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Which Statements Accurately Describe The Book The Prince And Its Ideas And Influence Choose All

Which statements accurately describe the book The Prince and its ideas and influence? Choose all the right answers?

A good ruler should stay within the laws of God when uniting a nation.

It is safer for a ruler to be feared than loved.

It was written by Niccolò Machiavelli.

The book had little influence on the Christian rulers of Europe.

Question regarding Satan's fall from Heaven?

I am not here to debate religious theology, and I'm not going to ask anyone if they believe Satan is a real entity, if they believe in God, or even if this story is true or not. I am simply cursious as to where people got the idea that Satan, or Lucifer, was an angel in Heaven that God cast out. It's not anywhere in the Bible - does anyone know where this story originated?

Tips on becoming a great writer?

I love to write, I am currently a college student trying to decide between being a journalist or a lawyer. I eventually want to be a full time fiction writer. Any advice?