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Whats The Story Behind

What's the story behind "Go Your Own Way"?

Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks broke up while making Rumours. I have heard enough conflicting accounts, both in interviews and in their songs about each other, that I get the impression that they broke up, made up, broke up again, and made up again — until it was too much.Go Your Own Way is how Lindsey saw things: Stevie Nicks wouldn’t let him love her, and as far as he was concerned, she could go to hell.Stevie has cursed Lindsey for the song. It includes the line that “packing up [and] shacking up is all [she] wants to do.” To which Stevie has said that it was not true that Lindsey only said it to hurt her, and he succeeded. For her part, she had long suspect that Lindsey was cheating on her. As early as 1973, her song Crying in the Night implies that Lindsey was sleeping with groupies who would leave him crying in the night.I do not know whether this is true. Only that Lindsey and Stevie could not longer stand each other and each thought the other was cheating on them and/or only wanted to sleep around.It was over between themAnd Go Your Own Way tells you Lindsey Buckingham’s side of the story.

What is the story behind 241543903?

241543903; THE STORY BEHIND THE CRAZE.For those of you who are not aware, 241543903 is a trending meme that involves taking a photo of yourself with your head inside the freezer. You could actually google that right now and discover photos of random people sticking their heads inside the freezer! Insane right? But how did this all start?The head-inside-the-freezer craze has been going on for a while. According to an article written by Jay Hathaway of, this phenomena that started in 2009 at the social networking site Tumblr, was actually the doing of David Horvitz, an artist known for (aside from the 241543903 craze) starting a subscription to his daily photos of the sky. At that time, Horvitz was running a Tumblr page where he posted random, but insanely hilarious (sometimes tremendously self reflective) instructions to his followers everyday. How random you may ask? Here are several examples:Taking a photo with your head inside a freezer and tagging it with an ostensibly random number “241543903” was one of these instructions. Horvitz apparently got the idea after telling a sick friend to try sticking her head inside the freezer. The number 241543903 Horvitz picked was a combination of the serial number of his refrigerator and the barcodes on a bag of edamame and a package of frozen soba noodles he was keeping there.This was the first uploaded photo of 241543903The trend started early in 2009 and until now, is still considered one of the most bizarre meme trends to ever hit the internet. Here are a few more examples of far-out trends induced by artist David Horvitz:PS: Try googling them ;)

What's the story behind this picture?

First, the guy in front is not Matthew McConaughey but "Bill Nye, The Science Guy."I have no insider information about this picture, but if I had to guess, I'd say it's a subtle, clever advertising campaign for a book, recording or video about science, resulting from the three of them having collaborated to produce it. Reasons for this assumption:Hawking's mind is the source of most of whatever will be discussed in the product being referred to in this ad.Tyson is also a top level astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, and science communicator. Nye is known as another bright mind who's particular skill is the popularizing of science through example, analogy and the drawing of parallels between scientific concepts and everyday life experiences.So I can only conclude that they have come together to explain to as wide an audience as possible some very heavy scientific discoveries and / or principles.The advertising concept is to equate their personas with the kind of cool usually associated with "bad boy" Rock-n-Roll artists. Nye is so cool he doesn't even look at the camera, getting to ready to light a cigarette during the shoot because he just "doesn't give a fuck!" about anything except getting on with it. ("It" being making science cool)Tyson is the guy brains behind the "band" of scientists, and doesn't feel he has to be front and centre because he knows it all. (or so he thinks)Hawking is the "Uber-cool" dude, who doesn't even need to say a word, or even stand defiantly like Tyson, because he truly does know it all!The reference to Kelvin (degrees) is a nod to the geek-nerd-techie crowd, an inside joke that science really is cool just as this trio's willingness to be in on the joke proves.(In case you didn't know the Kelvin scale is the unit of temperature measurement used n science, as opposed to socially used scales of Fahrenheit or Celsius)p/s: went looking for upcoming releases by any of these guys on Google, couldn't find anything: but it could just be a clever joke, because I did find this image, but with an overlay, under the heading: If Bill Nye, Stephen Hawking, and Neil deGrasse Tyson dropped a mixtape..but nothing about a joint project.

Whats the story behind your tattoo?? - hibiscus
when i was in the 7th grade, i went on a field trip to the biscayne breeze in miami's biscayne bay area, its a resturant with so much scenery it was facing the bay, it was surrounded by hibiscus bushes, and the waitors dressed in tripical themes, every since the seventh grade i was going there once a week with my parents and family, not always to eat but just to enjoy the scenery and watch boats come and go, then they closed and ive missed that place every since - miami
i was born and raised in miami- dade county, and in 1992 hurricane andrew destroyed my city called homestead, the skull represents those who died in the storm and the dice for those who were lucky and blessed to make it through, homesteads area code was 305 as with much of miami - cross
one of my grandfathers had recently passed away of a heart attack and i never got a chance to get really close with him, we were close but not as close as i wish (you know like i always wanted to go fishing with him and my dad) and now my other grandfather has cancer in the neck and his time is limited, so i put my grandfather's last names on my cross with wings

hope you enjoy them :)

What's the story behind Halloween?

Halloween has something for everyone. Children scarf candy. Teens smash pumpkins. And dogs go bonkers whenever the doorbell rings. But how did the wild and crazy celebration get its start? We checked in with the History Channel to find out.
The holiday's origins date back to "the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain." Roughly 2,000 years ago, a people known as the Celts lived in the area now divided among three modern-day countries: the United Kingdom, Northern France, and Ireland. The Celts began their new year on November 1, meaning October 31 was their New Year's Eve. According the History Channel, "the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead became blurred" that night.

Bonfires and animal sacrifices were common, as were costumes "typically consisting of animal heads and skins." Eventually, the Romans conquered the Celts, and Samhain was combined with other holidays. Later, as Christianity became more powerful, Pope Boniface IV put a new tilt on the event. He designated November 1 "All Saints' Day" -- a day when followers could honor saints and martyrs. This celebration was also called "All-Hallows," and the night before (October 31) was known as "All-Hallows' Eve." Later, it became known as Halloween.

These days, Halloween is mostly known as a day when kids throw dental hygiene out the window and go hog-wild with candy. The origin of trick-or-treating is somewhat disputed, but we invite you to check out this essay by Isaac Bonewits. All the possibilities are covered with a minimum amount of trickery.

Whats the story behind hello kitty?

Supposedly, Hello Kitty has to do with the Devil according to some Urban Legend.

Apparently, a mother of a child dying of cancer made a pact with the Devil that if she started a toy company that payed homage to him, he would spare her child's life.

Another urban legend says that Hello Kitty was drawn by a child of an abusive parent... the child drew it without a mouth because the child wanted a person s/he could confide in that wouldn't tell anyone to get her in trouble.

Factual background info:

Hello Kitty first came into being in the 70′s when a then new company called Sanrio needed to come up with a merchandise mascot that would appeal to the preteen girl demographic.

They commissioned an artist to work on the project and she came up with a drawing of a white Japanese Bobtail cat that had a red bow in it’s hair and was wearing blue overalls. You can see the original Hello Kitty concept on the coin purse in the picture above, which was the first Hello Kitty product ever.

A whole back story for Hello Kitty was created, which is basically this:

Hello Kitty is actually a nickname for Kitty White, who is not Japanese but actually British and lives in London with her family.

She has a twin sister named Mimmy. The only way you can tell the two apart is by their bows, Hello Kitty wears a red bow and Mimmy wears a yellow one.

She is in the third grade but when school’s out she travels the world making new friends. She is bright, kind-hearted, and loves the outdoors.

Favorite food: apple pie. Favorite word: friendship (of course). Height: five apples tall. Had enough cute yet lol?

Reason for no mouth:

The Hello Kitty character was deliberately designed without a mouth because the lack of that visual cue makes it easier for people to project their own feelings on to the cartoon. Or as one author put it ‘the person can be happy or sad together with Hello Kitty’.

The irresistible vortex of cuteness that is Hello Kitty eventually built Sanrio a mutli-billion dollar empire that includes a wide range of products and even theme parks.

Hello Kitty has developed a highly devoted following around the world, even inspiring a new word to come into existence: kitira, it means someone who is a devoted follower of Hello Kitty. Ha take that, Devil.

What's the story behind

I think when google video went down and then all their youtube links started getting uprooted they got upset and stopped updating. Sad to see. One of the oldest sites on the net for sure. So much obscure information on there, and it had an interface that was literally a decade or more ahead of it's time.It was a huge library, but is half destroyed now with broken links. It introduced me to the likes of Robert Anton Wilson and Celia Green others to which I am very grateful. There are literally tens of thousands of videos uploaded and cataloged there and once the large corporate interests took over the backbone hosting sites a lot of it was purged and lost forever. When Google Video went down a huge library of videos went down with it, probably never to be recovered. I'm sure someone has it all backed up somewhere...Full name appears to be Dimitri Novus. His email is although I have no idea if it is being monitored and I'm not sure they want to be bothered.

What's the story behind BTS's Euphoria MV?

These are my theories:Jin acts as a guardian angel of bts and travels through time in order to save the members from dying in the hyyh era.Euphoria starts with tae s scene from prologue where he jumps from a tower structure. Jin tries to.reverse time to save him. The inverted colours in the mv shows that he is reversing time.Then Jin is shown in a room where he looks through a window and sees Suga s apartment on fire. He places jungkook to drag him out of there and save him. He tries to save Tae from killing his father by replacing him with Jhope. Jin replaces tae s bloody hands with flower petals.That all the changes he makes then the scene cuts and they appear in a bright setting where everything is back to normal and that's utopia for bts!When Jin replaces Tae s father with Jhope, Jimin is left alone in the mental facility. To cope up with it Jimin imagines everyone but then he has to face reality in which he is all alone. When jimin opens the door it shows that he is in heaven. In simple words Jin messed up.and another member died.Back to the euphoria scenes ; Jin is always singled out and the rest of the members aren't acknowledging him and when jin joins the members the scene darkens.The omelas is a fictional utopia where everything is perfect and happy but in reality this prosperity requires a single child to be kept in darkness and misery. This parallel continues on when history starts to repeat itself and members are back at the tower structure.Jin is the one who sacrificed his life so the others can stay alive and remain happy in utopia. He replaces Tae and jumps off the tower structure. When he jumps the scene of Tae jumping in the water reverses showing it didn't happen anymore. The bright light shown represents that Jin is now in heaven after jumping.The video focuses on utopia verses reality!!Hope this helpes :))))

Whats the story behind beetlejuice?

uh yeah, sure you did it when you were 10 and an ugly michael keaton showed up. It was a Tim Burton Directed film and written by Michael McDowell. So you know its odd to begin with. Even if there was any truth to it...Tim Burton's Directorial Style means that all the truth goes out the window. and Abstract Absurdism pops in.

Sure sure if you say the Devil's true name 3 times he pays a visit to you but that's all wives tale and superstition.

Honesty there is no "story" behind Beetlejuice, other than 1989 Oscar award winning best makeup, 1989 BMI Music Award best Score, 1989 NFSC Award Best Actor, 1989 Young Artist Award best Family Animation or Motion Picture, 1990 Saturn best Makeup and best Horror Film and best Supporting Actress story.

It's all about the money.

What is the story behind BTS’ I Need You?

It is complicated because BTS have a story line. I need U connects to Run, Wings, Spring day, I need U jap, Run jap, highlight reel and most beautiful moments prologue (not in order)Quick summery:Jin dies, we know this from the type of flower he is always with and because the car scene in Run he is driving the car but it's not actually him.Jin is always in the music videos because he was friends with the rest of BTS and wants to still be with them.I need U is pretty much them dealing with this pain and other things wrong in their life.Jungkook is alone and I'd despair because he lost his friend Jin and Suga (he had a fight with Suga in Run) I feel that the reason he doesn't fight back is because he is hopeless and doesn't find urban worth the effort.Suga, Jimin and J-hope all attempt suicide in this music video. Suga sets his apartment on fire, Jimin tries to drown in a bath, J-hope tries to overdose. This is because they are all depressed and have had past issues other then Jin. Throughout all the things I mentioned paragraph one J-hope is always sighted with pills meaning he is on medication for what's most likely a mental illness.Rapmon/Namjoon/RM isn't really seen doing much. I feel he is the one that is trying to stay strong. In I need U or Run he writes something along the lines of "we must survive" on a mirror. He is keeping to himself and pushing down that sadness and anger.Last but not least Tae. If you are over 19 then I recommend watching I need U 19+ version (just look up I need U it should be the first one) In 19+ we see Tae walk into his house where his sister is being abused by her dad. Tae grabs a smashed bottle and stabs his dad which kills him. Later in Spring day we see Tae kill him self (via a train)I hope this helped, I reccomend watching everything mentions in paragraph 1 because all of them are beautiful works of art and will also help you understand the storyline <3bye bye~