy.
They spend their time trying to cast their unhappiness on others. They seek attention and crave attention by acting out in very inappropriate ways like you peer did today. The less attention they get, the more likely they will be to either move on to someone or something else to complain to or about, or they will try to straighten their life out and try to figure out why they are so unhappy.
It truly has nothing to do with you and the best thing you can do is to avoid people like them at all costs.
Peace & Love & Happiness

You mean would I rather be right or happy? Good question!I come from a family that being right was more important than having enough to eat. My parents would get into cobra-mongoose fights over who was right. Things went so far that my father once destroyed a coffee pot by sawing off the handle to prove he was right that the handle was made of wood, and my mother was wrong the handle was plastic. My mother was right. The handle was plastic. Great going dad.Naturally, I grew up the same way: thinking being right was a principle worth dying for. I ruined many a relationship with my obsessive need to be right, at any cost.Eventually, I learned a couple of things. One, no one is right all the time. If you're lucky, you may be right as often as you are wrong. Two, sometimes there is no right or wrong. Some things just are. Three, being right isn't that important. Maybe if you're a doctor and you diagnose a cancerous lump as an absessed cyst, it's imperative to be right. In most things, though, being right doesn't matter all that much. It's certainly not worth damaging relationships being so pig-headed over something so hollow. The other thing I learned is it's not a display of weakness to admit one is wrong. Nor is it weakness to give up an "argument" about which one is sure he's right, for the sake of peace. Actually, it's a sign of strength. If I'm going to butt heads with someone, it better be over something that truly matters.Proving one's self right can be a cold and hollow victory. You can be standing there with your non-existen trophy, alone. What's the point in winning an argument if there's no one there to admire you?To me, nothing is more important than serenity. The fight to be right is not a path that leads anyone there.

What does it mean when someone is never happy or satisfied no matter how hard you try?

After reading the different answers I had to speak up. I am currently feeling like this. I am not self centered (everyone tells me that I am very giving) Yes, I complain but that's b/c I feel so trapped As to the 'less fortunate'.. I don't care to look to the people who drink pee to live in the mud, b/c then there is always some telling someone about the armless person that can't even bring the pee to their mouths to drink it.; I have been to counseling... for various reasons and I just get MORE frustrated. For stress I've been on meds like Xanax but they took away the edge of the stress but not the reason for the stress. Once doc considered mild bi polar and put me on speed and a different anti depressant. I had horrible side effects so I quit. I tried the 'be grateful' POV but I just fooled myself for about a month or two (each time) and then lashed out an was even MORE depressed about it. I have been accused of being a pessimist but I consider it being a realist. When it's getting getting dark outside sooner and getting autumn, I say: oh, winter is coming. Yuck. Cold. Snow. That is MY opinion. Why is my opinion being pessimistic? I am FAR from a perfectionist! I am a messy person and prefer to not wear make-up or the newest clothes. I do my housework without complaint UNLESS someone who is closer to the task decides to make a stink about it. I am not happy because I deserve better. Others have better, I want SOME of that.