What Would You Name 5 Children

What would you name these 5 children?

1 (boy)
first name starts with S
middle name is either Akira, Alger, or Clark

2 (boy)
first name starts with M
middle name is either Aakil, Quain, or Schuyler

3 (girl)
first name starts with A
middle name is either Ismene, Pandita, or Vera

4 (boy)
first name starts with R
middle name is either Aydin, Talib, or Zeki

5 (boy)
first name starts with T
middle name is either Aleem, Cleary, or Gyan

What would you name your children?

Girls: Audrey, Avery, Reese, Norie, & Bree

Boys: Luke, Preston, Harrison, Isaiah, & Owen

What are the names of T A Barron's 5 children?

Gloria - mother
Wife - Currie

Denali - oldest daughter
Brooks - son
Ben - son
? - son
? - girl

If you had 5 children what names would you give them names can't be the same?

First of all, who would name all their children the same name?Girl Names1- Emily Dawn - Dad’s name is Emil and mom’s middle name is Dawn2 - Annie Marie - Names like that run in family3 - Taelynn - Kinda like BTS member Taehyung4 - Tasha - oldest sister’s name is Natasha5 - Tabatha - other sister is named TabathaBoy Names1 - Bo-Geun - A actor in South Korea2 - Emilio Don - Parents3 - Anakin - Mom wanted to name me after Darth Vader4 - Taehyung - BTS5 - Uri - a korean name

What sort of names did or would you give your children?

What I’d like to name my kids and what I likely will are two different things.If allowed to, I’d likely give my kids extremely nerdy names.For a son, I’d likely pickPercy Montague Saint-Just Weiss, called Percy for short.(AfterThe Scarlet Pimpernel - Wikipedia and Montague Navarro of A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder - Wikipedia and Louis Antoine de Saint-Just - Wikipedia)orXanatos Luthor Caesars Weiss, called Xan for short.(AfterDavid Xanatos - Wikipedia, Lex Luthor - Wikipedia and Cesare Borgia - Wikipedia)For a daughter,Artemisia Gwendolyn Hela Weiss (Misty for short)Named for Artemisia I of Caria - Wikipedia, Queen Gwendolyn - Wikipedia and Hela (comics) - WikipediaOrCerridwen Zenobia Sarraounia (Kerry for short)named for Ceridwen - Wikipedia, Zenobia - Wikipedia and Sarraounia - WikipediaUnfortunately, my ethnic background is Judaism, and my parents will expect me to name after relatives who passed away, like my grandmother Fran or my great uncle Tibor.Not a fan.And of course, I’d want my kids to go to Israel, and hopefully do national service or military service. Hence, I need names that work for that culture.“What’s your name?”“Xanatos Weiss, but everyone calls me Xan.”“Okay, you need to pick a Hebrew name, now. Or we will pick one for you!”Of Israeli names,For girls, I like the names Tzlil, Hadar, Eden and Liel.For boys, I like the names Ithiel, Liam, Gabriel and Matan.Of American names,I like Unisex names. Spencer, Morgan, Dylan, Avery, Kennedy.So maybe I’ll take one of each.Spencer Ithiel Xanatos Weiss (called Spencer in NYC, Ithiel in Israel and Xanatos because I love him)Avery Tzlil Cerridwn Weiss (called Avery in NYC, Tzlil in Israel and Cerridwen because I love her)Don’t worry. Friends have vowed to steal the birth certificate.

What are the names of Anne Shirley's children?

Anne and Gilbert had seven children: Joyce (also called Joy; died as an infant), James Matthew (also called Jem), Walter Cuthbert (who died during the First World War), Anne and Diana (twins; also called Nan and Di), Shirley, and Bertha Marilla (also called Rilla, an abbreviation for her middle name).

In what countries can you give the same name to 2 of your children?

Ancient Rome.They only had about 30 praenomena (first names), of which only half were in regular use. Of those, Titus, Gaius and Marcus account for about 59% of the first names across the whole Roman population (around the time of the Late Republic / Early Empire). So while it wasn't very common for both sons to have the same name - it did occasionally happen. Usually they then were differentiated by their cognomen - the third name, or nickname. Furthermore, it would be very common for a branch of the family to use only 3-4 names, so it was likely that half your cousins shared your name too!The problem was more pronounced amongst women. They only received the family name, not a first name. So a Lucius Cornelius with three daughters would name them Cornela Prima, Cornelina Secunda and Cornelia Tertia. If there were only two sometimes they would be known as say Julia major (the elder) and Julia minor (the younger).EDIT: Also, Ptolemaic Egypt.If you were part of the royal family, all the boys were named Ptolemy. No matter how many. Girls seem to have been either Cleopatra or Berenice, and occasionally Arsinoe. Also, they married each other (brothers and sisters).See also:Assaph Mehr's answer to What are some interesting facts about Roman culture?Roman naming conventionsRoman naming conventions for femalesRoman Naming Practices During the Principate Period

What would you name 5 children using these names?

Using the pictures above the list of names, what you name ___ children?


FN: Lucius, Christopher, Warren, Chase, Jackson, Hayes, Andrew, Thomas, Oliver, Liam, Roman.
MN: Holden, Jude, Carson, Elias, Grayson, Miles, River, Miller, Asher, Casting, Vincent, Everrett.


FN: Aiden, Maxwell, Quinn, Declan, Dimitri, Solomon, Noah, Cairo, Emmett, Dawson, Owen, Jamison.
MN: Matthew, Zachary, Ronan, Ephraim, Hunter, Peter, Adam, Harrison, Garrett, Theodore, Michael.


FN: Jonah, Sawyer, Finley, Henry, Darren, Nolan, Cadewyn, Emerson, Isaiah, Mitchell, Arwen, Cooper.
MN: Vernon, Neil, Dakota, Nicholas, Camden, Thaddeus, Markum, Avery, Darryl, Ethridge, David.


FN: Athena, Sarah, Luna, Hadleigh, Emilia, Noemi, Jaqueline, Olivia, Ophelia, Helaina, Madelyn.
MN: Lyra, Madison, Audrey, Gwendolyn, Jocelyn, Michelle, Rose, Noelle, Amelia, Sage, Ivy.


FN: Arletta, Simone, Charisse, Novella, Aurora, Melody, Allison, Liliana, Stella, Victoria, Adelaide.
MN: Lorelei, Julia, Irene, Nadine, Rachelle, Silver, Iris, Raine, Aspyn, Willow, Arabella, Holly.

What are the names of Phillis Dillers children??

There is a rumour that Susan Lucci from All My Children is her daughter but it isn't true. I looked on IMDb, it says she has five children but the only one who is named is her son, Perry Diller.