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Which Woman Is More Attractive To You And Why

Why do I find married women more attractive than single women?

This one’s not so hard to figure out.When you see a woman, what’s the first thing that goes through your mind?Seriously. C’mon. We know.Yeah, it’s “would I like to sleep with her?”You don’t have a choice in this. It’s instinctive. It’s just how men are built. How we act on the thought is another matter, but you can’t control millions of years of evolution.Now, what makes a woman one that pushes the “yes!” button?Is her face pretty? Okay - that’s what you probably see first.Is her body attractive? Yes - that will probably come next.What is your 200,000 year-old brain saying to you at that moment?Yes - will she bear children for me - ones that will grow up and procreate themselves.Guess what? Women who have already had children are well down that road. And I’m guessing by “middle-aged” you’re talking 30ish, so they haven’t fallen prey to the ravages of time. Women around 30 are still in their procreation prime. So it’s not surprising that you’ll be attracted to them.

What cadet do women find more attractive?

I'm 13 and I live in canada I want to join cadets,not just because women love a man in uniform however, I was wondering what do the ladies find more attractive army air or sea cadets.

What's the most attractive thing about women?

AVAILABILITY!As they say is sports… The best “ability” is ���avail-ABILITY”…Who are we kidding here?Most men are looking for “opportunity” in a woman. They are heat seeking missiles, locked in on women who will give them any opening for “canoodling”…Most dudes are looking for the “YES”… So that’s what men find most attractive.Aside from “availability”, we can chop this up into the first physical and non-physical things men find attractive.Physical:Ok, so this part of the answer may not be as “neat” as some people would like. But the truth is, what men find attractive in a woman is what appeals to them most as an individual…In other words, if you are a breast man, you tend to look for women with impressive boobs…If you’re a leg man, you tend to look for women with a nice pair of gams…If you’re a guy who loves hips, you tend to think that’s most attractive…Without even noticing it many times, guys look first for the thing that is most appealing to them personally.That said, the rule of thumb seems to be that in a general sense, men notice the eyes first, followed probably by her smile…Non-physical:As with the “physical”, men tend to look for what appeals to them the most personally.Some men think respect in most attractive.Others feel the woman they’re with needs to be trustworthy first and foremost.Others say confidence.While others look for someone kind hearted or easy going etc.It varies…But a general rule of thumb would be a woman with quality character. A nice sense of humor. Intelligence. Humility. Minimal baggage. Fun to be around…Put it this way, a lady in the streets and freak in the sheets…resources: [1],[2],[3],[4]

Why do most women think they’re attractive when they’re not?

Just because you’re skinny, blonde and wear a lot of makeup and revealing clothing doesn’t automatically make you every man’s type.

I know I’m more attracted to girls who dress modestly and chubbier ones I would never date some wannabe instagram model in a pencil dress. Nothing against these women but I’m kind of tired of them thinking every guy wants them and think they are a higher social status than others.

And what you’re all about to do in the comments is aggressively come at me and accuse me of being heartbroken or rejected or something as your brains physically can’t comprehend a straight man criticising a woman who like this unless it’s for them reasons because women like this are such a protected and defended species it’s hilarious

You aren’t attractive to me sorry stop presuming all guys want you

What are good ways to make a woman more attracted to you and maybe even jealous?

How to make a woman find you more attractive? Become someone she finds attractive. Duh. Either you could fake it, or you could honestly become a better a better person. If you do this, you should actually be doing it for youself and not someone else. It’s called personal growth.Want to make a woman jealous? Is this a partner or some random woman you like? If you are talking for about a partner, making a partner jealous is usually a stupid thing if to want to do it purpose. That’s just called playing emotional games, which is something fairly immature to do in a relationship.If you are talking about doing it to a stranger, well, you can only make someone jealous if they care about you somehow. So figure out what they are like, or what they like and do that? I mean, your question is far to vague and everyone is different. So, you can’t over generalize a question since you can only get overgenilized answers, like this one.

Why are white women considered to be the most attractive?

I wasn't aware that they were considered to be the most attractive. Don't get me wrong, there are many many beautiful white women, but there are many beautiful women of every color, race, nationality, size and shape. It is mostly an individual thing that makes the woman beautiful and any woman gets 5 bonus points when they smile.

How do you ask a girl who is more attractive than you on a date?

Crude answer; They all were more attractive than me.That said, having dealt with the inside story on many attractive people, they have their own insecurity because their attractiveness is their commodity and it will wane. I have dealt with many people that went after plastic surgery or exercise to get back their looks. In my experience, I have not known a single couple who stayed  together when this was the criterion. I also have seen both men and women who married above their "looks" station. All couples get into conflict, but for this group, looks becomes one of the anxiety issues. But your question is how, with the hidden question of; why would she bother with me? There are women who go after looks just like men and use first appearances as a screening device. If you initiate a contact and are blown off, consider that you just dodged a bullet. You want to invest your time, money, and heart, then find out she never liked you? Remember you are in the dating game and trying to screen for your own partner and that means compatability.Why is it, all those women throw themselves at obviously ugly musicians? It is energy. Same with athletes . Now there are beautiful people in all categories but it is the energy that is attractive. Even if it is artificial, the girls will go for it. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to demonstrate your energy in the most honest way possible. When you feel alive and vital, it is an aphrodisiac.All life is attracted to energy. If you are willing to share yours, most people appreciate it. But they have to see you demonstrate interest in theirs too once you engage in conversation. As soon as people look into each others eyes, everything else disappears and what is inside takes precedence. With that base inside of you, strike up a conversation and see where it goes. You're trying to weed out the lame and the loony. If you are honest and yourself, they automatically will reject you as not willing to play their illusion game. Breath a sigh of relief. Next!

Who do you find more attractive, Scorpio women or Leo women?

Scorpio women and I are too much alike so I'm put off by them, Leo women are way more funny then scorpio and they have the admirable trait of making everyone around them feel good about themselves, Leo's know they are great but they take great care in making everyone else feel good about themselves too, also Leo's tend to make better mothers then scorpio's