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Who Is My Favorite Cat

Do you have a favorite cat?

I have a special connection with each of my 3 cats. My cats are all related to each other, momma, son and daughter. I love them all equally, but my boy is most affectionate and strives for my attention daily so he would be my favorite. My girls kind of do things as they please, and come for attention and love when they feel like it. Most of the time my boy watches me as I leave to run errands or go shopping, and is usually watching at the window for me when I pull in our driveway then he greets me at the door. Or he is laying on my side of the bed when I get home, eager to greet me. My girls usually give me that "Yeah, your home." look lol. But they all usually follow me if I leave the room to go to another room, and even follow to the bathroom too lol. All 3 of my kitties mean absolutely everything to me, not only are they like family but they are like my kids, as I do not desire kids of my own. I would do anything for them, to keep them safe and in good health.

Who is your all time favorite cat?

i have to agree with you

What is your favorite cat name?

I could tell you, but then you would have my password. LOL

What is your favorite Cat Breed?

Ocicats and Oriental Shorthairs.

With domestics my favorite colors are Red Tabby/White or Calico.

What’s your favorite cat breed?

“What’s your favorite cat breed?”The best cat I ever had was Chinchilla cross; he was the sweetest calmest loveliest cat. His coat was bit longer than what I would consider easy to manage. When we lost him I wanted another Chinchilla cross, but could not find one; ended up with purebred chinchilla, with breathing problems ad coat that matted 5 minutes after I stopped brushing, but she was also sweetie. Ragdolls are also lovely and relaxed, but again their coats can be a problem. Burmese are great, love their personality, but can be rather stubborn; our Coco would not be indoor only cat; when I tried to keep her inside she held on for 3 days refusing to use the kitty litter, and then I relented and let her out. My Luc-Marcel is 1/2 Burmese and 1/2 Ragdoll, he has the lovely soft temperament of Ragdoll; my granddaughter, when very little, would drag him around, and the dogs can do anything to him and he never scratches. He is a sweetie, but also flatly refused to be indoor cat.As far as looks go, I would have loved to have Havana with those superb green eyes, but there is not many of them, and those that are around are badly inbred or at least were some years back when I was looking for new kitten) and some are looking too exaggerated, as do some of the other colored Siamese and Orientals.

What's your favorite thing about cats?

My Nemo…he is one and still acts like a stubborn baby. I guess he is a teen but he still thinks everybody should love him. He is leash trained and goes on walks with my dog and I and loves car rides. He has this adorable way of stretching everytime he enters the room. Plus, he is a snuggle master. He also brings me his play mouse when I get sick.daisy:Highly intelligent talker who always want to be with a human at all times. However, she will knock over all glasses out so drink fast or get wet. She is sweet but cranky at the same time. My favorite thing is she has a resting bitch face just like…she was feral, we took her in. My favorite thing is she trusts us and goes up to get pets. She can climb a tree like she was doing a race and catches flies. The issue is she always finds cockroaches somewhere and bring them inside. We don't have those, we have a exterminator guy come to prevent it and other bugs so no idea where she gets it from but it terrifies me. I admit, I scream when I see one. I just hate them. Luckily the other cats act like zombies and tear into it so they never live but the fact they bought them in is disgustingNote: we live near four farms and two schools. Schools are always infested with cockroaches and so are farms. Great facts, right?Oh, forgot…Jack…abused as a kitten, have no teeth, but has been a amazing cat since we adopted him. He is a excellent father figure to kittens and immediately attaches to kittens, he should have been born a girl.

What is your favorite and least favorite cat breed?

Well I'm sure my Persian wouldn't like you, either :) You've clearly never owned one, have you? Personally I can't stand Bengals. FAR too hyperactive and noisy. I have three cats that I show and the scent and noise of the Bengals often stress out my cats. Plus I don't believe in breeding wild cats with domestics.

My favourite breed would be the Exotic Shorthair. All the sweetness and adorableness of the Persian but with an easy-care INCREDIBLY plush coat. How could you not love a cat like this?

But really my favourite TYPE of cat would be a cat of any breed or of no particular breed adopted as an adult from a shelter.

Least favourite - the Savannah. I don't think it's right for cats of one breed to be killed (the Serval often kills or maims the domestics (usually Maus) it's mated with) just so people can have a trendy "hybrid" cat. Also don't like the "dwarf" breeds - Munchkin, Napoleon, etc. I don't think it's right to breed a cat with short legs that make it unable to jump and run as well as cats with regular legs.

By the way, "domestic" isn't a breed. It just means a cat of NO particular breed - just like over 97% of the cats on this entire planet.