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While She Was Out Movie Scene

Good movie scenes to act out?

I need a one-minute scene from a movie, preferrably a touching/moving one, to act out in class soon. It should be a 1-2 person scene. Any ideas, and could you tell me which part you're thinking of? Oh and no animated movies. And don't say Mean Girls haha. Looove that movie but it's gotta be meaningful(;
Thanks! :D

Twilight songs by movie scene?

"Supermassive" - Baseball scene
"Decode" - End Credits
"Full Moon" - Leaving Phoenix for Forks
"Leave Out All The Rest" - End Credits
"Spotlight" - Edward (w/sunglasses) & Bella go public <- I LOVE this scene, TRUST ME - it's right!!!
"Go All The Way" - Prom (Inside)
"Tremble" - After Edward stops the truck - 60% sure
"Caught Myself" - Trying on dresses for prom
"Eyes on Fire" - Bella's near her truck in the parking lot (I think while she is reading) - 60% sure
"Never Think" - Restaurant
"Flightless Bird" - Outside at Prom in Gazebo
"Bella's Lullaby" - In the trees into him playing piano for Bella

ITunes Additional Songs
"Let Me Sign" - when Edward is sucking the venom from her arm 75%
"Clair de Lune" - dancing in Edwards room, beginning of trees (morphs into Bella's Lullaby)
"La Traviata" - italian food at the cullen's

If it doesn't say a % - I am near 100% sure. Keep in mind, some of the songs may be in more than one place... Hope this helps. (I've seen the movie 5 times and have a really good ear for music!!)

What’s the scariest movie/movie scene of your childhood?

In 1944, when I was 3 and my brother just 2, we lived with our mother in a very small trailer while we waited for my father to come home to San Diego. My mother was very fond of the movies, so we went pretty often. We saw Bambi, or the first part of it. Once his mother died, we cried so much, our mother took us home. But back to the scary movie. My mother took us to see the movie “The Yellow Canary”. I suspect my mother probably thought it was a comedy. When everyone around the three of us began screaming, my mother began to laugh. So my brother and I laughed with her. This happened about 3 times. Then as I watched the characters in the movie move into a room to sit on a couch and chairs, a hand came out of the wall and drew one of them back into the wall. It was amazing. The audience was screaming, and I couldn’t laugh. My mother was trying to laugh.We stayed long enough to watch the hand creep out through the wall and under a pillow beneath the head of another character. That terrified me. I didn’t even sleep with a pillow, but I found it very scary.We made it home. My mother put us to bed, which was made by lowering the dining table to bench level, and creating a mattress from the bench cushions. My brother and I slept on that. My mother had to sleep on the couch made into a fold down bed.I lay awake waiting for my mother to scream, (if a hand came out under her pillow.) I guess it never did, because I fell asleep eventually. Night after night, I waited for either a hand to slide in under my head, or my mother to wake up screaming.While I didn’t have a pillow to sleep on until I was at least 12, I was afraid nightly that a hand would come out of my bedroom wall, or under my head as I lie in bed.This lasted for decades. Seriously. Long after I knew intellectually it would not happen. I would tell myself it was just a movie. But my fear was deep.Looking for the title of the movie and never finding it, but unable to erase that image from my mind, was frustrating. Finally, the movie appeared on television. It’s a spy film made in England. I tried to watch it, but all my terror came back as soon as the hand came out of the wall.By the time I was 60 or so, I could go to bed and not dread the last unwelcome thoughts of a hand creeping under my pillow as I went to sleep.But just telling about it gives me the chills. (Although I am laughing as I write that.)

The Best kissing scene in a Hollywood movie?

The Lake House, Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves, if i say why i'll proabbly ruin the story for everyone sorry , but it shows how much in love the chracters are

What scene in a movie has triggered the most emotions out of you?

It would actually be several scenes that always elicit my emotions:E.T. The Extra Terrestrial:I'll Be Right Here - E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (10/10) Movie CLIP (1982) HDEverything about this scene gets me every time. From Henry Thomas’s heart wrenching “ouch” as both he and E.T. point to their hearts, to the music. I cry every time.The Patriot:The Patriot (4/8) Movie CLIP - Papa Don't Go (2000) HDAnother beautifully acted moment. The pain and anger that the young actress, Skye McCole Bartusiak; who sadly died of an accidental drug overdose, portrays is a gut puncher. But when she screams “Papa!” I lose it completely.Saving Private Ryan:Matt Damon@ SPvtRSo every death is sad, and the war sequences are, in my opinion, the best direction in the history of cinema, as well as my favorite movie of all time.My favorite scene, however, is when Matt Damon’s titular character, tells the story of the last time he and his brothers were together.The laughing is genuine, and as I understand the dialogue was largely improvised.Good Will Huntinggood will hunting farts in her sleepAgain, another largely improvised scene. The late Robin Williams, in one of his top 3 performances, delivers one of the most hilarious stories about his character’s late wife. Matt Damon himself is laughing so hard he can barely breathe, and if you watch closely, you can even see the camera shake as even the cameraman is cracking up.Leon: The ProfessionalLeon and Mathilda - seperationAnother one of my favorite films of all time that not only introduced me to Jean Reno, as well as made me more aware of Gary Oldman, but it also gave us Natalie Portman, in her theatrical film debut.While the whole of the film is excellent, when he and Matilda are separated, as if I’m watching for the first time, I have hope it’ll all turn out alright.That’s all I can think of for now. Hope you enjoyed it.

Is filming a love scene for a movie the same as cheating on your real-life partner? Please read full question?

EDIT: @ Miss Regina: sorry if I run the risk of getting too intrusive or indiscreet by asking you but, just out of interest, was the kiss itself performed in such a realistic way as the scenes I talk about in my question, ie. lips on lips, possibly tongue etc.? Thanks for "starring" my question...yours is the best answer so far! :-)

@ all others: I've been a stage actor, but that was for a very short time before leaving my country, I'm from Italy, where unfortunately we don't have acting classes as standard in high school, as opposed to what you would have in other countries.
Moreover, the group I was in was on a very, very, very amateur level, and many of us were new to acting, so the director opted for this lame head-on-head-turning-your-back-on-audien... trick, and my stage partner kept turning her head sideways making it even less realistic. Well, I asked her not to turn her head and she said "I'll have to because my b/f is in the audience and he'll kill me if I make it look real".

Which movie scene made you laugh out extremely loud?

Not all the scenes here may be classic or legendary but they surely cracked me up hard when I first saw them.All the below scenes are from Bollywood movies.Dhamaal: Vijay Raaz’s brief cameo directing Asrani and Aashish Chaudhary’s plane to land safely was a laugh-out-loud moment at the cinema. His slow style of talking only adding to the irritation of the characters stuck in the plane and the accompanying dialogue were hilarious. This movie was pretty much filled with many such moments throughout.Run: In what was an otherwise mediocre movie, every scene involving Vijay Raaz’s character was a standout. I saw this at home with my parents and I cannot recall having laughed so hard for scenes that had my eyes watering.Just realized this has over 26 million YouTube views. Guess a lot of people went crazy over his comedy.Golmaal: Perhaps Rohit Shetty’s finest movie, this one had several witty and funny sequences, from the trio of Ajay Devgn, Arshad Warsi and Sharman Joshi’s characters wishing Rimi Sen’s character a Valentine’s Day, to the scene at the end with the college principal visiting the mansion. This movie was a personal favorite back in my graduation days.Hera Pheri: The two sequences where the trio of Akshay Kumar, Paresh Rawal and Suniel Shetty meet with Kulbhushan Kharbanda’s character Devi Prasad to exchange his kidnapped daughter for money are all out funny. One of these occurs in the middle, the other basically forms the movie’s climax. Of course, the entire movie is funny from start to end; a separate answer could be written on the list of its humorous scenes altogether.Hungama: The entire climax of Hungama, directed by Priyadarshan, the once upon a time king of comedies was a laugh riot. I remember seeing it in a single screen theater and the entire cinema hall was in splits. It had the story bringing all characters in the movie together at the same location, beating each other up, and finally getting stuck in a chain of electrocution. While it became a common and often overused template in later movies, it was a joy to watch in this one.Couldn’t find any video from this movie.