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How do prices in the free market lead to efficient resource allocation?

The price system is the most efficient way to get resources to those who need/want them the most and prices prevent people from collecting resources they don't need.

In a free market, prices lead to an efficient allocation of resources, In other words it means?

The marketplace economic device maximum suitable allocate aspects using fact there is reliance of the value mechanism that's extremely important in the value ation the distribution of scarce aspects this is who can affrd to pay the value for acomodity have get entry to to them that's theoratically the main suitable thank you to allocate scarce aspects subsequently accomplishing allocative performance.

Where can download for free the latest Whitecap Platinum At?

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Which turbine works better at low velocity winds? Hawts or Vawts?

Hey Mini, there is no advantage to either design in low winds, either can be designed and built for a lower wind envelope, but understand the a vertical axis turbine will never produce nearly the power that a horizontal unit will using the same swept column of air. The chief drawback to the vertical units is that most of the torque they produce is used to force the upwind blade back into position for the next cycle, only about 5 to 8 % of the energy is available for power generation. The article that Ross linked above has an interesting statement in the second paragraph, "VAWT's reportedly work better in turbulent wind." Reportedly? By who? There has been decades of studies on wind power using all sorts of winds, elevations and turbines, this was never reported in any of them. My guess is a VAWT manufacturer put this in one of their publications. Turbulent air is useless to either design, just as a windy, white cap ridden lake is difficult to propel a boat across, regardless of whether it's a sailboat or a motorboat.

Another misnomer has to do with the number of blades a turbine has. The fewer the blades, the more efficient the turbine. The Danes built single bladed unites years ago for this very reason, it had a long blade like a glider wing on one side of the hub, and a bowling ball shaped counterweight on the other side. The real problem with one and two bladed units has to do with a change in the direction of the wind, as the turbine rotates to face the wind, there is variable resistance to its rotation depending on whether the blade(s) are inline or perpendicular to the tower. This causes the tower to vibrate rapidly during wind changes, which eventually tears things apart. A three bladed unit eliminates this problem, and its resultant loss in efficiency is small and acceptable to most turbine buyers since the longevity of the equipment is enhanced dramatically. For this reason, virtually all utility companies are installing 3 bladed horizontal units, better efficiency, longer reliability, and lower long term cost. The multi blade units they used to make for farms are not designed for making electricity, they are made for low speed torque, to pump water, so the efficiency was never a concern.

There are a number of good resources on this subject, I'll list some below. Take care Mini, Rudydoo

Straight forward answers; Milton Keynes or Manchester?

Milton Keynes. It's not far from where I'm from.
MK was built to be spacious and airy so it has no big city fumes and stuff like Manchester but you still get good shopping, bars, niteclubs, artificial ski slope, decent football club doing well, loads of other sports, good athelics track, beautiful countryside around like the Tring and Marsworth Reservoirs a few miles away and the Grand Union Canal walks and it has it's own Willen Lakes with 30lb carp,watersports, waterside cafe, good walks round the lakes, very pleasant area.
Good rail and bus onnections north and south.
National Express use MK Coachway as a minor interchange for connections from the London and Birmngham routes crossing other routes.
Birmingham is the major midlands hub for National Express, at the Digbeth Bus station..
Good X5 Stagecoach service connects Oxford and Cambridge via Bedford and MK, pick it up outside the MK central rail station. It's a really nice run through the Vale of Aylesbury to Oxford.
Top picture here is outside the rail station at MK. Looks a lot better than manchester Picadilly eh?
MK rail station
There are big business and retail parks, plenty of work when the country isn't reeling all over, and mostly decent Ofsted reports for the schools.
Woburn Safari Park is not far, lovely to visit. Good countryside round there including the delightful area around Sandy.
Path at Sandy

The town football club is the MK Dons, currently lying 5th in League 1. The team just below them is nearby Stevenage who knocked Newcastle out of the cup last year...shock result greatly enjoyed in Stevenage.,,10420,00.html

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