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Who Has A Higher Likelihood Of Getting To 3000 Hits Johnny Damon Or Alex Rodriguez

What is the longest sentence you have ever encountered?

DEFINITION OF INFATUATIONAccording to freud psychology “ Infatuation is only an attraction between male and female , and its a state of being completely carried away by un-reason passion,foolish examined feeling and unappreciated often completely unwanted unwarranted emotion. “A dialogue from 100% LOVE movie directed by Sukumar.ME after listening this dialogue for the first timeSo far this is lengthy dialogue ( Biggest sentence ) i had ever seen ( heard ) :PThis is on behalf of my friend Nitish Royaharya deva...emantivi, emantivi?jaati nepamuna soota sutunakindu niluva arhata ledanduva? Entha mata, Entha mata?Idi kshaatra parikshaye kani khsatriya pariksha kaade..Kadu, kadudadu idi kula parikshaye anduva?Nee thandri Bharadwajuni jananamettidi? Athi jugupsakaramaina nee sambhavamettidi? Matti kundalo puttitivi kada.. ha ha hha... Needi Ye kulamu?Inta yela? Asmath pita mahudu, kuru kula vruddhudu aina ee Santanavudu sivasamudra bharya agu ganga garbhamuna janiyincha leda? Eeyanadi ye kulamu?Natho cheppintuvemaya?Maa vamsamunaku moola purushudaina vashishtudu deva vesya agu Urvasi puthrudu kada? Athadu panchama jaathi kanya aina Arundhati andu Sakthi ni, Aa Sakthi chandalaangini andu Parasaruni, aa Parasarudu palle padathi aina matsyagandi yandu maa thata Vyasuni, aa Vyasuni vidhavaraandraina maa pitamahi aina Ambikatho maa thandrini, pina pitamahi aina Ambaalika tho ma pinathandri Pandu raju nu, maa inti dasi tho drarma nirmana janudani Mee che keerthinchabaduthunna ee Viduradevuni kanaleda? Sandarbhavasaramulanu batti Kshatra beeja pradhanyamulato sankilamaina maa kuru vamsamu yenado kulaheenamainadi.. Kaagaa nedu kulamu, kulamu ani vyardha vaadamulendulaku?

How did the Yankees, Red Sox feud start?

I wouldn't call it a feud. But it is a hell of a rivalry. The history goes back to 1920. The Red Sox were an excellent team in the 1910s, especially after signing an excellent pitcher who also hit pretty good by the name of Babe Ruth. Meanwhile the Yankees were a bad team that did not even have it's own ballpark, instead leasing space from and playing second fiddle to the New York Giants. In 1920, hurting for cash, the Red Sox owner sold Babe Ruth and several other players to the Yankees, in part to generate cash to produce a Broadway play. The Yankees suddenly got very good and the Red Sox got very bad … for many years. The Red Sox failed to finish higher than 4th place from 1919 to 1938. In fact, the Yankees got so good that the Giants tossed them out of the Polo Grounds and Yankee Stadium was built.Up until the 1970s, the Yankees and Red Sox were rarely good at the same time, with the exception of some years during the Ted Williams eroa, late 30s through the 50s when the Red Sox went to a single world series, and had a few 2nd place finishes. This changed in the 70s when both teams were good with the Sox going to the World Series in 1975 and the Yankees the following three years. Both teams had some gritty hard nosed players such as the catchers on each team: Carlton Fisk and Therman Munson. There was a brutal fight between the teams in 1976. In 1978, the Yankees made up a huge deficit in the standings against the Red Sox and wound up tied, forcing a one game play off for first place which the Yankees won after being behind. The rivalry was on fire.Since then, the teams have often been first and second in the standings. They are now playing their fourth playoff series against each other. The Sox ended a nearly century long championship drought after coming back from a 3 games to 0 play off series deficit by winning 4 straight games in the 2004 playoffs.These are two frequently good teams in two baseball crazy towns whose games against each other are often high drama. Of course the rivalry is often about the fans more than the players. However it is great for the fans and great for the game.