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Which Adult Swim Show Did I See For Best Answer Which Episode

The best episode of the boondocks?

Ok i already liked the boondocks but after seeing the one episode where thugnificent moves in thats the best episode in the whole show. I think its the funniest thing ever aired on adult swim

Heres the link to it

Ok so whats your favorite episode

Which show has the most good episodes, American Dad! or Family Guy?

I think both of them are about the same. As in they are all good

Since Naruto Shippuden is now airing on Adult Swim, does anyone think that any episodes might get a TV-MA rating?

I posted this question earlier but all I got was one guy answering for the sake of trolling while the other was kind of confused. So I'm reposting. Anyways, I honestly don't think any Naruto Shippuden episode deserve a TV-MA rating, but it's still possible and could very well happen. The only episode I can think of that MIGHT get this rating would be the one when Itachi puts Sasuke in the Tsukyomi and and takes his eye. The scene wasn't graphic and went off camera, so I don't think it would actually deserve it. Anyways, what do you guys think?

Seth Green plays the main character in the Adult Swim show DELOCATED.. Correct?

it says Jon glasser did the Pilot episode,

But Im almost certain that is seth green, but i can find no credit for him.....

Am I mistaken? If so, can someone supply a picture of the person who plays "Jon"

Why did Adult Swim stop showing Metalocalypse?

Hiatus. Adult Swim does it with all their shows now and then. It'll be back Aug. 22 with new episodes (the second half of season 3) and then the next season is set to start some time in September.

Is adult swim trying to get rid of anime?

It's just for the holiday season. All channels are going to have messed up schedules until after new years I'm sure.

Last week the schedule was normal, so it's not like this is a common occurrence.
FMAB is still on the schedule. It just starting back from the beginning a few weeks ago.
No, they haven't released anything about adding a new anime.

They will never be finished with Bleach. It's the highest rated J-anime on adult swim. Also, it will take a looooooooong time for the dub to catch up-- and it's not like they can just air the rest of it through marathons, as they haven't been released yet. AS is current on Bleach as far as dubs go, so it's being rushed as fast as it can, one epi a week. After next week all the Bebop, Brotherhood, and Bleach will be as it was.

Where can I find Bleach episode 167 english dubbed?

sadly i do not think u can get it dubbed in english until it has come out on adult swim i do believe they do that for a reason to keep in tune with their show for ratings the best i can say is that the site i use will keep up with it every sunday after it has aired. use link . hopefully this is good enough if i find out more ill keep u posted