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Where Can I Find Homeopathy Books In Delhi

Which is the best homeopathic books for a beginner?

Hello Anil!!! For a beginner , Homoeopathic practice depends on three pillars materia medica, organon of medicine and repertoryMateria medica is a store house of medicines of homoeopathy .there are many books and mind you not one book can give you any full filledidea of any drug. You have to read many books . So first to be read is Kent's lecture on Homoeopathic materia medica. It's a book which gives more of mental symptoms of a drug. If you are fond of reading novels then it's a good book for you . Next is Allen's keynotes, phataks materia Medica, Nash comparative materia Medica.Organon of medicine is a textbook it has many editions but the latest is 6th edition which is taught in colleges of homoeopathy.these help you in understanding homoeopathy through aphorism (a paragraph which has link to the next as well as the previous paragraph). Since the language is tough sarkar book of organon of medicine gives a simplified meaning of the aphorism given in the textbook.Repertory is just opposite of materia medica , in materia we found drugs and in repertory we find symptoms and the corresponding drugs which has the symptom. Kent's repertory is a beginner should use. Then bigger and boennighausen materia medica , phataks repertory should be used.Hope I have answered your satisfactirly.

How can I download free PDF books for homeopathy?

You cannot get the pdf’s of all the important book].here is the list of some best homeopathy Books which you can get free from https://mypustak.comPRINCIPLE AND PRACTICE OF HOMEOPATHY PART 1THE GENIUS OF HOMEOPATHY

Do you believe in homeopathy?

I feel like an idiot. I just spent a lot of money for a homeopathic 'Package' acne treatment for 6 months without even knowing what homeopathy really is.

I got back home and did my research and was shocked!..Homeopathy has NOTHING scientific about it. I'm considering Never going back to that clinic and wasting my time with this 'treatment'.

What do you think..?
Is there even the slightest possibility that homeopathy works..?
Have you used this form of medicine before?..

What are the best books to learn homeopathy from scratch?

First book for non-medico personnel move to Download 66 books on Homeopathy

Is there any Ayurvedic or Homeopathic cure for psoriasis?

Ayurveda manages even the most serious case of psoriasis within a month.See the picture of one of my online psoriasis patient who was rejected from all the topmost hospitals of India:And the most important fact is that you do not need to use steroid or methotrexate for your entire life. Anyone knows about the fatal results of steroid and methotrexate.The facts you should know about the Ayurveda treatment:You don't need to visit our hospital for the treatment (in Ghaziabad or Prayagraj/Allahabad). People from different cities of India and the world (USA, UK, UAE) are receiving our medicines through courier.Panchakarma is not required in most of the psoriasis patients. 90% of the patients recover completely only through oral medicines, that too only morning and evening doses.You have to make a video of your body in natural light and send it to us. The video should include every part of your body which is affected by the disease (except personal body parts but you must mention that to us).This video helps us plan a perfect & personalized medicinal combination for your body & disease.If needed we’ll make you a call (audio/ video) to have further discussion.Though most of the patients recover within the first month of treatment, The patient must complete 03 months medicine course without even a single day gap.Hope I have answered your question. For more information, you may please put your questions here.Kind RegardsVaidya Ranjeet Sharma