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Which Is The Best Laptop

Best laptop?

Depends on what you want to use your laptop for, and how much you want to pay!

Also depends on choice of operating system - Windows or Linux or Apple !!!!

In my experience i suggest you take a look at the following which have performed excellently and good to high reliability -

- desktop replacement, with multimedia: Sony Vaio

- portable laptop, long battery life, for business use: Dell

- ultralite portable: Toshiba portege

- roadwarrior, resilient: IBM Thinkpad

- rich schoolkid whose parents buy you a laptop and they have kind hearts but not too much idea of the real world or stuff on computers (or they work in education) - Apple :o)

Lowest reliability was Toshiba, then Dell, then IBM, then Sony. Some Dell models such as Dell D400 (no longer available new) has been as rock-solid as the Sony and windows XP Professional on it has never crashed (i shut down most nights though).

Hope this helps you a little.

What is best laptop brand?

Dell by far → My wife has a 2010 17R → came with W7 HP → Now W10 CE. It has never missed a beat. It is essentially on 14 hrs / day since new. Battery is fully discharged once a week → now here's the kicker it is still on the original battery which holds a charge for over two hours. It has ALWAYS been used on a HARD surface as never been able to overheat. I blow out the heat exchanger every 6 months & it's purring like a kitten
I have a 2012 Dell XPS 8500 desktop & again never had ANY issues what so ever


Which are the best laptops, HP or Dell?

Well brand doesn't matter much but I have something to share with you about different brandsHP and DELL, they are the most popular brands nowadays even more than LenovoAccording to “specification” HP Laptop is considered the best among all products but there is no major difference in performance of Dell and HP..“Customers service and Warranty “This is the most important point and really Dell is the winner in this case. HP is little bit slower in providing services to their customers.“price”-Dell is the winner“Hardware and Appearance “-no doubt Dell has better appearance and SSD“Speakers”-HP is the winner but Dell is also very good.“Weight”-no doubt it is always be Dell and only DellAt last, HP doesn’t have the standard gaming line-up that Dell has in the Alienware brand. Alienware may not be the only gaming system on the market, but the Alienware leads the gaming category.This is all thank you.Hope it might help you

What is the best laptop for a student?

I had the same problem When I was in the first semester of my college, I made a mistake, I went with budget + performance I searched for the Highest spec machine I could get with the lowest price so I found the laptop which I am currently using It has the following specifications:-Intel Core i7 6th gen, 8Gb Ram, 4Gb integrated AMD Graphics card, 15.6-inch screen with Dos.It cost me around ₹ 60K including the peripherals I bought with it. It’s a really nice machine space grey in color. but there are some defects which I totally hate about it.It’s heavy, my college forces to carry my laptop very often and every time carrying a laptop of this size becomes a pain It would have been so much better if it was more portable.It doesn't have a backlit keyboard, when my roommate is asleep and I want to work I have to work typing becomes a very tough task even if you can blindly type it is very difficult to do the work in the dark.I got many issues like the wifi stopped working on my system the whole motherboard was replaced.I don’t game on my system, I don’t play games on my system and it’s not the system’s fault, but I thought that I will buy a powerful machine and game once in a while but I have totally switched to Linux because windows sucks and I don’t really use the power of my machine. rather I could have opted for a more quality product with a less powerful processor.So I would tell you that If you are a student and planning to buy a laptop don’t buy a high configuration machine until or unless you are a hardcore gamer or you are getting it for a reasonable price with good quality. I would recommend that you go for MacBook Air 2017 don’t buy MacBook Air 2018 It’s way too costly for no reason at least for a student, You will get it Under 50K If you search for it hard enough or wait until an offer season pops up.It has got good build quality, a backlit keyboard, >10 Hour battery life and it light like Air. although it has a screen of 13 Inches you can easily overlook it if you don’t watch a lot of movies. It is will be helpful for IOS Development if you enter it some time along the path of your college path. And the Apple ecosystem is just so good and satisfying.Take it just as a suggestion for a senior am not promoting any product. ALL THE BEST.