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Which Planet Represent Friends

What relationships do each of the nine planets represent in Indian astrology in the life of an individual?

No, Sun does not always represent the father even if people have made it so. Several texts are of different opinions and planets representing relationships change as per strength and position of planets in a horoscope.Even Parashara doesn’t say Sun is father and Moon is the mother. What Parashara actually says is:adhunaa sampravakshyami sthirakhyaan karakagrahan;sa pitrkarako gyeyo yo bali ravi-shukrayoh;chandraryobali kheto matrkaraka uchyate;bhaumato bhagini syalah kaniyan jananityapi;budhaanmatrsajaatiya matuladyashch bandhavah;guroh pitamahah sukrat patih putrah shanaiscarat;viprantevasinah patni pitarau svasurau tatha;matamahadayaschintya ete ch sthirkarakah;Now I shall narrate below the constant Karakatwas of Grahas;The stronger among Sun and Venus indicates father;Among Moon and Mars, the stronger indicates Mother;Mars denotes sister, brother-in-law, younger brother and mother;Mercury rules maternal relatives and friends,Jupiter rules over paternal grandfather, Venus husband and Saturn son;Ketu denotes wife, father, mother, parents-in law and,mother-in-law as well! There are the constant karakatwas.Based on Parashara and other Nadi texts that actually use Karakatwas as the primary means of predictions, the relatives indicated are as such:Sun: Father and SonMoon: Mother, Mother-in-law, Maternal uncle’s wife, elder women in family in generalMars: Brother, Husband, Mother (if stronger than Moon)Mercury: Maternal Uncle, maternal relatives, Younger siblings, cousins, friendsJupiter: Self, teacher, husband, elders of the family, eldest brother, close friends, great-grandfatherVenus: Wife, sister, daughter, daughter-in-law, father (if stronger than Sun), day sitting mothers, servant, young women of familySaturn: Elder brother, servants, employees, old relatives, illegitimate childRahu: Maternal grand-fatherKetu: Paternal Grand-fatherIn case the relatives repeat for planets, the strongest of them becomes the karaka.

What does planet Jupiter represent in astrology?

These are the rudimentary related to Planet Jupiter and its representations in our life.Mythology· Planet Jupiter is the Prime Minister of the Solar System. Jupiter is Brahmin by caste, Rasi Sign- horse with human head carrying bow in hands, two fishes facing opposite to each other. He is the protector and most wise, intelligent among all planets.· Avatar : Waamanavtar (Ansh Avtar)· Jupiter is the Natural Karaka of the Progeny. Owner of the sign Sagittarius and Pisces, 9th and 12th in the zodiac.Body Appearance· Male, large bodied with honey coloured eyes and hair, learned in all shastras .Golden tawny in color. Sky (Ether), saatwick and phlegmatic in nature.Vastu· Represents eatable fruit trees and plants.· He has lordship over banks, treasure and financial houses, peepal tree, places of Brahmins - Gods.· Represents ‘Pre-winter’ (Hemant Ritu) in all seasons. Gold, yellow sapphires, topaz, sunaila, Guru, mentors, teachers, religious and spirituality learning, preachers, morality, laurels and fame are represented by this planet .· Golden color clothes represented by this planet.Also Read : All Basics About Planet VenusHealth· Liver, gall bladder, spleen, thighs, body fats, retention power, stomach, ears, blood artries and vessels, obesity in our body, sweet taste, bengal gram (chana daal), turmeric, saffron are all Jupiter things.· Digestive system diseases, social and moral conducts, vedic learning, judiciary, judicial work, philosophy, religious places, management ,long distance travel, law studies are subjects related and represented by Planet Jupiter.Friends & Foe· Friends : Sun, Moon, Mars· Enemy : Mercury, VenusOccupations· Guru, Mentors, Teachers, Religious and Spirituality learning, Preachers, morality, Consultants, Laurels and Fame are represented by this planet .Astronomy· Constellation/Nakshatra : Visakha, Poorvbhadra, Punarvasu· Mars have forward and even aspect (Agra Sam Drishti)· Lord of 9th and 12th house in Kaalpurush’s Kundali.· Movement : 05 to 15 minutes per day· Exalted in sign Cancer(0-5 degrees), debilitated in sign Capricorn (0-05 degrees), Mooltrikona is sign Sagittarius (0-10 degrees), own sign Sagittarius (10-30 degrees),Pisces (0-30 degrees).For more astrology related article & predictions, visit Jupiter Speaks

Which planets placement in which house indicates that a persons friends will turn into his enemies?

Malefics associated with 11th house, 11th lord and mercury would denote setbacks in friendship. Overall strength of all three and their relationship with the ascendant would denote what role would friends play in life, and the nature of planets associated with the three would denote how would be the nature of friendship. If there are a number of different influences on these, then those would determine the general mix of friends you have. Like for example, if two or three planets are associated, most of the friends would conform to those two or three influences. Some to one, some to the other and so on. If there is only one influence, friendships would always be similar in nature and interactions. If there are varied influences, a person will know several kinds of people.Along with this, the nature of sign, the setup of the horoscope with respect to the 11th house and mercury indicate when and how the interaction with friends would play. When would one be betrayed by friends, etc.If these are heavily afflcited, one suffers losses. Ketu or Rahu generally play a strong role in friends becoming enemies.The 9th house (11th from 11th) also plays a very important role. It determines how would one benefit from his friends. If the 9th is weak while 11th is strong, it is quite possible that even after having well meaning friends, one would suffer losses from them (unintentionally).Malefics must be associated with the three factors mentioned above for friends to turn into enemies.

Do Capricorn and Pisces make good friends?

As they say.. Opposites attracted. Capricorn is down to earth, strong minded and very goal oriented. Pisces is a dreamer, free spirited and very in tuned with their feelings. Sure if you guys really liked one another, you could make it work out.

Horoscopes should be used just for fun and not to make important decisions.

Is Ketu a friend of Saturn?

Ketu and Saturn have similar energy. Both are renouncers. However, the Scriptures has opined that Ketu is like Kuja (Mars) which is not friends with Saturn, so going by that Logic, Saturn and Ketu are not firends. Antardasha of these Planets in the Other's Maha Dasha is also generally not considered good.Conjunction of Venus Saturn and Ketu shows sanyas yoga. Such people suffer a lot in personal life and finally take up austerity and renounce worldly life for penance.

What aspect of friendship(11th house) is most important to you?

Capricorn is on my 11th house cusp. Saturn is the ruler. So the ruler of my 11H is in the 10H.

I choose my friends wisely and who I hang around with. I am picky about who I have around me, not because I'm a snob, but because I have trust issues and I really don't play well with all people. Some people sicken me. I wish I could be more open minded, but I feel as though the people who I hang around with should REPRESENT ME WELL.

I've tried to be open minded about other groups of people but I can't.

There are generally two groups of people I hang around with:

1. Extremely smart but socially awkward people. Usually women, but some guys. These are usually women who have a hard time expressing emotions but are insightful and emotionally supportive of me. They are career driven and know what they want in life.

2. Artsy, creative people into music, theatre, or art. If any of these people do drugs it's weed and they don't do it very often. They are usually quiet and into reading. Both men and women are in this category.

I prefer a few close friendships than a bunch of fake ones. I do not make friends easily and I often feel lonely. Most of my friends are introverts like myself. I like friends who are going to help me achieve success and who I look good with. Again, I'm not going to go out of my way to make friends with a woman who is on welfare, has 3 kids, and is on cocaine.

Most of my all, i like my friends ot be on time, consistent and loyal. I do consider myself consistent and loyal. At friend events, I am always early and the last person to leave.

Are cancers good friends and can be trusted ?

Yes. Cancer people are the most loyal signs in the zodiac. Have a friend like Cancer, you should consider yourself as the most happiest person in the planet. Cancer represents the Moon, they're very protective of the ones they love. Sometimes, they tend to be moody by people's rude remarks because they're very sensitive as a water sign. But, these people are always willing to sacrifice everything for the ones they love.

In natal chart what represent slibbings ?

3rd house.