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Whats The Best Way To Put A Wetsuit On

How long after I get a tattoo can I put a wetsuit on?

well u r suppose to avaoid water activities for up to two weeks. the wet suit might irritate the tattoo and prolong exposure to water will mess up the ink and how it heals. my advice you should avoid it. especially salt water and clorine big no no no pools hot tubs you are not suppose to let it soak. honestly sweetie you need to reschedule your appointment and get your tattoo done afetr your race.

What are wetsuits for?

From the Wikipedia:

A wetsuit is a protective garment used for watersports such as scuba diving, surfing, windsurfing, and triathlon. A modern wetsuit is mostly made from thin neoprene, which provides limited thermal protection for activities in cold water. It is usually lined with a nylon fabric to strengthen it and make it easy to put on and take off. Some newer wetsuits, usually marketed as "superflex," contain spandex in addition to neoprene to allow the suit to stretch (the panels of a wetsuit of this type typically contain 15-20% spandex). This counteracts neoprene's tendency to shrink with age; it also allows for some changes in the wearer's size without making the suit uncomfortable.

Contrary to common belief, a wetsuit doesn't keep one warm by heating the water inside the wetsuit. Water has a very high thermal conductivity so heat is lost very quickly to the surrounding water. How a wetsuit works is all in its material, neoprene. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that when processed to make wetsuits is mixed with small bubbles of nitrogen gas. These bubbles of nitrogen gas are what keep a person warm, due to the low thermal conductivity of nitrogen gas. The wetsuit must be a close fit to make the suit work efficiently; too loose a fit will allow the water to move around conduct heat away from the body. Flexible seals at the suit cuffs aid in the water retention. The suit loses buoyancy and thermal protection as the bubbles in the neoprene are compressed at depth.

What is the best wetsuit?

There are many types of wetsuit depending on its purpose; however the best is not always expensive. Quality and comfort of the wetsuit is the key. If you are looking for one, I think the people at can possibly help you.

What is the best wetsuit to buy for surfing in the Bay Area?

I live in my Rip Curl 4/3 Insulator. I now own 2 and rotate them between sessions. They have a great warrenty on the seams and it keeps me warm in pretty much any Bay Area Conditions. I even stress tested it in Lake Michigan with 35F water and was pretty comfy. You can get it at Sonlight Surf Shop in Pacficia and is about $300 bucks with the Hood. I surf about 200+ days a year and after a full year of heavy use I had a few split seams and plenty of general wear and tear after bout 170 sessions on it so I took it into Sonlight and Ripcurl replaced it with a brand new suit.I wrote up a more indepth review here money is no object, I have heard very good things about Isurus wetsuits

Wetsuit legs filling with water?

Just bought a new rip curl full suit for the winter (3/2). Went out the first day and had a little bit of water in the legs but nothing too bad.

Had to have some alterations done though because the sleeves and legs were 2in two long.. so had them hemmed. Went back out today and the suit seemed to be holding a lot more water then it was before... Nothing outragous but enough for me to kind be like WTF?

any ideas on what is going on? are the ankles to tight maybe?

Washing a wetsuit...?

I just returned from a dive trip in the Bahamas, in some unclean conditions (Harbor full of soot) and i need to know the best way to wash my wetsuit, so it will be ok when i store it for a few months. I know i need to use a bath tub of warm water, but should i use shampoo, detergent, or just the water..
Also, whats the best way to store it so it won't be ruined?

What's the coldest water you can survive in with a wet suit?

Just to let you know it's the water that keeps you warm in a wetsuit. In a 7mil neoprene wetsuit I dove for 3 hours (not consecutively in one dive) in 55 F water and stayed nice and warm. Water draws heat 25 times faster than air. When your body temperature hits 80 F is when most people die in water. With no protection 50 F water will generally kill you in 1 hour. 32 F water 15 minutes. Add a wetsuit just changes time. Unless you have a specific water temp and a specific wet suit thickness, your question is impossible to answer.

What Type of Wetsuit would Fit my Needs?

Well there isn't a wetsuit that can be use in all temperature and I'm sure you know, being cold underwater is very bad.

The thickness you'll want for your tropical dives is around a 3mm which will include boots, gloves, and hoods. I usually wear a skin suit underneath my wetsuit just to put on and remove the wetsuit plus it will shield your body from the cold wind out of nowhere.

However, if you're still getting cold, a 5mm wetsuit would also work nicely too and you take these wetsuits to waters from Great Barrier Reef to Mexico for sure.

As for the deep dive water, you're gonna have to go with a 7mm since that will keep you "almost" warm. There is no magical thing that can go underneath your wetsuit that would warm you up. If you want something like that, a drysuit would fit that bill, but thats too expensive.

The price is also the range I would look for in buying a wetsuit, anything more then $250 then either the wetsuit is a state of the art or the shop is asking too much. A 3mm wetsuit I bought a year ago was only $125 and I consider that expensive.

Here is a table that should give you some guidelines for the thickness.

Warm Water 75°- 85°1/2mm to 3mm

Temperate Water 60°- 75° 4mm to 6mm

Cold Water 45°-60° 6.5mm to 7mm

Here are some websites you could check out.

Pinnacle Aquatics





Fourth Element

And here are some stores you can get wetsuits from too.

Scuba Toys

Dive Right in Scuba


I hope this information helps you and happy diving and good luck!

Do male wetsuits have a penis buldge out bit ?

I am a commercial Diver and wear a wet suit almost everyday. Lucky for me I am not a shy person and after diving deep I have to get naked on deck and into the chamber for decompression. So can you see my unit through my wet suit? It depends on how thick of wet suit and also how cold the water is! But, ya you can but nobody other then women are looking to see what I got so don't worry about it!