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Which One Do U Think Is Prettier

Which celebrities do you think are pretty?

There are several celebrities that I find pretty:ANNA MIHAILOVSKAYAThe first time I saw her in "Молодёжка" I was stunned by her beauty. She looks like a doll, very gorgeous and sweet. I think she is the first actress that immediately makes me impressive on the first sight just by her look.ANI ANIPORN CHALERMBURANAWONGShe is Thai, and I really love the way she look, very unique and elegant.REINA TRIENDLShe is a Japanese actress, model, born in Vienna because her father is Austrian. She looks absolutely cute and sweet to me, like a lollipop. Plus, she has two little dimples on mouth sides which makes her even cuter.KANG MIN KYUNGI adore her very much, she is from a my favourite Korean band - Davichi. She is not super beautiful but also has an angel voice.CECILIA CHEUNGShe is 1/4 British, that make her look not only Asian but also somehow Western, a wonderful combination. Whenever I think about her, I always remember a girl with a pure beauty.

Who do u think is prettier? Vanity or Apollonia?


im my opinion i think they are both beautiful but i think vanity is prettier.

Who do u think is prettier?

Vanessa Hudgens

Do u think im pretty?

You're beautiful.
I'm not trying to be rude to your sister, but I think you're prettier.
You have this natural look about you that is amazing.
To me, your sister looks like everyone else in the world.
I'd die to have your looks. :] You're absolutely gorgeous.

How do I deal with someone being prettier than me?

Look at it this way. If someone of average beauty looks around the room, about half of the people in the room are prettier and the other half are less pretty. The question you need to ask yourself is, “Why do I care if someone is prettier that I am?” Most of us average looking folk don’t make comparisons with other people’s looks. We just say, “Wow, she’s pretty!” or think quietly, “Eww, that’s unfortunate.” We don’t even think about where we rank in beauty. That being said, your question can only lead me to these assumptions.  You are very beautiful (or you think you are) and she is the only person who outranks you on the physical beauty scale, leading you to be jealous and envious of her.You are very insecure about your looks and she knows that you are; therefore she uses that information against you.Now, to address your question, “How do you deal with someone being prettier than you?” If you are pretty, but she’s prettier, it doesn’t matter. The only benefit of physical beauty is the initial impression, not total beauty. Let her be arrogant and conceited. Nobody finds those traits attractive. The most beautiful people are not judged by their physical appearance alone. Their actions, attitude and heart are just as important. That’s the reason beauty contests include interviews and talent exhibitions. The personality is every bit as important to a person’s beauty. If you are insecure about your looks, remember this. No matter how physically beautiful a person is, there is always someone more beautiful. If there isn’t now, there will be eventually. Age will eventually cause her beauty to fade, and she will forever be less than she once was, always trying to get back to her former self. Internal beauty is forever! Be the better person and don’t worry about the arrogance of others. There is an old saying, “True beauty comes from within.” Don’t worry about not being pretty enough on the outside, it’s what inside that counts. Here's another thing to keep in mind. Over the years, I have come across many of the people I once knew from high school and college. Many of the most physically attractive people back in school are fairly average looking now, where many of the average looking people from school have grown into their looks and are quite attractive. Things change.

♥Do u think Catherine-Zeta-Jones is pretty?

The real questino is do u think Julia Roberts and Catherine-Zeta-Jones is pretty or goregous?

I am not just asking because I jsut want to know ur opinion lol =]

Who do you think is more prettier, Kylie or Kendall Jenner?

I don’t think that either of them is pretty. They are extremely fake.The two girls..let me rephrase thisThe Kardashian familyoh waitEveryone in the entertainment industry is busy setting up unachievable beauty standards for normal people. Plumped up lips, thin nose, big eyes, skin lacking stretch marks or cellulite, big breasts and a big butt(thanks to kim), and abs are a trend these days and will be for the foreseeable future. Anyone who does not fit under these categories is ‘not pretty’Its funny how people have started to resemble bratz dollsNOW COMING BACK TO YOUR QUESTIONLet me remind you that both of the sisters have undergone surgeries to look nothing like actual humans. Kylie and Kendall both had a lip job and a rhinoplasty. Kylie also had a boob job, butt lift, jaw reconstructive surgery and maybe more.SEE THE DIFFERENCE FOR YOURSELFP.S : This isn’t ‘so called’ glow up or puberty, its evidently plastic surgery.Plumped lips? checkThin nose without the hump? checkKYLIE’S transition is easily detectable, so i’ll leave it to you to check for the differencesOH LORD! and she lied about the surgery to our facesCONCLUSION: Since both of them are nowhere to be seen even close to ‘natural beauty’, it’s hard for me to compare them on the grounds of beauty

Kyla pratt or raven symone who do u think has a prettier face?

They're both average looking chicks.

Who do u think is prettier Vanessa Minnillo or Jessica Simpson?

Vanessa Minnillo. She's a beautiful woman. She and Nick have alot in common. Whenever Nick saw a sports game, Jessica would roll her eyes. Vanessa is a sports fan. She doesn't get bored with sports. Although both ladies were beauty queens, Vanessa is better. Brunettes rock!