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Who Is This Little Girl And What Is Her Name

What do you think of the name Briley for a little girl?

That is a great choice! I'm so sorry about your son...I can't even imagine. I think it is great to honor him in your daughter's name, and I think Briley Faith is perfect. Good luck!!

If you had a girl, what would her name be?

My sweet little daughter’s name was dealt with ample amount of time to find that ONE. My wife and I were brainstorming lots and lots of names, almost more than 150–200 names, including male and Female, as we were not aware (and not supposed to know) the gender of the baby in India.By then the time had come, my phone rang, while I am travelling to my native from my work location and got to hear the big NEWS,“THE BABY IS BORN. ITS A GIRL”.I was so delighted, thrilled & excited to see my lil one. I reached the hospital in next couple of hours and saw this little bundle of joy.She realized that dadda has come and gave me a “charming smile” and dozed off.Here comes the Name part.After too many though processes, probabilities, permutations and combinations, likeability, adorability and cutability, the name is finally concluded as —-NACHALINA JOSE -Meaning: Fiery leader(Finally, it is a customized name by me)Inspired and derived from “Kundavai Nachiyar”, the most prominent queen of the Chola Dynasty, lived in 1000 AD in Southern part of India, the dearest daughter of Sundara cholan who captured and ruled many countries across the globe.To convince my family that its a religious name, I have researched and got to know that, St. Ignatius has got its Spanish form as NACHA.Thank god & St. Ignatius.Nachi baby is going to celebrate her Halfth Birthday (6 months) on 17th Feb, 2018.Happieeee bday pattamma!!

Do you like the name Caoimhe for a little girl?

My husband and I are thinking of naming our little girl Caoimhe. I was was hoping for a second (or more!!!) oppinion! Tell me what you think! Oh, and if you do like it, any suggestions for a middle name? Her name will be Caoimhe Cipriani.
(In case you don't know, Caoimhe is an Irish name (I'm Irish) and it's pronounced Kweeva! lol)

What's the name of the little girl on the old WB morning cartoon the one that always said OK I LOVE YOU BYE BY

And she always goes "OK LADY"? My son use to mock her & say that all the time. I cannot remember her name but she was always getting the dog into trouble & blamed for all she did.

I want to name my little girl Kennedy but want to spell it Kenadee. What do you think?

Bad plan! Don't mess with the spelling of a name. I don't care for Kennedy on a girl at all anyways. I find it very masculine. Plus, it means 'misshapen head'.

Have you thought about Makenna? It's an African girl's name that means 'joy'.

I’m adopting my foster child. Should I rename her if this little girl is named after an illegal drug? I want to try my best to keep her identity hidden.

I think this depends on three factors:What is her name? Is it Mary Jane, Molly, Lucy, or Crystal? Or is it some more obvious drug reference? If it is obvious, you have to change it - unless she strongly objects. But really, no one is ever going to know that little Mandy is named for MDMA. Change Crystal’s middle name from Meth to Lee and no one will be the wiser. You can fix a poor spelling, which will preserve the name, but help keep her identity hidden.How old is she? Is she old enough to have an opinion? Young enough to forget about this unfortunate name entirely? If she’s a toddler, call her a nickname, so she is used to it, then make the legal change to something the nickname goes with.Does she want to change her name? Often, children have their identity tied up in their name, and when they are adopted, they are already losing a lot of their previous identity. It’s best to hold on to what you can, unless her name is Cocaine.

How do I ask for a girl's name?

1. Approach the girl.2. Try to create rapport:a. Compliment her on somethingb. Ask a questionc. Attempt to converse - Conversation is like playing ping-pong with the person. You ask, any try to get them to hit back at you.  Repeat.  3. After about two minutes, introduce yourself: "I'm John" and offer to shake hands.  4. If she knows social cues, she should tell you her name (If she doesn't, it is then perfectly acceptable to ask for her name.). She'll tell you her name, unless she thinks you're a creep.Good luck!

Does anyone know this song about a little girl named marie?

my name is marie and there is a song i was named after and its a weird song where you think the man is talking about his girlfriend or wife but in the end hes like "shes only six years old" or something to that effect and you find out it's his daughter. does anyone know the artist or name of the song? i'd realy like to know!

In Tomorrowland, isn't the little girl (I forget her name) the same age as when she first met George Clooney's character?

Yes. Both the little girl, Athena and junior George Clooney are the same age when they first meet. But the twist is that Athena is not a human. She is a robot designed to recruit people to Tomorrowland. She recruited Junior Clooney to the place and later both fall in love with each other. But being a robot she can't grow up like Clooney does and so later in the film we see Clooney as an aging man and she is the same small girl.