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Whats An Excuse For Leaving A Door Unlocked

My roommates leave the front door unlocked, what do i do?

I live in a townhouse with my boyfriend and two other roomates, One of them is a friend of mine the other is her brother. She has to wake up early to go to work every morning, and her brother has to leave a few hours afterwords to go to school. My boyfriend leaves way earlier than both of them and I know he locks the door because well hes my boyfriend.

My other two roomies dont have a good habbit on locking the front door. I have confronted her to lock the door many times before and also to relay the message to her brother since he doesn't like me telling him what to do or even talking to him about situations in the home. So for a while she was nice and locked the door but after a while she would go right back to leaving it unlocked (they both have keys) and now Im just getting really upset that they arent being considerate. Since her brother is the last to leave he is leaving the door unlocked so I know who it is.

If I confront him odds are he might not listen or walk away from me (hes kind of a jerk). Also this would be the 4th or 5th time I asked them to lock the door. I feel like Im nagging way to much. This just concerns me because I have a lot of expensive stuff and would like to keep it, also im home most of the times and im scared that someone would come in thinking the house was left unlocked with no one home, but in fact I am home and can trun into something worse! This is all I really ask of them and it seems like they dont want to listen I dont know what to do anymore about this.

Can my roommate tell me to leave my door unlocked when gone for no real reason?

Your landlord is entitled to a key to the rental unit, be it a stand alone apartment or a rented room. This key is provided for emergency reasons.

How do you expect the landlord to enter the rented room if there is an electrical fire? How do you expect the landlord to enter the room if there is a legal search order issued and signed by a judge.

If either happen and the landlord would not have access to the room, your door would be required to be knocked down.Once the door is knocked down and the emergency is now over, you have a busted door and is now open to all in the house. what would happen to the items you think are so valuable. They would be unprotected.

The fact that you do not have a lease is not important. You landlord having access to his property is of more importance.

If your items are so valuable it might be that you would rent a safe deposit box to house your valuables.

If the entire house was to catch fire and burn the entire building you would no longer have these valuables.If someone robbed the house and take all your valuables this would leave you without you valuables also.

Your excuse not to provide your landlord a key is not valid.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


Good excuse for leaving early?

Ok, so this is kinda long so I apologize ahead of time. So my brother is going to his girlfriends today and he is going to ask her dad tomorrow if he can marry her, but she doesn't know that. He wants to get there early so he is spending the night at her sisters, but her sister said he has to be there no later than 11. He usually leaves his girlfriends around midnight though, and she is usually the one who makes him leave, so he needs an excuse to leave early without it being suspicious.

Why do Canadians leave their doors unlocked for the most part?

Yes. Its like that there. I love it. 12 years of my life there. Think about the mentally. Canadians take care of the homeless regularly. Its a good place. I was so laid back. Then i had to come home.

I went home and my girlfriend said shes hungry, so I went and bought some Nando’s and went to her house to have a quick bite to eat as well. Parked the van and locked it up securely.Now I have a well used 2007 Toyota Hilux D4D with 650 000kms on the clock. Note “well used”.After eating I said I have to rush back to work, check my pockets, no keys, all over the lounge, no keys, looked everywhere till finally I decided to check in the van.My keys was dangling from the ignition barrel. Now I always securely lock my van (no central locking here) and started panicking.My girlfriends house has smaller houses around it with her tenants, all of them came to show their lock breaking skills with wires and pulling the door as well as trying to break the lock.I am panicking, but after around 45mins I calmed down to think rationally, took all the keys from the house which included a Honda Ballade key, two sets of Hyundai Atos keys and a Tata Van key.Tried all of them on the passenger side no luck.Tried on the drivers side, and to my astonishment and shock, the Honda key works.At this point I am 1.5 hours late and kissing the Honda keys.I suspect after 650 000kms of unlocking and locking, the barrel of the drivers side was loose enough to allow a Honda key to unlock the door.Needless to say, since then I have taught myself to lock my doors with the key only, so it never happened again.