Which One Sounds More Interesting For My Character

Which character of a story sounds more interesting to you?

Neither of these characters sound interestingOnce you endow characters with any special attributes you take them out of the the mainstream setting, and what makes a character interesting is how ordinary people deal with extraordinary situationsHeroes are not supermen, they are ordinary people who use their limited abilities, and with a little help from their friends, are able to cope. Such people give us an insight into how we might deal with the world if we were in their situationThe James Bond early movies gave him technical gadgets to help him get out of impossible situations. This has been dropped as it is a form of magic where you can always survive, and so detracts from the dramaIf you want to use super intelligent characters then you have to create super extraordinary situations as in Science fiction, Paranormal, or other-worldly universesIf you watch 'Child geniuses' programmes you will find that such children typically are either obsessed with certain subjects, or have phenomenal memoriesChild geniuses' programmes - Google Search A variation of these are child prodigies     child prodigies - Google Search And yet another variation are the champion athletes who are semi-illiterate. These seem to be common in real lifeSuper intelligent beings in fiction are fairly recent. In old tales they were either Gods or wizards. Often a normal person with access to some magical item like a ring, cloak, wand, etc. enabled them to attain their endsBeing extremely clever is rarely much use in itself. Many such people are considered freaks, and are often mentally disturbed. What has to be clear is that being extremely clever is not the same as being very talented. Talent in an innate ability to do things without necessarily knowing how you can do them. it might be compared in some ways with being very beautiful and find that people relate in a special way to you, yet you have no real control over itWriters who create characters that are very clever do so because they are themselves not very clever, and 'cleverness' is just a device to overcome lack of imagination in setting up dramatic

How do I make sure that my fictional character doesn't sound blank?

Good question.We’ve all been there, in fact if you’re a writer from scratch like me, it should be expected… it sounds wierd but obvious, but many styles and genres of fiction books actually have limitations and the thought of every writer is how they going to cram this all in.So the first thing is identification of what you are doing, or at least its estimate.How long is the book (before and excl. Draft work)Whats your pov and pop (point of view/point of perspective)Your writing style and syntax - structureAfter figuring those out you need to realise, in many points your main character will actually be blank - there gotta be more exciting stuff anyways.Dont do those italics inner thoughts.Your character has to have a logic that makes sense. Considering most writers are into language; for the rest of our lives, most library fiction books will be about detectives. That just investigative english at work.your character must have a level into the story, just like the villains are at the core of the plot - they worked hard for their plot to happen and some just happen to them but just like a calamity, the main protaganist is never alone so its a shared value.Another thing to consider is aphorisms and witty word.When you writing paragraphs and understand the full stops, you’ll realise your making progressive waves of points into a paragraphs. The core of that is reaching aphorisms short and mid term. Morale - long termSo various elements must come together with various points, in your chapters… there will always be 3 major points you want to make but you must choose one and trust your readers.

How do I make my story characters more vivid and interesting?

For a character to have depth and be alive they need.They must live, breathe and have struggles, love to fight for and things to lose.If your character has no reason other than be a foil too the antagonist or villain then you have an unimportant cut out. So you make them struggle and earn what they receive rather than giving it to them or denying them for suspense. This builds the base of a character.If they lose something important to them you can build the emotional profile the same follows with finding a love interest (not that you need one or have a triangle of love). As the emotional area is built you need to add certain flares like love loss, resurgence, resistance to change and of course the inevitable victory or loss.The last things a good character requires is of course a unique vibrancy and thought process. If they have this a reader can fit into the mind of the character.Hope this helps you and gives a clear understanding too what you need.

How best do I name characters of a (fiction) novel?

It’s hard to come up with names, so using a placeholder is a good idea. Just remember to make sure that you are consistent with the placeholder or you may encounter problems when searching and replacing.I run a reading group, and therefore, I get a lot of feedback from readers regarding plots, characters etc.Things an author should keep in mind:Don’t make names too complicated. It easier for a reader to keep track of names that are easily read. If you write science fiction or fantasy — you will probably use some very strange names — make sure that a reader can actually pronounce the name to make it memorable.When writing contemporary fiction, exotic is not always the way to go. Parents tend to give their children ordinary names. That’s why there is a hit list for every birth year. Check out the following website if you are looking for popular names.Baby Names | Nameberry.comAlso, check out the Name Generator here: Random name generator.You can decide how common or rare the name should be.For historical fiction or let’s say parents’ name or older people in general — you can check out Medieval Name GeneratorThe site also includes modern names, ship name, street, fantasy and an Old West generator, among others.It’s certainly fun to play and brainstorm with them and it may help come up with names of your own.

Which character from "The Outsiders" has the most integrity?

You know the book "The Outsiders" by S. E. Hinton. Which character do you think has the most integrity? I think Ponyboy does. Could you please give me reasons and examples of your answer, too. Thanks!

How do I make characters who are educated professionals sound realistic?

They have to know their subject, and talk to like professionsals. That means that a laywer has to know about the law, and to talk about it like a lawyer. So when she’s talking to a client, she will explain the law that affects them. When she’s talking to aother lawyer, she’ll use abbreviations and shorthand.To get this right, you’ll have to talk to whatever professional you’re going to write about, find out what their job entails, how they approach, and the vocabulary they use then talking about it.And it’s important to remember that professionals also have lives. They don’t spend all their time talking or thinking about their jobs. Sometimes they talk about to eat for dinner, or who is sleeping with who.

Which character from Canterbury Tales has the easiest/best tale (for a presentation)?

I thnk The Wife of Bath's Tale is good fun, and it is also quite short (that is if you don't have to do the Prologue as well, which is very long). The story of the knight who has to find the answer to the question "what is it that all women most desire?" is a delightful one I think.

The shipman's Tale is another one I like very much, again not too long, and I like the spirited merchant's wife who outsmarts her husband.

Why is Luke Skywalker not as culturally popular as other “Star Wars” characters? He’s the main character, and yet no one seems to talk about him, compared to Han Solo, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Princess Leia.

The writers at had an interesting perspective on this:For those of you who can’t see the video or don’t want to sit through it, I’ll summarize.In an action movie, it’s best to make the main character as bland and robot-like as you possibly can. I know, it sounds bizarre even as I read that back to myself, but it you follow the logic train it makes sense.According to this theory, the primary goal of an action movie hero is to serve as a blank slate that the audience can project themselves onto. Instead of simply watching a story be acted out in front of them, the blank-slate hero allows them to vicariously live through the events of the movie as though it all was actually happening to them.Luke Skywalker may be nobody’s favorite character but it doesn’t matter. That’s not what he’s there for. He’s there for all the little boys in the audience to subconsciously imagine themselves in his place, to project their own emotions onto him.If you want more proof, look no further than the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Everyone complained about how boring Orlando Bloom was in those movies and talked about how cool and funny Jack Sparrow was. I even distinctly remember people saying they wished they could have a Pirates movie that was all about Jack. But when studios turned around and said “Okey-dokey, we’ll give you a movie starring that cool and funny character you all say you love!” what happened? Lowest box-office returns of the series.