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Which Face Looks More Attractive

Which side of your face is more attractive?

front side, btw left and right are symmetrical, so both of them are equally as hot, unless there is some crazy abnormality, in that case ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

What is the most attractive face shape?

for girls.....Faces known scientifically as "Ecto-Mesomorphs" repeatedly caught your eye. researchers express this type in two ways. One version has a rectangular face shape that is long and narrow. The other type's face shape is often compared to a diamond or a heart, because it is wide at the cheeks and then has a sharply angled jaw. Ecto-Mesomorph women have either delicate pointed chins or chins that are slightly squared-off or rounded at the base. This "classic" face type is one of the most idealized for women and can be found on most movie and music idols. These women also tend to have lean, but shapely, builds when they're young. About 57% of other men especially prefer women with this face type.

You also liked a pattern scientists refer to as "Ectomorphs." Geometrically, they are similar to triangles, because they are widest at the cheekbones and then narrow to a relatively pointed chin. Women Ectomorphs tend to have long, narrow noses and prominent cheekbones. Historically, these faces have been viewed as delicate, and combined with the typical lean build, can give a very feminine overall impression. About 46% of other men especially prefer women with this face type.

sqaure face shape
prominent brow
chin length and width
masculine face is first prefernce...

Exercise, run, sweat !!!1. Running releases endorphenes, which is a hormone released when you are happy. It helps keep your skin glowing and also reduces aging. Making you look younger for longer.2. Exercise- loose those extra fat cells on your ckeeks or gain some if you have a skinny face. And exercising daily will help you achieve that.3.Sweating is the best cleanser for our skin. When you sweat while running / exercising your facial skin certaily becomes clearer and attractive.Other than this, an even toned skin looks attractive, so avoid sugar as it causes uneven tone on your skin, avoid smoking, oily food.In gist - eat healthy, live well and you'll not only have an attractive face but an overall attractive peraonality.

I consider this question to be one of yhe toughest ever to answer, as it is almost impossible to zero on 1 aprticular feature on a girl’s face. Girls being the natures bestest werke of art, puts every detailed observer male or female into a difficult situation to actually arrive at an answer. Eyes, ears, nose, that crooked teeth which remains hidden untill she smiles with a blush and it just amplifies her attack on the eyes mind and hearts watching her…. Those dimples… That bending or pouting of lips in a curvy manner while smiling… The list just goes on and on and on..Women…. We are highly indebted to nature for making our lives wonderful by making women.. All the best girls !!

Because, as time goes by, you look at less and less of yourself in the mirror. When you’re very young and beautiful, you can look at yourself, top to bottom. Then, your eyes move up a bit to exclude your stomach. Many men’s eyes move down so they don’t have to see a receding hairline. Your eyes move up again to leave out possible jowels. Toyr look narrows a bit to exclude lines around the eyes. Pretty soon, all you see is your eyes, and they still look pretty good.

Which face shape is more attractive?

First off, despite being a straight guy, I do notice things about women beyond the very, very obvious.

I am more attracted to the oval face. It looks softer, more approachable, and more femine.

But the important thing to me about a woman is her self-confidence. This being a image-conscious society, you need to select a hair style, makeup, clothes, etc. that go with your face shape, body shape, skin tone, and so on. You need to do what you have to do to feel good about yourself. Part of that is dressing and grooming appropriately for you, not like someone else.

The "in" look changes every few years. If square faces are in now, they'll be out soon. Then you'll be sitting pretty.

There are a lot of variables involved here and where you are at currently, weight wise.Do you have wrinkles? weight loss can make them more visible.Are you already at a fairly healthy weight? The extreme ends of the weight spectrum tend to be worse appearance wise than the mid range that’s considered healthy.Do you have an asymmetrical face? A little chubbiness helps cover it up a bit sometimes.Do you naturally have a big face/head? I have this problem, and weight makes it look even worse on me.What’s your general face shape? Different face shapes are affected differently by weight.Anyway, whatever the reason you asked, what matter’s most is what’s on the inside. That’s the most important part of you, and can have a far bigger impact than anything else in how people perceive you.

Physically, take care of your health and well-being. Cultivate good posture, keep your hair clean and shiny, and if your skin is troubled, find a simple routine that works (for common blackheads/acne, I recommend scrubbing a few times a week with a mix of table sugar and mild soap, and applying a thin paste of baking soda with diluted glycerine about fifteen minutes before washing it off in the shower). If the problem is refractory, see a doctor.Psychologically, learn to like things, be interested in things, and to fall in love with seemingly ordinary moments. If people are likeable, like them for who they are, be kind to them, and don’t reduce them to dating objects. Accept nothing less in their attitude towards you. I can’t promise you this will bring you scores of passionate affairs, much less the love of your life, but it will make such things far more likely. In all events, it will make your own life much more rewarding.

Well one of the most universally attractive features (for either men or women) is symmetry. Facial symmetry suggests good things about your genetic constitution. Everyone is pretty much symmetrical at birth. Deviations from symmetry occur throughout the course of one's life depending largely upon the environment, or more specifically, how affected by the environment you are. Those with a strong genetic constitution are not as adversely affected. Facial symmetry suggest that the individual has a strong genetic constitution, and is therefore healthy.Specific standards of beauty/attractiveness are likely to be different around the world, but there are some things that are, to a lesser or greater extent, considered universally desirable. A study conducted in the U.K. (commissioned by Samsung) found that David Gandy was, scientifically, one of the most beautiful men in the world, in terms of facial features. The top 5 were:David GandyChris HemsworthBradley CooperDavid BeckhamRobert PattinsonIdeal features included:Ovular eyes and overall face shapeStraight eyebrowsMid-length, straight noseA slightly feminized clean-shaven looked was preferred to the rugged lumberjack style.Facial characteristics can indicate a competent immune system, but they can also indicate something about how likely a man is to care for his kids. A masculine face is often considered attractive but it is also associated with a lower willingness to provide your children with parental care.There is evidence that attractive men: elicit nurturant feelings of womenappear to possess sexual maturity and dominance characteristicsseem sociable, approachable, and of high social statusExactly how each of the above points is defined is likely to vary from culture to culture, but the scientific literature generally suggests that large eyes, mature features of prominent cheekbones and a large chin, expressive feature of a big smile, and high-status clothing are generally considered attractive.