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When My Fingernail Tears At The Side What Can I Do To Mend It Until It Grows Out

Can you get rid off ingrown toenail at early stages?

I know what you mean. What I do is cut the nail if it was long, starting from the healthy side, and then holding the half cut part with my fingers and carefully remove the rest of the nail, to get the nail out from the ingrown side, which appears to be pointy. This gives me immediate relief but one time it grew in again and I had to get an operation eventually but it usually works. Also try to wear flip flops until they're not tender anymore, and make sure you wear loose fitting shoes afterwards to avoid getting them. Sorry if that wasn't very well articulated, let me know if you have questions and I'll edit the answer.

Reply: Yeah you have to be careful. I didn't say cut the nail itself where it's glued to your skin, don't do that! I meant the grown part that you usually trim. If you've recently cut your nail you have to wait till it grows a little. And when you do what I told you be very careful to go sideways not downwards.

How do I get rid of skin tearing near finger nails?

If the skin is tearing because of some allergic reaction like nail polish, hands being soaked for long time in detergent solutions, or too much washing of hands using soap, then it is best to stay from these allergens for nearly a month.In the mean time, you can keep the skin around your nails moisturized using a thick non-perfume cream.If it is not because of allergens, and you do not have a habit of biting your cuticles and finger nails then it could be due to deficiency of calcium or vitamins.Try to take balanced diet with right amount of proteins, carbs, healthy fats, minerals and fibers. You could also take calcium or vitamin supplements for a week or so.Personally whenever I encounter this, I take vitamin b-complex capsules every alternate days for a week and the problem goes away.This skin peeling could also be caused by skin diseases like-Eczema: inflammation of skin.Psoriasis: formation of red patches and thick silvery scales on the affected part.Dyshidrosis: appearance of small fluid-filled blisters on the sides of fingers and palms.Skin Infection: caused by the moisture of yeast.For all the above causes, it is essential to consult a doctor who will diagnose the condition and put you on a proper medication course.Home Remedies:Honey: Take a small amount of pure honey and apply it on the affected area of the skin; keep it there for 10-20 minutes, then wash with lukewarm water.You can also apply a mixture of honey and olive oil on a daily basis to keep the skin soft. Or apply a mixture of sandalwood, rosewater and honey on the affected area for 20 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water and soap.Cucumber: Gently rub thick slices of cucumber on the affected part to let the juice be absorbed by the skin. Wash with lukewarm water and repeat daily until the issue subsides.Aloe Vera: Drink a couple of tablespoons of aloe vera juice to keep the skin around fingernails healthy, or if you have access to aloe vera leaves then break a small part of the leaf and apply its juice over the affected part multiple times a day.Warm Water: Add lemon juice and honey to a bowl of warm water and soak your fingers into it for at least 10 minutes daily. It will make the skin supple and the dry skin will fall off. Once done, dry your hands and rub olive oil, or vitamin E oil or thick moisturizer on the affected part. This will maintain the level of moisture around the nails.Hope this helps. :-)Source: Skin Peeling Around Nails: Causes and Treatments

Im 12 and i have an ingrown nail on my big toe on the side ?

Hi Sweetie,

For temporary relief, there is a product your Mom or Dad could buy at the drugstore called "Outgro", which is a liquid that makes the nail area soft and flexible enough to GENTLY cut it out. After you cut it out, put some peroxide on a little piece of cotton and stick it there, change it every few hours. I promise it won't hurt.

But like others have said, you are better off going to a podiatrist (foot doctor) who can fix the problem altogether and you will not have ingrowns anymore. I had it done myself because of the way my toenails grew in. I have had ingrown toenails my whole life, and wearing closed-toed shoes was very hard for me.

The only thing that will hurt is the medicine they put in your big toes (it burns a little) but then it goes numb like at the dentist and you won't feel anything. Then you follow the foot doctor's advice to keep your toes clean, and before you know more ingrown toenails...ever!

Now would be a good time because you are out of school. Talk to your parents about it. You will feel a lot better. Good luck!

I have an ingrown toenail...?

yes they would help you if you have one. If not, they will just cut it with nail clippers and give you advice on how to clip it. To prevent do this:Soak the foot in warm water four times a day. You do not need to add soap, salts, or antibacterial agents to the water.Wash the foot, including the affected area, twice a day with soap and water. Keep the foot clean and dry during the rest of the day.Do not wear high heels or tight-fitting shoes. Consider wearing sandals, if possible, until the condition clears up.Try to lift up the corner of the nail that is digging into the skin. Take a small piece of cotton or gauze and roll it between your fingers to form a small roll or wick. Then place the roll between the nail and the skin to keep it elevated. This is painful but is the most important part of home treatment. After every soaking, try to push the roll a little farther in. Change the roll out every day. It may take from seven to 15 days for the nail to grow out so that it does not poke into the skin any longer.
You may take a pain reliever such as acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin).
If you see no improvement within three days, call your doctor.

Do I have an ingrown toenail?

It's looked like this forever but both my big toes have redness bump at the side in my nail. It sometimes hurts sometimes dosnt when I put pressure on it (it in the inside of tie so it's the side where my other toes are not the outside) I was thinking that it could also be from my shoes. The tightness of the toe because the toe beside it fits perfectly in with the indent between the bump and the rest or my toe. ( just a thought :P) my toes r naturally squished together ( except for big toe that is farther from my other toes. ) :P anyways back to the point hope u can help me and sry for the long paragraph. The bumps just small btw thxx

What's the best way to treat a fingernail that has been partially torn off?

Call me old fashioned, but this is one of those situations where the simpler the better. And I say this with all due deference to my colleagues.No antibiotic ointments. No medicated gauzes. They're just not needed. In my experience they get way overused. I've been on a crusade training residents, including ER, and nursing and OR staff to limit their use.In a situation like this that is relatively clean with a wound with a rich blood supply, all that's needed is to wash the wound. Soap and water will do. Or just water. Saline if you want to get fancy. Plain 3% hydrogen peroxide if you're really concerned about cleanliness. (Yes, undiluted peroxide and no it won't harm the tissues in any significant way). And then a simple band aid. And if it bleeds, great. Like I tell all my patients, we love blood in situations like this. Yeah it's messy but it's good. Pus, boo! That we don't like.The band aid will prevent snagging on fabrics etc...and will keep the patient from playing and picking at it and also avoid having to explain to every other person what happened. If the band aid gets moist, humid, sweaty etc...then change it. You don't want to create an environment for bacteria and/or fungus.The nail will grow albeit slowly if the so-called germinal matrix ie the root that lives under the nail fold has not been damaged. Keep it simple!

How do you get rid of pain from a ripped off fingernail?

That's something you have to ride out. You can protect the nail bed by putting a triple antibiotic ointment like Neosporin on it, then a folded square of gauze, then a bandaid. The gauze is for extra cushioning in case the toe bumps something. That can help reduce pain.For that aching, pulsing pain, you're left with over-the-counter meds. No doctor would prescribe narcotics for a ripped off nail, even though it hurts like hell. The best for pain would be ibuprofen. Take it every 4–6 hours. You can also take Tylenol if you feel you aren't getting relief. Alternate them every 3 hours.Otherwise, it's something you're going to have to endure. It sucks, but there's no quick fix. If you can, do something to distract yourself. Video games, reading, YouTube. Whatever you like. The pain should lessen in about a day. Remember to change your bandaging regularly, and keep that area clean and covered until the nail bed hardens.Good luck!