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Where Do I Take Video Game Cases And Dvd Cases To Recycle

Where can I recycle CDs?

There are specialized companies that recycle CDs, DVDs, and sometimes also videotapes or computer hard drives, but often you have to pay them and not all recycling companies accept materials from households. If you live in the US, there are a number of  recycling centers where you can drop your CDs (check the recycling locator on the Earth 911 website). There are also two US companies you can mail your CDs and you only pay for shipping; The CD Recycling Center of America in Salem, NH and Back thru the future CD/DVD Recycling in Franklin, NJ.In Germany there are also several recycling centers where you can mail your CDs (e.g. Cypol GmbH or Newcycle GmbH), and in some places there is a collection box where you can drop them off.In the Netherlands, in some places you have the 'Blipvert' box where you can drop off various items for recycling; CDs, batteries, light bulbs, mobile phones.I know of two recycling centers in the UK who handle CDs, but not from households and not for free.If you live elsewhere I suggest you contact your local recycling center and ask if they have a specific recycling scheme for CDs. Alternatively, you can search the Internet for specialized recycling companies or drop-off boxes in your area.Note that reusing CDs (e.g. giving them away or selling them) is probably more environmentally friendly than recycling, because recycling requires energy.

Does gamestop give people empty cases?

go to best buy.

You can buy replacement cases by their store brand "rocketfish gaming"

you can buy replacement case 3 backs for 2.99. However, the ps3 cases are blue. official Ps3 cases are just like clear blu-ray cases

1. xbox360 replacement cases -

2. ps3 replacement caes -

I've bought a few of these myself to replace green Dvd cases and blu-ray disc cases.

What does it mean to "cut the bar code?" I see this on DVD cases where on eBay they would list the DVD as brand new but they would cut into the packaging and into the jewel case just to slice the bar code on the DVD sleeve. What does it mean and why?

It is something retailers do to indicate that media has been distributed to a retailer at a deep discount and is not returnable to the wholesaler. It is also an indicator to the consumer that the item should not be priced at full retail. Many times these are unsold leftovers several years past the release date. Cut-outs are also sometimes done to promotional copies distributed to radio stations, critics, and others in the industry.When this is done with books it is called a remainder, although I’m not sure how often this is done anymore. The book company I stock for has us destroy all unsold copies of books no longer planogrammed on a seasonal basis. The cover is ripped off and the books thrown in the trash compactor.

What are the pros and cons of saving the plastic DVD cases of my massive DVD collection?

A2A:The only things the original cases could be valuable for, as far as I can see, are resale value and whatever information is printed on them. It doesn't sound like you plan on selling any. Assuming you use something like Delicious Library you have the information taken care of.The rest of getting rid of the cases seems like all upside to me. This is what I do with my CD collection. My movie collection isn't big enough to be an issue yet, but I could see going this way.

What is the difference between Trash and Recycle bin?

Not sure if these folks have computers...

The recycling bin is generally on the desktop and when you delete a file it goes there. Then you have the option of restoring it to its original place on the computer (documents, files etc) or "emptying" the recycling bin, in which case it's gone period.

Trash is usually on your e-mail. For inbox and file folder items, yes, it works like the Recycling bin. However, if you place a bulk folder item in Trash, it deletes immediately. Also, the Trash folder on e-mail typically empties itself periodically, so you need to make SURE you want something trashed before you trash it.

Present idea for my bff's birthday?

Do you know her favorite movie? singer? book? dessert? There are some good ideas. Okay here are some gifts specifically for girls:
For the friend who loves to swim:
-a personalized beach bag
-flip-flops in her favorite color
-a pretty swimsuit cover-up
For the Friend who Loves to Cook:
-an herb garden kit
-a personalized beach bag
-a cupcake cookbook and paper baking cups decorated with cute patterns
For the Friend who cares about the Environment:
-anything handmade
-a wallet or tote bag made of recycled materials
-a grow-your-own-tree kit
For the Friend who loves Gadgets:
-cute earbud covers
- rhinestone decals and carrying case for her gadget
For the Friend who is artistic:
a scrapbook kit
a craft bin full of colorful beads
colored pencils in a pretty case and an artist sketch pad
For the Friend who Loves fashion:
-A bold patterened tote bag
-fabric patches and embellishments to add to clothing
-a matching set of earrings and necklace
Go to gifts: these are gifts if you have no idea what to get her
-a framed picture of you and her friend
-room accessories, such as cute pillows for her bed or a matching desk set
-a relaxation set that includes a yoga mat and a yoga book or dvd
-a "just for fun" kit filled with a new card game, joke book, and silly stuffed animal
-cold weather gear, such as a matching hat, scarf, and fingerless gloves
Thoughtful Gifts:
-The Perfect Dish:Ask friends of the birthday girl to give you recipes and put together a recipe book.
-Movies and a Snack: Microwave popcorn and put it in a pretty bowl. Wrap the bowl in a pretty clear bag and attach coupons for movie rentals on a pretty bow.
-Desk Set: Fill a cute mug with different colored pens and pencils. Package them with different kinds of stationery and writing paper.
-Locker Decor: Cut a piece of wrapping paper to fit inside the locker. Include some cute magnets, a magnetic mirror and some pictures of her favorite band.
I sure hope that this helps!

What would happen, in theory, if I returned a Redbox movie case empty or with a different movie inside?

Yeah, the barcode for the movie is on the DVD disc itself. If you look carefully at the DVD, you should see what looks like four QR barcodes printed around the DVD’s center hole, similar to this:Now, you’ll notice that the DVD case itself has a rather large hole in the middle, and this is so that those four QR codes on the DVD aren’t blocked off from the sensors.So, since the QR codes are on the DVD itself instead of being on the case, if you just insert an empty case, the machine doesn’t read any codes, and doesn’t count it as returning the disk. Same with if you try to use any different DVDs than the one you rented. If the disc doesn’t have the exact QR codes that were on the disc you rented, it won’t register as being returned.

What is the best way to write a game image to a CD or a DVD?

The best way to write a game image to a CD or DVD is to make use of CD or DVD writing software. There are many such softwares available for free usage. I like games very much and I have created a lot of CDs and DVDs of games using disc burning software.My personal favorite is Wondershare DVD Creator. If you have the ISO game image then you can easily burn ISO file to Disc using DVD Creator software. For this, it has separate section. You need to open DVD Creator on your system and select “ISO to DVD”. In the popup, select the ISO game image and click on burn button. Your game CD/DVD will be created in a moment.

When was the last time you've been inside a K-mart and how did it make you feel?

When was the last time you've been inside a K-mart and how did it make you feel? I found a playlist of vaporwave remixes of K-mart songs and it seems like people miss the stores a lot
I've never missed K-mart, but I honestly can't remember when I was last in one.
Is it a nice store? What is the atmosphere like now?

How do you open library CD cases?

They’re opened with magnets. There are magnets inside the lock and when slid open it moves the lock to let you open it. However, if you’re borrowing it from a library the library staff will open it for you. Banging it just damages the lock.