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Who Was The Youngest Person Ever

Who is the youngest person ever?

James Elgin Gill, although I think you meant to word the question "Who was the youngest person ever" maybe?

James was born 128 days early, and became the most premature baby to survive (and still is). This means he was born at just under 5/9 months in utero. Many people still abort fetuses at this point in a pregnancy, since a person is not usually legally a person until they are born alive.

Who is the youngest person ever to have sex?

you know this isn't going to be pretty don't you. either that or you are a very sheltered person.

in all likelyhood, knowing how sick this world is, this isn't even the worst case:

in summary the father raped his baby daughter when she was just 6 months old and he filmed it. it was the tape that got him caught or he'd have prob got away with it.

it sickens me to even think about it... that poor poor girl, whats she done to deserve that at 6 months old.

Who is the youngest person in the world?

Today I found out that the youngest person to ever become pregnant and give birth was only 5 years old!Lina Medina was born on September 27, 1933 in Ticrapo, Peru. At age 5, her mother, Victoria, brought her to a hospital because her stomach was increasing in size. Her parents originally thought Lina was possessed by evil spirits, but upon examining her, Dr. Geraldo Lozada found she was approximately 8 months pregnant. A month and a half after her diagnosis, on May 14, 1939, Lina gave birth via caesarian section to a baby boy.Lina was able to become pregnant at such a young age.

Who was the youngest person to ever?

I can answer your first question...
The youngest mother (without an abortion) was a 5 year old from Peru.
The second question, however, cannot have a definitive answer, because there is legal marriage, and then there is unofficial marriage. Plus, some foreign members of government are betrothed from birth, so it's impossible to define.

As a cop, who was the youngest person you ever arrested?

12 years old he had ripped off his dad's truck in the early 90s and went for a joy ride, sadly I was left with no choice but to arrest the child and process him through the systemThe order came from the chief, and I could not refuse the lawful order, he was later released to his parents custody after spending the night in his own cell under heavy and protective custody, you could call it sort of a scared straight program, I checked up on him every chance I could on duty, I had brought him McDonald's and it broke my heart seeing and hearing him sobbing during that evening, it certainly changed my perspectiveA side note here, I made it my life's mission to help kids where I could to help straighten them out, I was in that position, I have many sucess stories and many unsuccessful stories it just depends, when I was offered a federal LEO position, it made my resolve to help even stronger and a deeper mission as I was dealing with young men and women in the military going to war that, may have never been away from home let alone another country or a war, they will and do stupid things, that, are out of fear, not necessarily intentional, if I could help and fix it with them I would, if I could not I would tell them and assist them in the process of being court marshalled which their hopes and dreams are being shredded for whatever crimes they have committed against the government, some were petty as taking a fatty cake, some were very severe as murder or assault of a superior officer, it all dependsUnderstand soldiers are property of the United States Government and have invested heavily into their training, they do not want to just throw away a soldier and lock them up, however all they are afforded is basic human rights, and are to follow a strict code of ethics, laws and rules called the UCMJ The Uniform Code of Military Justice a higher Standard that civilians do not understand most of the time, there is a higher purpose and higher calling most soldiers feel, and for that is why they voluntarily serve this great countryBack then it was no harm no foul thinking boys will be boys but the DA, Judges and Chiefs were on a “Tough on crime" kick and I made that very clear in my reportI do believe he was slapped on the wrist in court and sent home

Who is the youngest person ever to act on Broadway?

You need to define "act".  For example, in Ragtime, young Coal House Walker Jr. Junior appears at the end of the show (non-speaking) -- that little boy can just about stand and certainly cannot be more than 3 years old.  I don't know how many actors they had for him.  Also, in Miss Saigon, Tam was quite young -- I would guess under 6, but I'm not sure.  His was also a non-speaking role.  Last time I saw the show (Lea Salong's return engagement), Tam had a colouring book to play with while she was singing her I'd Give My Life For You song.  I'd guess Tam's were around 4 or 5.Oh, and I think the youngest Tony winner is still Daisy Eagen - the girl from the Secret Garden.

How old was the youngest person to ever have a baby?

The youngest person ever to give birth is Lina Medina, a Peruvian girl from the Andean village of Ticrapo. She gave birth to a boy by caesarean section on May 14, 1939 at the age of five years, seven months and 21 days.

The girls father was initially suspected of being the father but authorities were never able to determine who fathered Lina's child.

Medical examination at the time of birth revealed that Lina had the ovaries of a fully mature woman. Her medical history also claimed that she had been having menstrual cycles for years before the birth. She had also developed breasts. Doctors theorized that her abnormal sexual maturity was a result of an extraordinary hormonal disorder of pituitary origin.

How old was the youngest person ever to have Alzheimer's?

My last job was working part time as a housekeeper in the Alzheimer’s unit. It was lunchtime for the residents, and the aides were passing out food, helping the feeders and so forth.One woman was sitting in a chair with a built in tray, and she had a man and woman with her helping her eat. She had been there about a year, and every day her brother and sister would come in at lunch time.A year before, she was able to walk and talk a little, I used to greet her in my travels cleaning rooms, as I did all of the residents. Now, she didn’t talk or walk anymore, and needed help to eat.At another table were some chatty old residents, I was talking with three of them because they had worked in lace like I had (I was keeping an eye out for my boss.)Later, as I began to clean up, I was talking with some of the CNAs, and I mentioned my three old ladies and how they could remember. One aide said, “They are all in their 90’s and they could last a good while yet. Now “Betty” (she was referring to the woman who was helped every day by her relatives), “look how quickly she went downhill. The younger they are when they get Alzheimer's, the quicker the progression.”“Betty” was 49.……………………..Early-onset Alzheimer's disease, commonly known as young-onset Alzheimer'sdisease, afflicts people under 65 and accounts for less than 10% of cases of the disease. ... Once diagnosed with Alzheimer's, younger people have scant time to organise their future.May 30, 2012Early-onset Alzheimer's strikes families fast and ferociously - BBC NewsWhen Alzheimer's strikes the young……………………………

Who was the youngest person to write a novel?

I suppose it depends on the definition of novel. If your defining a novel as a professionally published book, this site says -Dorothy Straight (4 years old)Pantheon Books published “How the World Began” in 1964.If getting to the New York Times Best seller list is your qualification:Alec Greven (9 years old)published “How to Talk to Girls” and got featured on a lot of television programs.I would guess length-wise, probably a 12 year has written a full novel, though which one was the youngest… I am not sure.While, as an author, this makes me feel bad… I remember: most professional authors write only 2000 words per day. That includes Stephen King!

Who is the youngest person to ever serve in the US military?

The youngest documented was a drummer boy named Johnny Clem. He ran off to enlist, but nobody would accept a nine-year-old. But a couple days later, an Illinois volunteer regiment "adopted" him as regimental mascot and even found a drum small enough for him. He quickly learned all the Army's drum signals, and the soldiers were so impressed they all contributed money and gave him a regular soldier's pay of $13 a month. He was in the Battle of Shiloh and came under fire. Newspapermen caught wind of it, and began writing about him, calling him "The Drummer Boy of Shiloh". Later he was in the Battle of Chicamauga and the newspaper people switched and began calling him the "Drummer Boy of Chicamauga".

Shortly after, his drum was shot out of his hands. Soldiers in his regiment took a regulation rifle, cut off the barrel and stock and taught him to shoot it. Within a couple weeks, during a ferocious battle, his unit was overwhelmed by charging Confederates. An officer grabbed the boy and his rifle and put him on a horse-drawn artillery caisson to help young Johnny escape. A Confederate officer saw him, drew his sword and came running up shouting for the "Damn little Yankee" to surrender. Johnny Clem calmly raised his rifle and shot the man dead!

After the war, Clem wanted to remain in the Army and applied to West Point - but they would not accept him because he'd never graduated from high school. Clem wrote a letter to a fellow by the name of Grant. That fellow - General Ulysses S. Grant, now President of the United States - knew very well who Clem was, and gave the youngster a direct commission as a Second Lieutenant. Clem retired as a Major General many years 1913, I believe.

There may have been others - and certainly, the Union army didn't officially enlist men under age 18 - but volunteer regiments often bent the rules quite severely. If you Google his name, you should not only be able to find his story, but a pic of him.