Where Can I Make The Greatest Vs Pictures Ever .

Why do my eyes look small in pictures?

i have makeup on everything...erg! its weird sometimes i have big eyes sometimes little.
in person i do have big eyes..O__O in picutre (o_o)

would it be camera lighting.angle? or the makeup style i do? )(%*)@*%)!*

How different is a picture taken by a cheap vs an expensive camera?

Jorge, a good friend, was about to take a long trip in Asia. He knew I just finished a half a year around the world photography trip and make a careful analysis of every item I carried: merino wool shirts, walking boots used daily 3 months prior to the actual trip, soft-shell pants, …and of course camera body, 3 lenses, tripod, laptop…..So the question he made was very similar: What camera should I buy?And the answer was not even close to what I packed. Then, what was wrong about my set up? Nothing. It was perfect for me. But we are very different when it comes to photography. Taking pictures was what gave purpose to my trip. Of course he wants great images to share in Facebook, but learning photoshop is not high in his priority list.My call, do NOT buy a camera. Here it is the reasoning:He already has a perfect tool. He owns a high-end phone that performs great 90% of the time.It will always be with him ready to capture the moment. A separate camera may not do the trip to that special dinner.The resolution is higher than required (Facebook, WhatsApp…. stop asking about Megapixels).The keepers rate will be much better than the one archived with a more complex gear.So, why on earth I paid thousands of dollars for heavy gear I must painfully carry all day?Well, if I take THAT picture, I will want to make a large print to hang in my house or sell. And then the resolution of a cellphone camera does not make the cut.While in ecstasy at a landscape, I attach a grand angular and crave for those details both in the shadowed mountains and the beautiful shiny water reflections of the sky. I need the biggest dynamic range possible. So a big sensor (and therefore big lenses) is a must.When meeting that special one, I want her majestic eyes to stand out. So her portrait should have shallow depth of field and a nice booked that I can archive with an aperture of f 2.8 or more (= heavy telephoto glass).To capture the magic of Prague night requires me to carry a tripod.Of course, to use the full potential of that equipment, every single image is shot RAW, not ready to be published, but rather in the first step of a careful workflow that includes Photoshop processing.You should first assess your goals and only then find the right tool to accomplish it. That is why there are so many camera types in the market, and no one is essentially better.

Why does the camera make my Nose looks so HUGE in pictures?

Getting some analysis on why you look one way or the other is infinitely easier with a pic, for future reference.

Couple quick pointers that might help you. Take the pictures pretty much dead straight on, slightly above eye level. You may or may not have to turn off the flash completely. What the objective is is to eliminate one of the dimensions of your nose. In this case depth. The flash will create a shadow which is an indicator of depth. If you can keep this shadow minimal, it will be better. Don't hold the camera when you take the picture. You need to have the camera back further and zoom it in some. This will hopefully eliminate some of the problems created by short lenses. Its kind of the same problem you have when you look at a 2 dimensional rectangular map of the world. Greenland looks as big as South America or bigger, and its actually like 1/2 the size of it. It has a self timer, learn how to use it. OR have someone else take the pictures. The best way is to have lighting that comes from both sides to eliminate shadows from the nose on one side and severely minimize it on the other. But with a point and shoot type camera and likely no other lighting (like strobes), this is not a great option.

Ironically, I have very little nose maybe a little more than Voldemort in the Harry Potter movies, the later ones like Goblet of Fire and after. If I'm not facing dead on straight to the camera, my profile looks like my face is smashed against a window. I have to follow pretty much the same rules to eliminate indications of depth. Or I just darken my face so you can't even see it.

How do you make pictures low-resolution on purpose?

If I CROP a high resolution photo down to say 4 by 6, am I decreasing the resolution, lowering the pixels, and making it so that if I were to save it that way and loose the original I now would have a lower quality image if I were to take that 4 by 6 and want to blow it up?

Also, I notice pro photographers who have blogs usually upload lower resolution pictures on their blogs to protect their work besides just putting their watermark. However the pictures still look great and I imagine the only way to really see the low-res is if someone were to go and "steal one" and print it out. My question is, how do you re-size a picture for low-res like that while keeping the image looking good and still being big on the blog? Do you lower the dpi/pixels without cropping? I use photoshop elements for now if that helps with the answer.If someone could recommend a specific low-res setting/recipe combo that you use that would be great! Maybe even show the difference of high res vs low res settings?

Also they mention "sharpen for the web" a lot. Is that done bc they have decreased the resolution and so they use the unsharp mask b4 posting their pics on their blogs so they look nice and crisp as if still high res?