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Which Sport Is Right For Me

Can you play sports right after your get your belly button pierced?

well i dont know about if it is alright for the piercing..

BUT i couldnt play any of my sports if i had my belly pierced.

well if i just got it pierced my coaches (for soccer volleyball and lacrosse) wouldnt let me play cuz it might get snagged and rip off.

if it had been in for a while then yeah u could probably play if u just took it out for a game then put it back on afteer

hope this helps

Ultimate Frisbee is NOT a sport. Am i right?

Okay, here's the situation. My friend and I got into an argument. He thinks frisbee is a sport. I personally think that there is no way in hell that frisbee can be called a sport. What do you think? Can you help settle the argument? Please give me reasons for your opinion.

Does my sports teacher have a right to make me remove my Kara?

probably because it is a braclet and not around your neck where it can be tucked under a shirt or something. I have heard of PE teachers asking kids to take off medical alert bracelets as well..
Try to see if you can come up with a compromise like wearing a sweat band over it so there is no worry of you catching it on something or accidentally whacking someone with it.
Also, consider that s/he might not know that it has a religious meaning. It might be worthwhile to take a moment to explain calmly what it is and why you would like to wear it. Ask why you are being asked to take it off (my first guess is that this is a safety, insurance, or school rule issue) and then consider the teacher's position. Ask if there is any way a compromise can be worked out with the school so you can wear it in the future.
Whatever you do, don't start out being defensive and angry when you ask about it. That will just cause people to react negatively. Take this as a teaching and learning moment for both sides and then try really hard to compromise!

What factors should I consider before choosing the right sport for me in high school?

There are numbers of factors that must be kept in mind before choosing any sport in high school. These are:1. Interest-2. Hidden Talent3. Avilable resourcesFind the best sports careers in Australia then visit our official website Home.

Was my manger Right to Fire Me?

my manger fired me Because he couldn t find me on shift, but never check if I Died that shift...just Fired me without seeing me, and yes it was my first and only offense. I also hand a pulled muscle in my leg that day that he was aware of.

If you could be a top athlete in any sport, which sport would you choose?

Tough question!Golf would probably be #1, as there are many perks to being on the top of the rankings. It’s also a sport that has considerable longevity, with the Senior Tour being a viable option when I’m nearing time to retire.Of course, baseball is pretty fun, as well. Golf is a good solitary sport, but there’s something to be said about being part of a team, as well. Baseball has a fairly long career span, especially for power hitters that can transition to a DH in the AL and occasionally play 1st or RF in an interleague game.Football would also be pretty awesome. The team element, the game-within-a-game feeling (like LT v. DE, or WR v. CB) is appealing. The career lifespan isn’t as long as the others, but in this scenario I wouldn’t be a mid-tier journeyman, so I wouldn’t have to worry about hanging on by the skin of my contract.I played, or currently play all three of these, so there’s probably some bias. I don’t know what it’d be like to be a top-flight rugby, lacrosse, or curling athlete… though it’d be fun to experience each, at least once.

What month does each sport season start in?

Soccer it all depends on which league but the majority start in August and ends in May, except for MLS they play in the summer but who cares.

Basketball starts in the last week of October like aroung halloween and ends in June.

Baseball starts in March and ends in October.

Football starts in September and ends in January.

Golf starts in january and ends in october.

Hockey begins in September and ends in June.

Which is the best sport for me if I am 5'4 and 60kg: MMA, boxing, Mu Thai or kickboxing?

Asked and answered in various forms before:What is the best martial art for me to learn self-defense as a 4'7" male?What is the best martial art for women's self defense?Which martial art is right for me?How do you decide which martial art to learn?What is the best way to choose the right martial art to learn?And you know what? The answer is still The one that you like the most.You haven't really haven't given any details about what your goals are for this - self-defence? cardio fitness? ring-fights? - without which it's pointless to compare programs.But the most important bit is that you need to find a school and instructor that you like and motivate you to continue. If you practice for six months and give up because you just can't make it to class, then six months later you'll forget almost everything and the net benefit will be almost zero. The only way to really learn it is to keep at it, and for this you need to be motivated (preferably motivation from enjoyment).Martial arts is a life long pursuit (and before you ask - it doesn't matter how old you are when you start). Figure out what draws you to it, find a school with an instructor you click with, and stick to it. The actual art matters far less than you think.