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Which College/university Should I Apply With My A-level Grades

What determines grade level in college?

At most colleges/universities this is determined by number of credit hours:

0 - 29.9 credit hours = freshman
30 - 59.9 credit hours = sophomore
60 - 89.9 credit hours = junior
90 - 120 (and up) = senior

*Of course, some exceptions apply; for example, if you go to a junior college or a community college that only offers associates degrees then you could have 70 credits and would still be considered a sophomore....

Will I get into univeristy with these grades and if not what should I do?

I did 2 years in college, my first year I did BTEC level 2 (I obtained a grade Merit) performing arts because I didn't have enough GCSE's to do level 3 because i was living abroad but i retook maths and english.
In my second year I change colleges at dis performing arts BTEC level 3 subsidiary diploma for a year and btained a PASS. I was going to do an extra year (extended diploma) but I was sick do I decided to take a gap year and was sick during the whole time.
I'm applying late for uni ,- Completed my UCAS - I'm in clearing.
I want to study french studies or french translation full time 3 years BA hons. I lived there for 3 years and speak and know the language and culture very well, I also received A* in french GCSE for the time that i was back in the UK.

I'm contacting the unis now, do I have any chance of being accepted ? If not , what should I do over summer to gain the extra points/qualifications?

I want to study this september/october 2013

Thank you in advance

Are ABRSM Grades 6-8 useful for applying to good universities?

I read that ABRSM practical and theory grades from 6 above can give you ridiculously high UCAS points for something that isn't too difficult- in my opinion. Is this true?

And since these UCAS point levels are among those of AS subject passes, will they strike a big impact on my UCAS application? If I get AAB (or A*AB since A*s will be available when I start the A-Level course) at my A-Levels and a Practical exam Grade 8 merit would top universities like UCL and Oxbridge (which are two different unis) consider me? Do you have to study music at uni if you pass the ABRSM exams? If you don't have to will universities advise me to do so?