Where And How Can I Sign My Daughter Up For A Legit Pageant Here In Phoenix Az For 2014

What is the coolest photo you have of your parents or grandparents (either in youth, or today)? Do you know what was going on, and when it's from?

I love pictures of my parents when they were young and when in middle life. I have a ton of photos. One of these days I’ll have to get them scanned and saved. One of these days….My mom and Braniff. This was for an advertising promo she did in an ice show. This must have been the early 40s. I left a message on the Braniff website asking if they’d like a copy, but never heard from them:Dad and his official glam aviator photo, also in the 40s:I found this one not long ago. I had never seen it before. My mom was having a blast and I have no clue who the guy is:Mom and Dad, either when they were dating, or first married. Loafers and ankle socks! Malteds and drive ins!Here’s Mom, my brother and sister and I, two of my cousins, and the VW bug. The very back was my special seat. No seat belts! I’m third from the left. Check out that cowboy belt and holster:I have a couple of pictures of Dad for a fashion magazine layout, standing next to the PG&E helicopter, and a model in front taken in Portland, OR.Another is in an issue of Australian paper in the 60s in an article about crop dusters in the Outback. He’s wearing big bug eyed type goggles.This is him in a jet cockpit in the Air Force:Mom’s solo, Hot on Cold Diana Stinson. I think that picture says 1946:Mom and the Rambler:I posted this one somewhere else. There’s something so Mad Men about it. Who skis and smokes?And the bottom one: Here’s four of us posing for a passport photo, probably for the Philippines in the 50s. My little brother hadn’t been born yet. I’m the tyke standing up:

I want to hire photo booth for my daughter's wedding. Where can I get affordable booths?

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What is the best movie you have ever seen? What's a movie you've seen many times but you know you'll see it again in the future?

Depends on your mood as well as what genre of movie you wish to watch. Following is my personal list of the best movies to watch.A dark superhero Film ?The Dark Knight (2008)A dark comic book Film?Hellboy (2004)Another dark comic book film ?Dredd (2012)A superhero Film with Batons ?Kick-ass (2010)A thrilling, action packed bloodfest ?John Wick (2014)Films about friendship and courage in a mythical world ?The Lord of The Rings SeriesFilms to make you believe in magic ?The Harry Potter seriesA noire cop Film ?LA Confidential (1997)A noire Gangster movie ?The Godfather 1 & 2 (1972 & 1974 )A ‘Scientific’ Sci-Fi Film ?Interstellar (2014)A smart Film about AI ?Ex Machina (2015)A foray into the world of dreams ?Inception (2010)Biopic of a con man ?Catch Me if You Can (2002)A Musical ?La La Land (2016)A Film about Family ?About Time(2013)A feel good Film ?Les Intouchables (2011)A feel good Film about overcoming obstacles ?The Shawshank Redemption (1994)A feel good Film about Films ?Hugo(2011)A high school comedy ?21 Jump Street(2012)A college comedy from an Indian perspective ?3 Idiots (2009)A horror film ?The Conjuring (2013)An Indie thriller ?Coherence (2013)A gritty western ?Django Unchained (2012)Animated film with a lot of heart ?Up (2009)One with beautiful animation ?Kimi no Na Wa (2016)Credits :- All images are from Google images and belong to their respective owners.