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Who Is The Most Attractive Fleming Brother

Why does my dad love me more than my brothers?

It would be simpler to answer if we had all the ages of the kids and how you dad show you he loves you more. Are you comfortable being nude with him? Is it ok for you to go in the bathroom when he is bathing? Does he come in and help you bathe? Does he hold you on his lap a lot? Has your figure filled out a lot? Do you and he hug a lot? Are you more intimate when your brothers aren’t around? Is it ok for you and your brothers to be nude together?

Facts about Cleopatra?

I dont get what you are really asking but:

She was not egyptian she was Greek.
She was only regent - her Brother was actually pharaoh and the rightful ruler
She had an affair with Julius Caesar - giving him a son (bastard son)
She had an affair with Marc Antony (both of whom died after losing a battle to Julius Caesars heir)
She was the product of a union between her father and her fathers sister - yes she was an inbred...

Hope this helps.

Why is Andrea Bocelli not seen positively among some opera circles?

I think of the "Popera" stars out there (Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban, Sarah Brightman, Susan Boyle, etc.), Andrea Bocelli is probably the more "accepted" in the traditional classical world, at least as far as I remember from when I was in college and visiting conservatories. At the very least, in his early career, he sang classical music, which is more than, say, Susan Boyle, can say, and I don't think many will deny he has at least some talent.A lot of the frustration isn't with Bocelli himself but with the public's labeling of "operatic pop" as the same thing as opera, even though it's far less technically challenging than standard classical singing. When the public labels the likes of Andrea Bocelli (or worse, Sarah Brightman) as the "greatest opera singer of all time," singers who are far more skilled and receive less attention understandably get annoyed. When you've spent thousands of hours perfecting your instrument, struggle to get even low-paying gigs, and are constantly being compared to technically mediocre performers who sing less challenging stuff, but are better than you at marketing (and have altered their style to fit a mold more familiar to people who listen to pop all day), it's understandable why one might be a little bitter.This isn't just a thing with operatic pop though. Classical singers are a kind of vicious lot in general. You'll find people out there who'll tell you that Placido Domingo and Renee Fleming suck and don't deserve their success. It's just kind of how it is in a profession that inherently selects for people who think their voices are so beautiful that other people will want to give them money to hear them. There will never be any shortage of singers criticizing other singers.

Which Jonas Brothers is most handsome and sings well?

Ummm, between Joe and Nick but I think I am gonna lean towards Joe. I think that he is cuter and has a great voice!

Glad to help!!!

List the most creative zodiac signs in order ?

Every zodiac is creative in their own way: -

Aries: Spontaneous
Taurus: Potential
Gemini: Cleverness
Cancer: Nurturing
Leo: Writing
Virgo: Mysterious
Libra: Idealistic
Scorpio: Passionate
Sagittarius: Humorous
Capricorn: Ambition
Aquarius: Inventive
Pisces: Imaginative

They're in no specific creative order ...

Why do movies always portray redheads as the adversaries?

I'm a redhead, and I absolutely disagree! There are many redheaded males and females playing good people, and they generally have a great sense of humor, rather wry at times. It's definitely not true about them being adversaries.

Check out the movies of these people: Katharine Hepburn, Van Johnson, Darren McGavin, Greer Garson, Rhonda Fleming, Julianne Moore, Carol Burnett, Bette Midler, Diane Lane (who stayed redheaded for most films after "The Outsiders" in which she was a nice girl), Debi Mazar, Sara Rue, Debra Messing, Bryce Dallas Howard, Kirsten Dunst (as Mary Jane), David Caruso, Ginger Rogers (sometimes), Seth Green, Lindsay Lohan (prior to her major troubles), Nicole Kidman (before she went blondish), Kyle Schmid, Rita Hayworth, Arlene Dahl, Danny Kaye, Red Skelton, Alicia Witt, Laura Prepon (before she went blonde), Molly Ringwald (John Hughes' leading lady in those teen comedies), Gillian Anderson, Marcia Cross, Amy Adams, Isla Fisher, Lucille Ball(!), Maureen O'Hara, Alyson Hannagan, Eric Stoltz, Ron(nie) Howard, Bill(y) Mumy, Clara Bow, Kevin McKid, Gates McFadden ("Star Trek"'s lady doctor), Judy Garland (in a number of movies), Christina Hendricks, Roz Kelly.
(I'm sure more will come to mind.)

Some of these have played some unsavory, baddish roles, but the majority of those roles falls into the good side.

Some examples:
1) The Wizard of Oz ~ Redhead Billie Burke portrays Glinda the Good Witch.
2) The Fifth Element ~ Leeloo is pivotal in saving Earth!
3) The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel has blazing red tresses! See? There's even a redhaired Disney princess!
4) Annie ~ stars a redhaired orphan girl; based on the long-running "Little Annie Rooney" comic strip
5) Elizabeth I ~ There have been many movies and miniseries focusing on this auburn-haired monarch.
6) Seven Brides for Seven Brothers ~ stars seven handsome, redheaded men, the Pontipee brothers
7) Life With Father ~ a familyful of redheads (an absolutely delightful movie filled with great characters!)