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Which Are You Looking Forward To More - Anchorman 2 Or Dumb And Dumber To

What are the best movies to watch when you are stoned?

That's a question I hear alot, and ,truely, it all depends on what type of mood you like being in while you're stoned:GIGGLEY SuperbadPineapple ExpressHalf BakedTedThis is the EndAnchormanSouth Park: Bigger, Longer & UncutBeavis and Butthead Do AmericaSausage PartyDespicable MeHarold & Kumar go to White CastleHarold & Kumar go to Guantanamo BayCheech and Chong Up in SmokeDumb and DumberTrippy2001: A Space OdysseyInceptionMoonFight ClubWaking LifeThe MatrixEnter the VoidBrazilFear and Loathing in Las VegasDonnie DarkoAltered StatesPiThe FountainFantastic PlanetYellow SubmarineFritz the CatWizards (1977)Everybody Rides the CarouselPink Floyd: The WallThe FallThe Lion KingHeavy MetalMulholland DriveThe Truman ShowPan's LabyrinthEternal Sunshine on a Spotless MindNetflix and Chillin ❤HerVan WilderKnocked upWe're the MillersThe GraduateThe Heartbreak KidLa La LandSomething About MaryWALL-EThe LobsterUpMoonrise KingdomAmélieSong of the SeaJunoGood VibesThe Big LebowskiDazed and ConfusedMac & Devin Go To High SchoolHow HighSuper High MeFridayProject XThe Wolf of WallstreetSpring BreakersSome Like It HotThe NeighborsGhostbusters (1984)BaywatchMoannaAnimecrazySpirited AwayGhost in a ShellMy Neighbor TotoroYour NameHowl's Moving CastleAkiraInterstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystemAngel's EggPrincess MononokeCowboy Bebop: The MovieBut if your really looking for something different might I recommend…Belladonna of Sadness, a movie that is so weird and outlandish that I couldn't even include it with the rest of the trippy movies I recommend, because it just so much more different then anything I've ever seen. The animation is so unique and beautiful yet the whole movie has so much sexual violence that it just leaves you wondering about what drugs where the twisted s.o.b's who made this taking