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When I Try To Post A Whisper On The Whisper App It Deletes . Why And How I Fix It

Why is my tetra whisper Filter causing water loss in my aquarium?

It is likely that you killed too much healthy bacteria when you did the 50% change and the tank went into a mini cycle. you should stick to the 20-25% water change + gravel vacuum once a week. you should not clean the decorations that often, healthy bacteria lives on it. never clean the deco, change the filter cartridge, clean the filter itself, clean the tank, or gravel vacuum on the same day. do each thing as far apart from from the other thing as you can. so the healthy bacteria has time to take hold Is this a new tank that you are cycling with no fish? If so then dont worry about it the cloudy water for now. it will adjust. Are there fish in the tank? If so, do 15% water changes every 2-3 days and keep check the ammonia and nirtate levels. under gravel filters are not very helpful, I would save your money. Air pumps are good, but they dont effect the PH

I have had this happen to me once, while I was sitting on my bed with my cat. I was recording the whole thing and you can hear it on the recording which amazed me. So I was just petting my cat and had my phone sitting on my dresser drawer angled at the mirror. I have a huge closet that's basically a giant mirror so you can see my cat aitting on the corner of my bed and me petting her. In the video you can see my cat look over to where the voice was heard, which was to the right from where I was sitting. I was looking at my cat when i thought she just looked at the wall and heard this deep and breathy “hi" and said hi back, nervously but I still said hi back. After that I wanted to get out of the room so I left and went upstairs.

They are not stock images. Looking at network traffic and urls the images come from all over the web including personal blogs, wikipedia, esquire, and many other searches depending on what your post's text included.  It might be equivalent to the user searching the web and selecting an image which MAY be why there are no ramifications.  They appear to be running their own mini image search engine where calls  to Page on  / search_images / returns urls for images on the web which the app then goes and fetches.  Of course, the back-end might be utilizing a third party API, but considering the volume of posts on Whisper, I believe it's unlikely.  Google requires "powered by Google" to be posted on the app, and Flickr has quite limiting terms on their API access. So it points towards Whisper doing their own image search.As an example of the images that show up, here's a URL and image that came from Whisper's suggested backgrounds:  The image is from the blog CINEMATIC PASSIONS BY MIRANDA WILDING and shows an image from the Black Swan movie.

Whisper app cant post anything and cant send or receive messages?

what shall I do?

My Whisper app isn't working?

You may be having the same problem as me. I was using it for furry yiff and role play and one day it just quit working. I think they lock your account if you get too inappropriate. Message me at sireenathefurry on kik if you want to talk more.

My new tetra whisper ex20 is rattling?

replace it while they will take it back. pull out the filter material and leave it in the tank so the good bacteria will live, and when you get back with the new filter put the old material back in it.
The rattling could be because of a missing rubber piece at the ends of the impeller or a manufacturing defect, since you say you checked for something being in the motor compartment where the impeller goes.
It shouldn't be rattling unless you're running it with no water in it.

Having a problem with Tetra Whisper filter... Can someone help? :/?

So.. It's currently not being used.. It really never was used. I got it as a present for a friend's poor betta... Who was dieing in a pitiful crappy bowl.. Anyway... It never worked right. I followed all the instructions.. You could see bubbles rising up the plastic intake tube on the bottom, moving up... But no water was flowing back out.. We left it alone for an hour just to see.. When we came back his betta was practically white (he's usually a dark red), and dieing on the bottom of the bowl. We removed it, and another hour later he was fine again. My friend finally got a 5 gallon with a proper filter/heater...

But I still have this small filter. It's not being used. But is it still useable? Did I do something wrong with hooking it up? Or do you figure it came broken? I would love to get some use out of it if I can. Maybe get me another 3-5 gallon betta tank (have a small heater already too)...

But anyways...

Anyone know what could be wrong? Remember, I saw water/bubbles going up the intake.. But nothing ever poured out the front.. :/ So I don't know... Any tips would be great :/

Why would a child repeat something in a whisper after they said it?

My Neice is 9 years old and has had a habbit of whispering what she just said again. It isn't quiet like she is saying it to herself, it is almost like an echo.

For example.
She will say 'Where did you get that book?' and then immediately whisper it again at a volume where all o f us can hear it..

I asked her why she does it and she said that she doesn't know but that people ask her at school too so it is all the time.

Ever heard of that?

Did anyone else hear romney being fed info through a whisper during the debate]?

Yes, I heard it too. Why did MSNBC delete the post??

It seemed to me if you watch the debate, Romney looked dumbfounded until the secret voice fed him the answer. He never expounded on his answer either. Hopefully someone in the media will run with this & find out where this helpful little answer voice came from.

It definitely wasn't McCain or Rudy, they don't like him & definitely wouldn't help him. Hmmmmm......I see a conspiracy theory in the making!

I think I will email Anderson Cooper at CNN & see if he can feature this on AC360's "Keepin' Them Honest" segment tonight.

I am a bit surprised that MSNBC hasn't put a statement out yet to explain this major gaffe.