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Where I Can Get Official John Cena T-shirts And Caps In Delhi

Why does the WWE universe dislike John Cena?

John Cena was at first very popular for his hip hop street rapper gimmick which started at the end of 2002 shortly after he debuted on Smackdown and hadn't really done a lot prior to that, other than losing a match with Kurt Angle on his first night and feuded with Chris Jericho. The character was introduced while he was dressed up as Vanilla Ice on a Halloween party edition of WWE Smackdown in which he did a freestyle rap for Stephanie McMahon, which he had turned into his gimmick and began walking out to the ring with a microphone and sports jerseys with caps and chains around his neck and did battle raps on his opponents every week on Smackdown which was originally a heel character but it turned him face once the fans loved him for it. So Cena kept doing it for a few more years up until 2005 where he had won the WWE Championship from John Bradshaw Layfield at WrestleMania 21, changed the design of the belt with a hip hop spinner plate and took it with him to Monday Night RAW, where John Cena began to slowly distance himself from his old rapper character that made him popular in the first place and began to talk with his real voice, didn't use his “Basic Thuganomics” music anymore and changed it to “My Time Is Now“ (which he had already done before WrestleMania 21 when he was still on Smackdown) then John's matches became the same old routine in which he got beat up all the time, did the same 5 moves out of nowhere : two shoulder tackles, spinning powerbomb and the 5 knuckle shuffle with the F-U (later renamed The Attitude Adjustment) and won the match. Then toned down a lot of his popular mannerisms for younger audiences, which consists of the same caps and the same t-shirts with the same slogans on them : “Never Give Up" “Cenation" “Hustle Loyalty Respect” “ You Can't See Me" “The Champ Is Here” and wears the same jean shorts etc. He's been this way for the last 10 years which is why a lot of people don't like him.

Was John Cena ever in the army?

No! John cena never joined army.Cena saidWhen it came my time to slowly redefine who I was from wrestler to hip hop thug, to the next step in my career, I basically took the ideologies of discipline from the Armed Forces. I took honor, code and country and came up with hustle, loyalty and respect. I think exactly like they do.This implies that cena was really impressed and motivated by the men in uniform. That is why we see him wearing camouflage shorts and dog tags.He also saidEvery night when I do that salute, it’s also a sign of respect to the men and women that don the uniform of the Armed ForcesFrom all this we can conclude that John Cena holds the Armed Forces in the highest esteem and has implemented many aspects of the military way into his attitude.Source:

What kind of people actually attend live WWE events?

The people that like it. All different types of people go to those shows, different genders, religion's, morals, it's like going to any other event, like Baseball or to the movies. So you can't really categories a certain type of person. If you're worried about how safe it is, keep in mind people bring children there all the time, it's as safe as going to a ball game. I've never been to an event, but I'm pretty certain WWE takes precautions to keep people safe. If you're just asking this question to get under people's skin, or your just curious then my answer is the people that enjoy watching it and going to those events

Is there anything you can share that will make me feel good about life?

Today, you woke up breathing.You wake up and realize that at least you have a bed to sleep in. Even if you didn’t get as much sleep as you’d like to, you had the opportunity to rest somewhere peaceful.You see your family. Every one is alive and healthy.You looked out of the window. There isn’t a flood, hurricane, or other natural disaster going on outside.You prepare your breakfast and realize that you have the means to eat three meals today. Even if one of them is Maggi.You have work to go to. Meaning you will get to interact with people, enhance my skills and make the best of the day.On the days you don’t have work to go to, you have endless things to do. Have a peaceful breakfast with your family, pursue your hobby or spend the day out.You set off to work but get stuck in traffic. The fact that you're stuck in traffic means you have the means to commute to office.You take out your cell phone. You have a cell phone on which you can listen to music and connect to the Internet.You reach office.Your computer works, meaning you won’t need to chase the IT guys to help you, disrupting your usual work flow.You were asked to work on something, meaning you still have the ability and skills to do justice to your work.You have the freedom to choose what you’ll do today, even if you have some limitations.Later in the day, you check your texts. There are lots of forwarded messages on whatsapp by your friends. Even if it is a regular forwarded message, it lets you know someone cares about you. And even if you didn’t get any of the messages, you have the capacity to send one.In the evening you get a call from a friend, giving you an opportunity for connection and share a little nostalgia. Even if you didn’t get that call, you have access to a phone, meaning you can make one.You come back home. No matter what happened in the day that went by, you forget everything upon meeting your family. You feel loved.So, you see? There's a lot that goes right on a daily basis. Isn’t it ?It’s all about perspectives.