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Where Can I Find A List Of The Top Selling Pharmaceutical Drugs By Country

Are most pharmaceutical drugs invented in America?

“Most” wouldn’t be accurate but an overwhelming large number of drugs are invented in the US. If you narrow the discussion to novel drugs, then yes, most of the novel pharmaceutical drugs are invented in the US.Based on this retroactive analysis of 252 approved by the FDA from 1998–2007[1], the country of origin was examined and 117.6 of these drugs came from the US.If you sort out novelty, the US stands out on top.Footnotes[1]

Which countries you can legally buy any prescription drugs without doctor note?

There are many countries all over the world where a US$20 bill is good as any prescription note.This doesn’t mean it’s legal. It just means that even the pharmacists there are corrupt enough or poor enough to take the risk of selling drugs to you for money illegally.If you do this you’ll nearly always notice that they write the name of the drug and the amount bought into a little red book kept behind the counter. This records things like drugs damaged in transit, drugs thrown away as they’re past their sell by date, or drugs sold under duress.In some countries the police will tolerate this for a cut. Sometimes the pharmacies will even work hand in hand with the police, and you’ll be getting reported and described to the police as soon as you leave the shop. Police in the area will then match you to the given description, search you, then tell you that these drugs are illegal without a prescription. You will then be threatened with being imprisoned for a long time in a terrifying prison full of gang members with nothing to lose whose language you don’t speak. This will be in horrible conditions and you will be the only person of your own race in that prison, very vulnerable, and alone. Unless of course you pay an “on the spot fine”, which will be whatever cash you are carrying, plus whatever you can get out of the ATM in one go, and the police will gladly drive you to the nearest ATM.Here’s a “superhero” outside a pharmacy in Mexico!Here is an advert:Plenty of them are antibiotics which no medical professional would dream of giving you without prescription.Ambien (zolpidem), Soma (carisoprodol), and tramadol are controlled in most countries. I’ve also seen signs in Mexico outside pharmacies advertising Xanax, Valium, Ritalin, Adderall, and Vicodin. Any pharmacies with signs like that outside is willing to sell you these too!This is not all of Mexico. In most regions, if you walk into a pharmacy and ask for these things you’ll get a stern and immediate “no!” followed by disapproving looks until you leave the shop. These pharmacies mainly exist in the tourist areas, in the north of the country.

AIDS & cancer cure big pharma conspiracy theory skeptic?

The conspiracy theory is this: Big pharmaceutical companies have cures to many common diseases like AIDS and cancer but they don't want to make these cures available to the general public. Why? Because it's more profitable to treat a sick person for years than to cure him.

If a patient must continuously take a daily cocktail of many pills and drugs to remain alive, then pharmaceutical companies make lots of money by selling these drugs to him for years and years. If they cured him, he would no longer need drugs and they could no longer bill his insurance. Therefore, it's in a pharmaceutical company's, doctor's, and hospital's best financial interest to continuously treat sick patients for years rather than to cure them.

Brushing ethics and the Hippocratic Oath aside, on the surface this conspiracy theory seems to have some credibility. From a business point of view, it *IS* more profitable to keep sick people alive for years than to cure them.

The only counter-argument I can think of is this: In European countries with socialized medicine, there is no profit motive so it's in the government's best interest to find cures to all disease. The level of medical research and technology in the US and Europe is roughly identical. Since no cures have been found in Europe, it's likely no cures exist anywhere. I just though of this counter-argument about ten seconds ago while writing this question so I'm not sure how valid it is.

Please explain the reasons behind drug-trafficking?

The illegal drug trade is a global black market, dedicated to cultivation, manufacture, distribution and sale of those substances which are subject to drug prohibition laws. Drug trafficking is the commercial exchange of drugs and drug paraphernalia. This includes any equipment used to manufacture illegal drugs or use them. In many countries, drug smuggling carries a severe penalty, including the death penalty. The countries of drug production have been seen as the worst affected by prohibition. In many countries worldwide, the illegal drug trade is thought to be directly linked to violent crimes such as murder and this is especially true in third world countries, but is also an issue for many developed countries worldwide.

Documentary - "Women of Justice: Janel Iskenderian (Anti-Drug Task Force)" reveals about a lady who is drug investigator. Every day they fight crime, they fight to keep us safe, and they fight for their places in a man’s world. Outnumbered by their male counterparts, each excels in her chosen field and belongs to an elite crime-fighting force.

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Which are the top pharma companies in the world?

Mankind Pharma is an Indian Pharma company which is the 4th in the list of top Pharmaceutical companies in India.It ranks 1st in prescription medicine category.The company started in 1986 and has more than 14,000 employees, 50 Billions Turnover and is present in 22 countries. With its growing presence in the world, Mankind Pharma is also among the top pharma companies in the world.

Why is Disprin banned in developed countries whereas it is still selling in countries like India?

Hello all.Let me clarify a small doubt.There is no clear cut ban of dispirin in developing countries. It is only stopped as selling over the counter drug (i.e. drug sell without the doctor prescription)Aspirin is one of the most wonderful drug used in many cardiac patients all over the world. It is true it causes severe bleeding as its adverse effect but, the adverse effect outweighs the benefit of the drug. the drug as many function based on the dose it is taken. The physician must have a close follow-up with regular investigation of the blood profile if patient is under aspirin therapyNow coming to second part of question.We Indian are always adament and are doctor within ourselves.Lets consider various other drugs banned all over world but not in India.For example, if person X (indian) is suffering from simple “cough”, he will not go to the doctor. He will go to the pharmacist nearby and ask a 12th std fail (thats the maximum qualification) boy working there which drug he should take. And, he hands him a strip if antibiotic which cost hardly Rs.8–9/strip. X happily walks home and his symptoms settles for a while. But later, he ends with hemoptysis (blood in cough), fever etc. And now, he lands up in the hospital and the condition comes out to be pulmonary Tuberculosis (commonest infectioud in india right now). And this is not enough, finally he will leave the treatment in between (treatment regime is around 6months ) and try other modalities of treatment adding up to the complication.Similar situation happens with every other banned drug.So, it is we, who are responsible for such conditions. If we are intelligent and think that visiting a doctor is not waste of time but adding up time to life, all this problem will be sorted out.P.s: pharma companies and pharmacy makes money by selling over the counter drugs. Doctors arent fool to spend 5.5yrs (MBBS)[+3 yrs specialisation] and learn about medical condition and treatment. Dont be lazy. Saving few money (doctor fees and purchajsng over the counter drugs) will land you up in great bills of hospitals later on in life.

What country has legal over the counter vicodin for sale?

I have been told in Mexico they are sold at stores, Canada has them without a prescription but I have looked it up and it isn't true-you always need a doctor visit and prescription, like in the U.S. Where can I go to get vicodin for my uncle without needing a prescription? I don't mean I am willing to wander the streets asking strangers for pills.I want to know which country has them available on the shelf without a prescription,like aspirin or motrin.I don't want to order them from the internet here either.There has to be a country who offers them without a doctor. Amsterdam?Holland? Serious answers only please. Thank you.