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Whats The Title Of This Movie

What's the title of this movie?

I watched this movie a while back and I LOVED it, but the thing is, I can't remember the name.
What I can remember their was a new teacher at a school who had a weird way of teaching and all the kids loved him, but one of the teachers didn't, and he tried following him one time and he found out that the teacher has lung cancer, or something. In the end, the teacher dies, but it was a really good movie. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

Oh and their was something about moon pies. xD
This one kid always wanted the teacher with cancer to heat up his moon pie. :P


What's The Title Of This Movie, And Where Can I Find It???

Oh, Yes!!! You're talking about one of my favorite movie versions of Mary Shelley's 'Frankenstein', which was the 1974 two-part made-for-T.V. movie, "Frankenstein: The True Story, starring Michael Sarrazin, as the Monster...

...originally released on VHS tape, in the extremely trunsicated overseas theatrical version, the DVD, released back in 2006, is the complete version... is a real interesting critique and breakdown of the film, as well as some good pics...

What is the title of this movie?

The title of this movie is The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) and it is directed by Wes Anderson.The taste and theme has similar work by most of Wes Anderson's films:Moonrise Kingdom (2012)Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004)The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)I recommend you watch all of them.

Whats the title of the movie???????....... with a girl taking singing lessons from a lonely man in a mansion?

i saw a movie a really long time ago about a girl whose town had like a singing thing and she was good but another girl was better. The town srcudge-like beast guy who hated everyone was asked to teach her how to sing cause he taught a famous singer how to sing a while back. He is very mean but she takes her lessons and she becomes the best singer. I think he dies at the end or runs away or something. I have been dying to figure out the name PLZ HELP!

What’s the title of the movie in which the mother had sex with the son following the death of her husband?

You might be thinking of “Luna”, the 1979 movie with Jill Clayburgh as an opera singer who has an incestuous relationship with her son in an attempt to wean him off heroin.Luna (1979)

Who decides the title of a movie?

Usually:First the writer when he/she writes the sceenplay.Then, the producer if (he/she) feels a new title will help the screenplay getting made into a movie.Finally, the distributor — the company bringing the film to market, usually based on legal/marketing considerations.Some other people such as agents could also be involved in the process. Usually, unless a title has obvious issues, the original title tends to stick. Ultimately, a title change is almost always about an attempt at making the project/film more marketable.

What's the title of the movie with Mark Wahlberg where he's an under cover cop?

Do you mean this film ?Running Scared Paul Walker?

What's the title of the movie where Al Pacino says "Whooha!"?

Marley is right, it's Scent of a Woman. Only the kid with him is Chris O'Donnell, not Brendan Fraser. Love that movie