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Who Our Your 3 Top Celeb Crush

Who is your celebrity crush?

Emma Watson
Ariana Grande
Karen Gillan
Jenna Coleman
Taylor Swift
those are my top 5
there are way more

Who is your celebrity girl crush?

My favorite celebrity has always been Kim kardarshian. She haapens to be an American reality television personality. Kardashian first gained media attention as a friend and stylist of Paris Hilton.She is my celebrity crush because, we had few things in common which areShe wanted to be a teacher when she was growing up.Kim says that her idol is Jennifer Lopez. "Everyone knows that I absolutely live for her!" said Kim. "There's never a time she looks bad!"She also preaches the importance of family and of course She is confident in her own skin and breaks the stereotype that you must be stick thin to be beautiful.Some of her love interests have included hip hop artist Ray J, Michael Jackson's nephew T.J Jackson and singer, songwriter Nick Lachey. She went on to date New Orleans Saints halfback Reggie Bush and wide receiver Miles Austin.Religion played a big part in Kim's life when she was growing up in Beverly Hills, and she and her three siblings, Kourtney, Khloé and Rob, went to church every Sunday.Now aside what we had in common.Kim Kardashian has been accused of having plastic surgery for her butt, breasts, eyes and cheeks. She has said that she has tried botox in the past but that she has had no other procedures. In 2008, she even posted a picture of herself as a teenager in a bikini on her website to prove the body she has now has not been altered.From what I know about her her most picture poses has always been on bikini’s and these are my best pick.Beach ShotBeach Shot with some sand on her buttCheck out more eye popping photos at this gallery

I've never had a celebrity crush ?

I for one have had celebrity crushes before. Goodness I have them now! Everyone does! For me it's guys like Hayden Christensen and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. They're so handsome!

But when I was 14, I had a HUGE crush on Adam Brody, who plays Seth on The OC. I was obsessed!! I thought I was going to marry him!!
It wasn't love because I didn't actually know him, it was more.. fantasizing about what it would be like to be with this person, and because there is a feeling of admiration and infatuation, that can be sometimes mistaken for love, but it's not.

It's human nature that we must idolise someone and hate someone, and Justin Beiber is quite often the subject of both emotions.

The two links below are YouTube video's a 3 year old American girl obsessed and HYSTERICAL over Justin Beiber, the first is a full video, in the second one she gets to meet him in person on the Jimmy Kimmel show:

They're worth a watch. Hope I helped answer your question, enjoy! :)

Ladies which celebrity is your crush?

I have posted my top 5 Celebrity Crush they are
The Sexiest
The Hottest
The Most beautiful
The Cutest
Most attractive

Post links or just say who they are. I'm just bored so this is a totally random question

Songs about a celebrity crush.?

Stuck in the Moment by justin bieber and Never Let You Go by justin bieber

Who are your strange celebrity crushes?

I have been love Ranbir Kapoor since his first film released .it was Sawariya.I don't know why I am doing things for him which I never did for anyone.I am boy and he is too,but I feel him more than just an actor.I have a big collection of his photos on pinterest.that includes 500 pins of him.I don't know why but every year I'm waiting for his birthday, 28th September.And me and my rkholic friends cut the cake and celebrates his birthday as he is our friend .I never got a chance to meet him or take a chance to have selfie but if I get ,I surely would do itI am feeling huge different feeling for him. I mean for me he is not just an actor.In his every film ,he is eyes are so innocent and wide like ocean in which I want to lost. His eyes describes each and every emotions perfectly.I know I am not knowing him personally because he is only around the cameras and on the camera these all can be fake.But how can someone so cute and having a best smile in the world. Even it's fake ,then I also would be okay with it.There are no proper words to put in this feeling.And I want to become his huge fan forever’.#rkholicThank you

Did you ever have a crush on a celebrity from before your time?

Oh yeah. Great question, by the way.Did you ever have a crush on a celebrity from before your time?Hedy Lamarr - WikipediaFirst of all, smart women are beautiful to me. I have a celebrity crush right now on JK Rowling for example. Because she's smart, I think that makes her especially beautiful, even more than her physical appearance. But, Hedy Lamarr, not only is she about the smartest person of the 20th century, but she looked like this.Yeah. Beauty and brains. Far more attractive then just one or the other. Hedy Lamarr was the whole package. See, in the 1940s, just before my parents were even born, Hedy Lamarr had two jobs. She got paid more for her day job as a movie star. She was one of the top attractions in Hollywood. You can see why just by looking at her. But her night job was in the physics field. She invented the electronic guidance systems for ballistic missiles. The United States Navy adopted her technology in the 1960s. The technology she invented in the 40′s at the same time while she was working long hours as a movie star. The inventions? Studying the physics? That's in her spare time, so she must have been pretty quick with it.Think of how hard it would be for you or me or anyone to work two jobs. We can do it, but typically we can do it if one of those jobs is mindless. Then we can do it on autopilot while resting our mind. Think of if in your spare time when you're not working in your long hour, demanding day job, you were inventing missile guidance systems. Using your brain.What a woman. Beauty and brains.I love you, Hedy Lamarr. You were older than my grandparents, so we could never have been together. Also you were like a movie star, married billionaires and stuff like that. She was married and divorced six times. Talk about out of my league. Talk about out of everybody's League. Hedy Lamarr was her own League.Nobody was good enough for her. Because she was the best.I am in love with Hedy Lamarr to the extent that I can be in love with someone I have never met, who is no longer alive. I wish I could have known you when you were alive, even more when you were young, in your prime of life, and were the most attractive woman, in my opinion, who has walked the face of this Earth in the past hundred years.I love you, Hedy Lamarr, in a celebrity crush sort of way. Obviously I know that's not real love, but she is my celebrity crush from the past.

What to do if your celebrity crush gets married?

Okay so zayn malik from one direction recently got engaged 2 days ago, him and his fiancée are already planning the wedding.
I like the whole band but zayn has always been my favourite since 2010. When I heard they were engaged I literally broke down, I was honestly hurt. I know it may sound stupid but if you basically dedicate your life to a band and support them for 3 years I'm pretty sure you'd be hurt too.
What can I do about this? I know I can't do anything about THEM, but what can I do to get over it?

(I'm a teenage girl by the way)

What is your favourite photo of your celebrity crush?

Look. I'll try not to sound over obsessed. I can't promise I'll just try..Ian Somerhalder.I've a huuuuuuge crush on this guy.I mean just look at those blue eyes..♡_♡And that smile♡_♡Oh yes. Duh. OBVIOUSLY!!! Super obsessed…♡I'm dead sure, if he gazed at anyone, like me, in that way in reality… she's dead ♡_♡ ♡_♡*Someone please hold me, I'm going to faint*There are umpteen reasons reason about why I obsess over him that hard…He loves and respects his wife, Nikki Reed so damn hard.He's an amazing actor. (The evil-naughty-type ones look better on him)He's an amazing person offscreen. He helped disaster striken areas of BP oil leak. And has worked for awareness programme on betterment of environment.And innumerable more reasons (if you're interested go and Google.)All in all, he's a great person in real life. With a heart of gold.Okay, coming to your question. My favorite photograph…Oh wait, I just realized I've putting my favorite ones all along while punching in this answer.I love all of his photographs.And would love to end my answer, which has increased the temperatures of my ears so darn high that I can feel them on fire, with this photograph..P.S. - many of you know about the character he played in one of the tv shows and gained major popularity. ( Damon Salvatore !! Ohh I just love that character)I hope I didn't sound like an obsessed maniac.XD.Thanks for reaching.Much love :) [but not as much as for him.*winks* ]