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When will Communism arrive in America?

What Karl Marx said: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”Communism is the political expression/execution of Marxism. What communism did was enforce Marxism and the result is the disaster that was communism everywhere communism was foisted upon the people.Never mind the usual spin about “political consciousness”, verbal distractions all, to date, the only successful Marxist society is the monastery, which includes the nunnery. Simple as that. Devoid of mental and verbal gymnastics, such as “there has never been real communism”, designed to lure in the gullible.In the monastery, all volunteered, unlike communism. All have a common vision, albeit a religious one. Each is content with his/her basic needs without being tempted by excess.So when will communism arrive in America ?Before we look at that question, we should realize that this question begs another question: “Why America ?”Why is the US continues to be the focus of the communist experience despite the 100 yrs of experiment failures everywhere else ? Why should Americans, no more or less pragmatic than any other people, discard those failures and give communists another chance ? The communists started small and bloodily to the tune of estimated 100 millions dead worked their way up large, and that large spectacularly and ignobly collapsed. The sensible would inevitably asks: “What more do you want, you had your chance and you failed ?” And the sensible did asked and the communist answer is the old spin: “There has never been real communism.” The communists failed large and they want another large experiment to find the “real communism”. Ad nauseum.One can reasonably assume that given the communist failures everywhere, and they were bloody failures, the only thing communists are interested in is killing.Anyway…So when will communism arrive in America ?If the communists are any wiser, they would not attempt to turn America into a monastery with “from the top down” method. Instead, they should attempt to change individual characters, from person to person, in other words, use the “bottom up” approach. If the US continues to exercise its representative democracy principles, the people’s agents will inevitably reflect their sentiments and Marxism will become the predominant, if not core, ideology in both society and government.

If I preorder the iPhone XS 256GB, when will it arrive in the USA?

Depends on when you place the order. Phones ordered within about the first half hour should arrive on the 21st. Mine, ordered seven hours or so later, is supposed to come in somewhere between the 28th and Oct 5. (It’s a different model, but the time should be close enough.) One ordered now (41 hours after preorders opened) might not arrive until mid October.However, Apple often under-promises in this area. If they say it should take 3–4 weeks, it might still only take two.Good luck, and once it ships, be ready to be home the day order tracking says so it doesn’t get returned.

If a letter was mailed tuesday when will it arrive?

Depends on the location. If it's local, it's about 24h. With airmail, it will arrive in 5-7 days depending on the location.

If i send a letter monday when will it arrive?

i would like to send a normal 1-2 paged letter from woodland hills (san fernando valley, ca) to irvine (orange county, ca). how long will it take to get there? and when should i mail it. i need to make sure because it needs to arrive on a specific date. thank you!

When will my letter arrive? USPS First class mail...?

First class mail takes 2 to 3 days. If mailed Friday after pick up time, a small percentage should be delivered on Monday and the rest on Tuesday. Strangely, sometimes mail that is sent in-state takes longer to deliver than mail sent out of state, but only by a day.

NOTE: The PO may tell you 3-5 days but this is a hedge. They don't want to Pi** Off customers and promise them too much. When you get the letter in 2 - 3 days, you will be HAPPY with the USPS!

When will Priority Mail 2-Day USPS arrive if shipped out on a Saturday?

Priority Mail delivery times are in no way guaranteed. The 1-2-3 day estimate is based on averages. If the package is entered before the cutoff time at that particular facility, it would be Monday. The delivery estimate is not based on business days, like some other shipping companies. The only time it would be an extra day is if the delviery day falls on Sunday. There is no delivery on Sunday, or Holidays, but, processing and transporation goes on 24/7/365.

When will the Flipkart product (mobile) arrive if I order it today?

The expected delivery date of the product would depend mostly on the Pin code of the area where you need it to be delivered.Pin code influences the following things:Serviceability- Whether the seller ships his products to that particular area or not. Certain products are not serviceable to certain pin codes. It depends on the product and the seller.Delivery Service Level- Flipkart offers in-a-day delivery and one-day-delivery options for certain specific Pin codes (mostly Metros and some Tier-I cities) which could be utilised by paying extra priority-delivery charges. If you are opting for normal-delivery, Flipkart anyway gives the expected delivery date. You could check which one suits best for you and place an order.Hope this helps.

How long will Falcon Heavy take to arrive in Mars’ orbit?

Neither the upper stage nor the Tesla Roadster is going into orbit around Mars or getting anywhere near Mars. They will escape Earth’s gravity and go into a solar orbit whose farthest point (aphelion) will be past the orbit of Mars around the Sun.This solar orbit will be achieved when the upper stage engine finishes firing, I would guess less than an hour after launch.